23 December 2014

This one word: NO.

We The People run this country.  We need only realize it.

And if you didn't get the underlying message, he went on to say "I don't think it helped us with the general public. It doesn't help us with the public or the legislators." And, he added, "I'm not a fan of armed civil disobedience."
Coming from a guy who has never risked more than a paper cut opening fundraising envelopes . . . coming from a guy who was willing to trade away national background checks in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook . . . this was hardly surprising. He will do what he has always done when confronted with Bloomberg Rules. If he cannot sue it, if he cannot lobby a "compromise" that gives up a little more of other people's essential liberties and property, he will do . . . nothing.
Yet such "leaders" risk exposure and irrelevance in the new shifting paradigm. Legal challenges on all these Intolerable Acts are working their way through the courts. All have, up to now, failed. Elections have been fought and lost. Lobbying has been redoubled. Indeed, in the same interview Gottlieb asserted that the emergency was so grave that they had hired another lobbyist!
But the practitioners of armed civil disobedience, the resistance behind enemy lines in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Colorado and Washington state, have ALREADY NULLIFIED BLOOMBERG RULES. And Michael Bloomberg himself doesn't seem to know whether to defecate or go blind.
The failures of the "mainstream gun rights groups" to protect liberty and property from Bloomberg's assaults have forced the American people -- an eminently practical people -- to make their own arrangements. If this risks exposing the increasing irrelevance of such groups there is nothing we can do about it. (Although there is certainly something THEY can do about it -- thinking and acting outside the boxes of their own comfort zones would be a good start.) But the fact of the matter is that, as demonstrated now by almost two years of experiences THERE IS NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW THAT MIKE BLOOMBERG CAN BUY THAT WE CANNOT NULLIFY WITH ARMED CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.


Ignore this at your dire peril.

17 December 2014

Dude...wait, WHAT?

Yes, the Evil, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Thisphobic, Thatphobic(good heavens, I'm just a whimpering mess of fears, aren't I?  It's a wonder I ever leave the house), and above all ISLAMOPHOBIC Wraith...is standing in the corner of...

...a Muslim.

Yes, it's true.  Because anybody who rolls like this, is all right by me.

Omar Mahmood is a student at the University of Michigan. He considers himself a political conservative and a Muslim. And until recently, he enjoyed writing for both of the campus's newspapers: the institutional, liberal paper, The Michigan Daily, and the conservative alternative paper, The Michigan Review.

After penning a satirical op-ed for The Review that mocked political correctness and trigger warnings, The Daily ordered him to apologize to an anonymous staffer who was offended and felt "threatened" by him. He refused and was fired.

Last week, he became the victim of what The College Fix has described as a "hate crime." The doorway of his apartment was vandalized in the middle of the night; the perpetrators pelted the door with eggs and scribbled notes like "shut the f*ck up" and "everyone hates you you violent prick." They left copies of the offending column and a print-out picture of Satan.

Mr. Mahmood, I salute you.  While I believe that your faith is misguided, you have the heart and attitude of a true American.  Keep on fighting, my brother!

We're waking up!

Finally, people across the nation are starting to accept the truth:

So, the question now arises: are the actions of Boehner’s Band of RINOs simply inconsistent with the American voter or is there something more subversive going on?

In January of 1963, a list of alleged communist goals was read into the Congressional Record by U.S. Congressman Albert S. Herlong, Jr. of Florida. Goal #15 reads: Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. The intention of the Communists to accomplish a well-hidden coup de’ tat was to infiltrate our two-party system and own both parties – all the while having the people believe they actually had a choice. Of course there are admirably some Republicans, such as my own representative from NJ, Scott Garrett, who have refused to fall into step with the Party’s betrayal of America. Unfortunately, legislators of this caliber are few and far between.

Whether the Republican Party has been taken over by the Commies, or if its leaders have been blackmailed, or if they are just out of touch with reality, the end results remain the same. The two-party system in America is just an illusion. And the old excuse for voting for the two lesser is necessary because if you don’t you are voting for the greater of two evils no longer applies. Either way the choice is the same – you are still getting evil.

Emphasis mine.  Can it be?  Is America getting wise to the false choice we've been presented with?

Our Father in Heaven, please let it be so.

14 December 2014

Welcome to the party, pal.

Perhaps the reason that two thirds of Americans don't vote, is that they just flat-out don't see the point. 

Things are going in the wrong direction.  You vote for candidates who are supposed to be against the policies that are driving us in the wrong direction, and then those candidates promptly roll over and collaborate with the people you put them in office to stop.

The game is rigged.  The Republic is dead.  I've been saying it for years, Ann's been saying it for years, and more and more people are starting to get it.

Like this guy:

It was evident what the citizens intended. At least we, the citizens, knew and understood what we wanted and intended to have happen. We wanted things to change from what was being done. We wanted that change immediately if not sooner. We made it abundantly clear in no uncertain terms. We want the insanity of big government intrusion into our lives stopped and we expected the republicans to listen and obey the voices of we the people that elected them.

Now here we are immediately after the very first test of these newly elected representatives. Heck, they haven't even been officially sworn in yet and what do we have?


Given the results of the 2010 Epic Republican Landslide, did you really expect anything different this time around? 

13 December 2014

This man knows.

Is your life in disarray?  Can't figure out why everything keeps turning to crap?  Convinced that life in general sits up nights conspiring to knock your dick in the dirt?

Been There, Done That.  And so has Marc MacYoung.  If you're not ready to come to God, then at least read this post.  Profanity abounds, but if your life is that messed up, that'll be the least of your worries.

Most of our internal pain is self-generating. That is to say how we think, what we assume, our habits, behaviors and beliefs create ways of thinking that cause us pain, strife and fear.

That's not say that the external world isn't f*cked up, it can be. But the belief that the world is ALWAYS f*cked up sets us on a course to prove it ourselves. What goes on inside of our head can make us look at an okay situation and overemphasize the bad so much that it makes it look like it's f*cked up. Worse is when a situation is good, we'll go out of our way to f*ck it up -- again reconfirming or belief that the world is f*cked up.
Now this is not to say the pain isn't real. It is. Just most of it is self-generated. Does bad shit that we didn't create happen? Yes. But again, most of our pain comes from inside ourselves -- especially when we take a bad event and run with it, make it the basis of our life's story and demand the world accommodate what has become our self-generating pain.

This is made more complicated because when you're hurting in this manner, you'll seek out ways to make it temporarily stop. This through booze, drugs, adrenaline (getting punched) and anger. It is at these times we feel both alive and pain free. All that other shit falls away and we are temporarily freed from what we're doing to ourselves from inside our own heads.

Yes, it's exactly like that.  I know--I lived that way for a good long time.  It can get better...if you take an honest, objective look at yourself and kick that ugly part of you out of the driver's seat.  Whether you think it's psychology or Satan, if you want to change your life, that guy has to go.

A long-forgotten quote

It's been decades since I read this book.  I should read it again.

(Thanks to insanitybytes, who is made of awesome.)

When the revolution came

 The Revolution of 2019 began, curiously enough, in fall of 2019 when Mary Lou Johnson, the nine-year-old daughter of a ranching family outside of Casper, Wyoming, came home from her sex-ed class at Martin Luther King Elementary with a banana, a packet of condoms, and a book called Sally Has Two Mommies. Her mother Janey Lou, a political reactionary, took one look and began screaming. “Goddamit! Goddamit! I’m not going to take it anymore!”


The uprising, which had started locally with Janey Lou’s shotgun, began to spread both geographically and in its content. Apparently people were fed up with a lot of things. Nobody in government had noticed.


“My kid is fifteen, can’t read, and doesn’t know who Thomas Jefferson was but he’s had three different classes on safe anal sex. I didn’t raise him to be an analphabetic butt-plug. Excuse me. I need to find a professor.” She left, brandishing her ball-bat.


The rest is well known. Congress in its entirely was slaughtered, and hung upside-down from lamp posts though, unlike Mussolini, they were not emasculated. It was pretty much agreed that they had taken care of this themselves long ago.

Fred Reed has outdone himself on this one--click anywhere to RTWT.  May the Good Lord return us to a time when common sense was...common.

08 December 2014

Apparently, "Jesus" == 'hate speech.'

I'm still trying to figure out where the 'hate' is in Rev. Dean's prayer.  Can someone clue me in?

Right after I was done praying, one “Christian” chaplain came up to me and did his best to reprove me for using the “J” word (Jesus) in the House chamber, as if to suggest that I check my faith at the door before calling upon the God who gave us government in the first place (Exodus 18:21).

Apparently, he had been around enough whores and hirelings to believe that I was to follow in close pursuit. What a fool. I will never, by the grace of God, ask for permission from corrupt man to obey a just and holy God (Acts 5:29, Matthew 10:33).

Also, keep in mind that after this prayer was over, there were over 2,000 outlets that reported on it within 10 minutes.

First, I was labeled the “anti-gay preacher.” Then I was called the “bigot.” And then when the people figured out that I said nothing about homosexuality, they then tried to figure out why there was such an uproar over my prayer.

This worked out well because it exposed the state-controlled media for who they are and how they operate (Proverbs 26:27, Psalm 7:15).

Yet another reason I got the hell out of there.  It's a Godforsaken arctic wasteland in more than one sense of the expression.

It's the details, people.

Christopher Cantwell isn't a guy I agree with 100% of the time, but when he's right, he's right.  Consider these three Black folks killed by the cops this year, and where the similarities in their cases end:

Michael Brown was a violent criminal. He committed a strong armed robbery, and when he feared being apprehended, he attacked a police officer. He got shot. If he was white, nobody would care. He is a non-story outside of liberal race hysteria. I am not going to care about Michael Brown just because he’s black, and if you do, then you’re a racist. Case closed.

Tamir Rice was shot for having what police believed was a gun. If he was white, liberals would not care, but I would. Whether the gun was real or fake is a non-issue. I live in New Hampshire, I openly carry a .38 revolver. People see my gun all the time. By the standards of the Cleveland PD, I should be gunned down in the street for this. Thus, if you care about the death of Tamir Rice, you should be complaining about gun control.

Eric Garner was seized upon by police for selling untaxed cigarettes. If he was white, liberals would not care, but I would. Executing people in the street for tax evasion is something people are rightfully upset about, but it’s not all that far off from what happens in tax courts every single day. I would not personally feel any better about this case, had Eric Garner been taken into custody without incident, locked in a cage, and stripped of his property. I don’t feel any better about it when hard working people try to keep their own money and are seized upon by the IRS and locked in cages and stripped of their property. Thus, if you care about the death of Eric Garner, you should be complaining about taxation.

Exactly.  If you're simply focusing on 'Black' and 'killed by cops,' you're too damn ignorant for me to take anything you say seriously.  And if you're looting and burning your own neighborhood, harming innocent people, you suck as a human being.

07 December 2014

"...it's just that they know so much that isn't so."

Via the illustrious Tam, we have a boilerplate example of how the Left thinks of us.  Seriously, dude appears to be the perfect stereotype of the angry, snarky, frightened Proglodyte, projecting his inadequacies all over people who can actually cope with reality.  Here's his bigoted screed, in italics, which I will answer below.

You’re a scared white person, almost certainly male.

White and male, correct.  Scared?  Nope.  I can deal with whatever life throws at me.  Except running out of beer.  That's terrifying.

You do not live in a major city, or near a university or intellectual hub of any note, nor have you ever traveled very far from your home town, much less out of state or anywhere further than, say, Mexico. Once. And that was enough.

I do not currently live in a major city, because I grew up in them and decided that the crime, traffic and constant light and noise weren't really anything I wanted to deal with.  Oh, and the two metro areas I grew up in were about as liberal as you can possibly get.  I've been to more than one foreign country, and been all over North America.

You do not read complicated books.

My house has a library, and we're running out of room in it.  I've been reading since I was younger than three, and my SAT's are in the 98th percentile.

You do not like new or weird things.

You have no idea how incorrect you are.

You watch lots of TV, mostly Fox News, which rejoices in showing you endless images of angry foreigners and minorities in pain: tear gas explosions, fights in the streets, looting, this time involving sad, small-town black people in Ferguson, all of them protesting the acquittal of that murderous white cop.

There are a handful of shows I watch, but I'm not stupid enough to get my 'news' from any mainstream media outlet.  My TV viewing is likely about 2-3 hours a week.  And, while there are many instances of genuine police misconduct in this country, you've picked one which was actually a clean shoot.  I have no idea why you people support thugs above innocent victims.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.  Now, let's see if I can peg you, Mr. Morford.  Just a fun little mental exercise...

You’re a scared white male.  You wouldn't dream of living anywhere outside of a major city, and think that living near a university somehow makes you smart.  You might even have a college degree in something completely irrelevant like Sociology or Gender Studies.  You might have travelled outside America, to all those exciting places in Europe and Asia, but you wouldn't dream of going to such a gauche and uncivilized place like Africa.  Of course, you have completely failed to learn anything of use from your travels.  You did bring back a lot of souvenir knickknacks, though, so all your friends will know how well-travelled and worldly you are.

You read all the books that the cool kids do, like Das Kapital, The Bell Jar, Catcher In The Rye, etc., and can pontificate endlessly about them without actually forming an original thought.

You make it a point to be into whatever the newest, weirdest thing is, just for the sake of it.  You support the rights of women and gays, and simultaneously support Islam.  You're for freedom of religion for everyone but Christians, and you defend free speech for everyone but conservatives.

You get most of your news from NPR and any left-leaning site on the internet, but you'd never dream of reading one thing on the Blaze, Breitbart or any site that doesn't completely support every single Leftist talking point.  On the rare occasion you do encounter a differing point of view, you totally lose your shit and start hurling insults and character assassination instead of arguing the facts.

How'd I do?  ;)

04 December 2014

Angels in disguise?

Maybe.  God bless these kids.

A simple hug between two people, who are just trying to get along, gives us all a little more hope.


03 December 2014

She's not a REAL teenager...

...you know, just like Mia Love and Tim Scott aren't REALLY Black.

She's pro-Second Amendment. She's pro-life. She's a fiscal conservative. And she's 18.

College student Saira Blair will become the youngest state lawmaker in the country after winning election on Tuesday to the West Virginia House of Delegates. 
The young Republican told Fox News on Thursday that she hopes her candidacy helps encourage her conservative contemporaries to get more involved.

Oh yeah--I guess she's not really female, either, at least according to the Left.

28 November 2014

10 people Leftists despise

This is why I maintain that if the Left doesn't hate you to your very core, you're just not gettin' the job done.

10. YOU!
Do you vote only after researching the candidates and finding the ones that actually do what you expect them to do? Then Liberals hate you. Do you believe that the state exists to serve the needs of the individual, and not the other way around? Then Liberals hates you. Do you believe that Black people are just as intelligent, hard working and industrious as people of any other race and therefore do not need special handouts in order to achieve anything? Then Liberals hate you. Do you believe that people should accept the consequences of their own decisions? The Liberals hate you. Don’t worry, if Liberals hate you, wear that with pride.

Every time a Leftist insults me, rants at me, or tells me how horrible I am, an angel gets their wings.  ;)

20 November 2014

"Is this who we are?"

I hope and pray that the answer is still 'yes,' at least for enough of America.

We are not a nation of peaceniks no matter how many pinch faced liberals claim that we are. We are a nation born of revolution. We are boiled down from the genetic stock of the misfits of Europe; the people who would not bow down or submit and risk fortune, life and family to be free. 
Americans always have been, and hopefully always will be, different from Europeans. Instead of submission to religious or royal tyranny our ancestors chose harsh and dangerous freedom. When that tyranny reached across the ocean we chose revolution, a dangerous and deadly gambit. 
Yes, that is who we are. We are still the same people that gave you the Boston tea party and the whiskey rebellion. It is not in our nature to submit to tyranny whether imposed by King George or George Washington. The genes may have been watered down some over time, but they still remain in many of us.

God willing...!

19 November 2014

Yeah, pretty much.

If the Global Warming Climate Change The Sky Is Falling people actually want me to take any of their bullcrap seriously, they might try--JUST ONCE--making a prediction of future events that even remotely resembles reality.

I don't know about the science, but the evidence says these fools are full of it.

(Image jacked from Uncle Jay)

11 November 2014

How we got here

His Royal Majestic Graciousness The All-Powerful Emperor Misha I May He Live For 10,000 Years has summarized exactly how the once great nation of America has become a collection of mewling children:

The true power of this is that in a society where each individual is responsible for his own choices, nobody has any leverage over what those choices might be unless said choices directly influence another individual.

You get no say in whether or not His Imperial Majesty decides that drinking schnapps by the gallon is better than water because he’ll have to bloody well pay for his own liver transplant when the one he was born with explodes. You get no say in whether we decide that it’s twice as much fun driving a car with 8 cylinders as it is driving one with 4, because we pay the gas.

How statism wins is when we let the state stick their fingers in paying for the gas.

We didn't lose our freedom by giving up our rights.  We lost it by giving up our responsibilities.  Our rights naturally followed.

10 November 2014

Marxism condensed

Yep, it's exactly like that.

The Berlin Wall was a symbol of the depravity and viciousness of the Marxist idea. Karl Marx was a pure hate monger masquerading as a social philosopher. His ideas may, in the end, be summarized thus: wealth can be gained only by stealing from others, and thus successful people are evil, and thus it is okay to threaten or kill rich people (or even people who are just a bit better off than you are), to steal their belongings, and to threaten anyone who might in the future have more stuff than you do. If you somehow get more things than other people, it is okay for other people to take your stuff, and if you resist, it is okay to beat you up or kill you.

Even more succinctly, Marxism is the idea that envy is laudable, and should be turned into social policy with the use of pervasive violence.

I am putting this more bluntly and baldly than the average Marxist would. They prefer concealing their central idea beneath a heavy blanket of words. They dress up their “philosophy” in avant garde costumes, adding layers of verbiage, complicated and counterfactual claims about language and logic, bizarre ideas about the nature of history, etc., all in the service of keeping people from seeing what they’re actually suggesting. What lies underneath is nothing much more than hate of people who have more stuff than you do, justified by little or nothing more than wanting to take what they have for yourself.

(HT Borepatch)

06 November 2014

Well, that didn't take long.

I didn't vote. 

I refuse to lend any air of legitimacy to these proceedings.  And, seeing that McConnell, about a microsecond after the Historic Ass-Kicking, declared that the message was that "America is tired of political gridlock," I'm feeling pretty vindicated at the moment.  No, Mitch, America is tired of you holding us down while your 'opponents' repeatedly give it to us up the nether orifice.  And I have no doubt you know that; I'm just bemused that you're making your intention of continued surrender so obvious, so soon.  You meat-puppets really are arrogant beyond measure, aren't you?

Cold Fury dreams of something that will plainly never happen, but it's at least a heartwarming bedtime story.

Remember when, during the 2012 primaries, Newt absolutely blasted the “liberal”-media moderator during one of those ludicrously stacked debates? Remember what happened after? His popularity skyrocketed, and he won the SC primary walking away–UNEXPECTEDLY™. He ended up unable to sustain that momentum, of course, for all sorts of reasons. But the point about just how badly real Americans wish for someone to at last stand up to the insidious Cosa Nostra Sinistro in all its forms and branches, without flinching or equivocating, was gloriously made.

All that being so–and it is–why on earth would anyone worry about being civil to sworn enemies of freedom and proper American governance? What is to be gained by it? The only person worried about being civil to the Nazis (modern Progressivists’ ideological forebears) was Neville Chamberlain. What did THAT get him? A piece of paper that wasn’t worth bothering to read and another World War, that’s what. Being civil to Stalin and Kruschev (two more of Progressivism’s inspirations and ideals) didn’t make them less obstreperous or dangerous; it gave them a leg up, an edge they were all too happy to hold against our throats. I won’t even mention Putin here; it’s too sickening, and that gratuitous wound is still bleeding.

Don’t let’s be beastly to the Leftists; let’s be downright ruthless with them instead, at least as ruthless and vicious as they’ve always been to us. Preferably more so, until they’re well, truly, and permanently undone. Americans know perfectly well who and what they are, and we’re sick and tired of seeing our supposed champions crawling so obsequiously to them time after time and year after year. We much prefer some direct, bare-knuckles honesty hurled at them instead. If you GOPers would be at least as rough with them as you are with your own conservative base, we’d all be a lot better off. And you’d be a lot more popular, too.

Miss Barnhardt has a pretty accurate take on things.  Whatever your feelings on Catholics, gays or abortion, you have to admit that she's got the whole situation pretty much surrounded.  And, while I won't necessarily demand that the streetlamps of DC be decorated with swinging politicians(although I'd have a hard time calling it an unreasonable course of action), I will say that until Obummer and Holder are marched out of office in orange jumpsuits, I'm still calling this a bunch of "sound and fury and signifying nothing."

So let me lay out some simple TRUE PREMISES, and then ask a follow-up question.
A.)  The constitutional republic referred to as the United States of America no longer exists.  TRUE.
B.)  The Rule of Law is no longer in force in the former United States.  TRUE.
C.) The Constitution of the United States and the system of government it defines is therefore no longer in force.  TRUE.
D.) The body going by the name “United States Congress” has been rendered meaningless in praxis.  TRUE.
E.)  National-level representative politics in the former United States is a completely false facade, kabuki theater, designed to entertain and mollify the masses who are of average intelligence, and to launder looted money and enrich the oligarch class.  TRUE.
F.) Given the reality of the true premises above, any person who holds or seeks to hold national-level public office is, by definition, morally, intellectually and/or psychologically unfit to hold public office (The Barnhardt Axiom).  TRUE. 
Okay, so now my question.  What exactly are you people agog about?  Have we learned NOTHING?  NOTHING AT ALL?  It still hasn’t sunk in?  Do you not remember the 2010 midterms and how that was going to put the brakes on Obama once and for all?  DO YOU REMEMBER THAT?  Yeah. And what did they do?  Flip-all.  Zippo.  Nada.  I don’t give a crap if the “US Congress”, both houses, are UNANIMOUSLY republican.  What the hell does it matter?  No.  Stop.  Stop and think.  Answer the question, because it is not rhetorical.  You tell me.  WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

But perhaps the very last word regarding the obvious decline and fall of the United States comes from our buddies at DethGuild:

Meanwhile, the great wheel rolls along… crushing in it’s path all it was allegedly designed to safeguard. Gone are the lofty ideals or noble intentions held by the inventors – the machine now only exists to sustain itself, and it will burn through every last crumb of the people’s liberty and treasure before it comes to a sputtering crash. 
No one can agree on plan of action or who should carry it out – and the only near universal truth at this point – the one thing that pluralities of Americans can align with – is that we hate the bastards running the country – and the sons-of-bitches who vote for’em. Which side? Doesn’t matter. 
U.S. citizens are no longer united by beliefs, goals or principles. We have never, in all our lives, seen such a compelling argument for the dissolution of this nation. After all – What does the average person in Boise, Idaho have in common with someone dwelling in New York City, New York? Why should either have to sacrifice their beliefs when they are so alien? The BEST possible outcome is both sets of citizens “experience” Solomon’s compromise – each a victim, subject to having their beliefs trampled upon in an agonizing attempt to make everybody “suffer co-equally.” This is ostensibly the “ideal” scenario – as in the worst case, one set of people are wholly crushed by the other group.

Secession--on a regional, state, county, city or personal level--may be a tactical error...but it's becoming the only available option to anyone who actually understands the concepts of Liberty and Free Will.  Will we possibly die on our feet, or certainly live on our knees?

03 November 2014

Why the profit motive beats the public sector

A bit of ammunition to fire at those who think a bloated, unmotivated government will do anything better than people working in their own self-interest:

This is the reasons Macys can continue to exist in a world of Wal-Marts, and why Harbor Freight Tools hasn’t driven Husky, Kobalt, and Craftsman out of business (or even taken much of their market share, at all).

The thing that these simpletons cannot comprehend is that the free market brings with it this little thing called “competition.”  You have to stand out from your competition in order to succeed.  Yes, one of the ways to stand out from your competition is to offer a less expensive product than they do, but that, in and of itself, will not cause you to succeed.

Otherwise, Yugo would not have gone out of business in the US, and Kia would not be undergoing a massive re-branding and re-evaluation of their product line, pushing to become a brand more closely aligned with luxury than cheapness.


If God had meant for us to vote...

...He would have given us candidates.

My preference would be for things to keep going as they are, with the Progressive Agenda increasingly discredited every day, rather than having the GOP in a position to push Progressive-lite.  Screw 'em - better to die fast than slow.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the only reason the GOP exists today is to delude us into thinking we have a choice.  Oh, they'll let in a couple of actual conservatives--Cruz and Gowdy come to mind--but not enough to make any real difference.

Have you noticed how the GOP has been absolutely eviscerating real conservatives in the primaries?  They're putting a hundred times more effort into stamping us out than they've ever even thought of using to stop the Thug Regime.  Why?  Because they're 'stupid?'  Please.  You don't get into the positions these people are in by being stupid.  And attacking the base of your party--if you mean to win--is beyond stupid; it goes right into insane.  So why are they doing it? 

Because they're part of the Thug Regime.  It's all a dog-and-pony show.  The GOP is no more interested in conservative values than is Lena Dunham.

Borepatch has it exactly right:  Let the Oppressive agenda keep going.  Let them continue destroying this country until we finally either do something about it, or let America die once and for all.  But voting GOP is the very antithesis of 'doing something about it.'  If you can't see that by now, then I just don't know what to say.

16 October 2014

Ironically, it's my birthday.

And some children will never have one.  Here's a comment on this article which you all might find interesting:

I have never had an abortion, but I had a couple of close calls where it was an option to be wrestled with or thought about. I was strictly pro-life in my youth, before I saw personally how decent people using birth control could still end up in such a situation. I shifted from pro-life to pro-choice…and now with more time and (I hope) wisdom I find myself shifting again. 
There are some rules that seem to benefit no one. They may be inconvenient or painful to enforce, to live with. They simply affirm something powerful beyond words to the society that upholds them. 
The value of human life is one of those things. There are human monsters like Stalin for whom humans had no right to live unless they fit into his 5 year plan. If you didn’t fit his plans, if you were not useful to him, you had no right to live. Humans were simply fancy animals, like cattle that could be culled by their owners, the People In Charge. 
Abortion taps into the same underlying assumptions, doesn’t it? It is genocide writ small. The mass of abortions may have been called mass murder, but it still one of the most personal and intimate deaths: one womb, and one human heart. 
It is rejection of the idea that humans are valuable because they are, not because of what they can do for another. Abortion is an affirmation that human life has no inherent value: A life that does not fit into your personal 5 year plan has no right to exist.

Ponder that a while.

08 October 2014

Happy now, you lying bastards?

Gun grabbers are driven absolutely insane with fear and rage at the sight of an armed citizen peacefully going about their lives.  Many of them have suggested that they or their fellow hoplophobes should call the police and claim that they felt threatened, a practice known as "SWATting."

On August 5th, someone appears to have followed that advice, and now an innocent man lies dead.  I'm not going to go into the shoot-first-forget-the-questions tactics that seem to be all too common in today's law enforcement.  Instead, I'll point you to the gun-grabbers' utter lack of shame over an incident that they may well--wittingly or not--have instigated.

I would not be surprised it is damage control. The focus on the killing of John Crawford is now targeted towards Ronald Ritchie who made what seems to be a highly exaggerated in danger 911 call that set up the kill chain that took John Crawford’s life. 
All of the sudden, all those tweets and Facebook posts from their followers telling others to call police and lie about what a peaceful gun owner  is doing have become political poison. And if charges are ever brought against Ritchie, CSGV and other gun groups are gonna take a wrecking ball to the chin with so many examples of their hate-filled posts screen captured and kept by gun bloggers everywhere. 
And they won’t be able to hide about not keeping track of what is going on since they are damned good at blocking and banning anybody who is pro-Second Amendment  from their timelines. Basically they are condemned to admit they allowed and maybe even encouraged Hate Speech DeLuxe.

This is what they wanted, what they encouraged, what they practically demanded.  Upon learning of the results, any sane human being capable of the slightest shred of remorse would be doing whatever they could to try to make things right for Mr. Crawford's family.  At the very least, they ought to sit down, shut up and go find something productive to do with their wretched lives.

Instead, they throw the Race Card and the Anti-Government card, even though neither of these have the slightest application in this instance, except in the minds of racists and collectivists.  (Although I'll proudly pick up that Anti-Government card.  Whaddya mean, "our own government?"  I didn't vote for these assholes, and they sure don't represent me, or America in general.)  Anything to deflect any trace of responsibility from themselves and their paranoid hate-mongering.

Well, I hope it doesn't work.  I hope every single one of you cowardly, lying scum who called for this type of action are tracked down and brought up on charges and/or sued into oblivion for contributing to the wrongful death of John Crawford.  And I pray that Almighty God has mercy on your shriveled, blackened souls, because you're going to need it on your Last Day.

RIP, Mr. Crawford.  May the Lord bless and keep you, and may He help comfort your loved ones in this their time of trial.

06 October 2014

If this isn't a T-shirt, it should be.

This is AMERICA.

We drive pickup trucks.
We carry guns.
We drink beer.
We eat meat.
We work hard.
We respect the flag.
We worship God.

If this causes a problem for you...
feel free to LEAVE!

01 October 2014

Yes...but what, exactly, IS it?

I'm talking about money.  What is money?  Too many people don't understand that:

...Money isn’t gold.  Money isn’t pieces of paper.  Money isn’t zeroes and ones on a computer server.  Money is human life and effort manifested in an agreed-upon form which is used as a convenient medium of exchange.

If you don't fully and completely understand that, re-read this until it sinks in.  It's important, Proglodytes--trust me.

29 September 2014

Muslim Free Zone

Finally, some common sense!  Gun shop owner declares her business a "Muslim Free Zone."

In summary, I not only have the right, but a responsibility to provide a safe environment for my customers. I do not believe my decision is religious discrimination because I do not classify islam as a religion.. It is a theocracy/terrorist organization that hides behind the mask of religion in order to achieve its mission of world domination.

People who shoot at my range come from all religious backgrounds… some are atheists… I do not care about their religious beliefs.

I care about the safety of my customers who come to shoot here.

The government allows businesses to ban me from entering their business with my gun because the property owner feels uncomfortable or wants to provide a “safe” environment for their patrons which is in clear violation of my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, so… I should be ale to deny service to people on the same premise. Can my government really force me to invite someone who had threatened to kill me, into my home or business?

Well said, Ms. Morgan.  Today, a shooting range; tomorrow, America?

25 September 2014

Justice is served!!

Prosecutor McClain is backpedalling like he rode his bicycle off a cliff:

"In most of these cases, imprisonment is neither necessary nor appropriate to serve the interests of justice and protect public safety," acting Attorney General John Hoffman wrote.

"In applying the factors set out in the clarification, I determined that the defendant in this case should be offered the opportunity to be admitted into the Atlantic County PTI Program," McClain said. "I have communicated that determination to the court and defense counsel."

McClain previously said he did not allow such exceptions because they were so common that, if it had been the Legislature's intent, that would have been among the written exceptions.

I don't believe it for a second, but what matters is that Shaneen Allen will not be prosecuted, taken from her family and wind up with a criminal record. It was the best we could have hoped for from a case that never should have been brought, and wouldn't have if this were Constitutional America.

God be with you, Ms. Allen.  Congratulations!!

18 September 2014

YES!!! Hit him again!!

Looks like Prosecutor James P. McClain ((609) 909-7800) is having second thoughts about pissing all over Lady Justice.  Apparently the national outrage is having an impact.

Shaneen Allen, 27, was arrested last year after she was pulled over Oct. 1 on the Atlantic City Expressway in Hamilton Township, and told the state trooper she had her gun and a concealed carry permit with her. She says she did not know it was illegal to bring the gun into New Jersey.

McClain has faced criticism for denying Allen admission into a diversion program that would allow her to complete a program and avoid prosecution. It is a stance the prosecutor has taken in most of these cases, under the state’s strict Graves Act. 

“I am presently in the process of reviewing our office’s position on the appropriate resolution of this matter,” McClain wrote in a letter sent last week to Superior Court Judge Michael Donio.

Well, it seems Ray Rice wasn't subject to this stance, but I guess domestic violence is OK if you can chase a ball.  Whatever.  Let's all congratulate Prosecutor James P. McClain ((609) 909-7800) for growing a brain, and make sure he continues on the right path.

15 September 2014

Maybe they're not so crazy.

Anarcho-libertarians, ie; folks who believe that there should be no government at all, have some pretty naïve ideas.  They don't believe in borders, and they think everyone would just live their lives in a state of liberty without trying to impress their will on others.

Now, all of human history has proven that these ideas are bullshit.  Borders are necessary because different cultures exist, and they are not equal, and many of them are actively hostile to personal freedom.  And there's always going to be one group of assholes or another who want to seize power, and a lot more who will gladly join them to get their own piece of the plunder.  Anarchy is like communism:  great in theory, but when put into practice, it gets run over by the 40-ton truck of human nature.

However, not all their ideas are without merit.  When asked how society would function without government-run police services, they respond that private security firms would be all the policing a community would require.  Maybe they're onto something...

The rationale behind qualified immunity is the belief that absent such protection competent and talented people wouldn’t enlist as peace officers. In practice, however, qualified immunity merely emboldens incompetent and vicious police officers.  

“Police should be subject to exactly the same laws and liabilities that the rest of us face,” contends Brown. “If we don’t have perfect reciprocity, then police should be held to a higher standard of accountability than the rest of the citizenry. If they commit criminal acts that result in injury or death, police should do double the time that a `civilian’ would face, because they’re supposed to be professionals.” 

As private sector professionals, Brown observes, “we have double accountability – first to our clients who pay us, and then to the criminal justice system and civil courts if we do something wrong. And because the police usually see us as competitors, they are very eager to come after us if we screw up. But in all the years we’ve been working, we’ve had no deaths or injuries – either to our clients or to our own people – no criminal charges, and no lawsuits.”

Now, granted, this solution may have problems of its own.  But it's certainly looking like a better alternative than what we currently have.  The article opens with this question:

|"How would things be different," muses Dale Brown of the Detroit-based Threat Management Center, "if police officers were given financial rewards and commendations for resolving dangerous situations peacefully, rather than for using force in situations where it’s neither justified nor effective?"

Good point.  A better question is, why isn't this happening now, and how did Officer Friendly become Sergeant Slaughter?

Food for thought.

Patriot up!

We have a tale here of a man who attempted to establish a self-sufficient life for himself and his wife.  You know, that whole 'freedom' thing we all like to celebrate.  Well, as far as the local government's concerned...not so much.

I got Cleveland county sherrifs arresting me for walking down the street I live on. I have land I can't live on and nowhere else to go. All my money is wrapped up in this place already, so can't do anything more. Gonna give the goat to my brother, and if he can't take them, I'll sell the pigs cheap to find them a good home.

Rose has been crying all day. I don't know what to say to make her feel it will be okay, because I don't know how to make this okay. I've run out of time, money, options, and faith.

I don't know when I will be able to post again. Or if. Apparently I can live in my car in the State Park if I pay for the electric hookup to be turned on. At least the water is free. But I can't live in a waterproof building on my own land.

Now, one could Monday Morning Quarterback this man, and say that he really didn't think this one through, or do sufficient research, and one might not be wrong.  (And as for the POS who stole his generator:  You'd better get your shit straight, buddy, or eternity is going to be very unpleasant for you.)  However, how many of the issues he's experiencing can be laid directly at the feet of a government that believes it has the right to tell people what they can and cant do, and how they can and can't live, on their own damn property??  This is the "Land of the Free?"  More like the Land of the Fee and the Home of the Slave!

I can't change the world, but at least in this one case, I'm not letting the bastards win.  If you want to kick in, contact info is here at Angel's place.

God bless America...wherever she's gone to.

10 September 2014

What part of "Thug Regime" do you not understand?

Thugs understand one thing, and one thing only:  REAL, ACTUAL IMMEDIATE, CONCRETE CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR MISDEEDS.  I've been saying this over and over again, but let's see if you will heed the words of His Royal Majestic Graciousness May He Live For 10,000 Years Emperor Misha I:

(WARNING:  Language)

Why wouldn’t he do what he’s doing? Why wouldn’t he be lying his lips off? What, exactly, have been the consequences of him doing so for at least a decade by now? Just name us one example of the “opposition” making something of his serial lying. Just one. We have all day. Come on, just one. Seriously, you can’t come up with ONE example? 

That’s because there ISN’T one. On the one hand you have the Prozi “media” not wanting to ruffle the feathers of their Messiah if they have to kill their own families to do so and, on the other, we have the so-called “conservative media” falling over their own diminutive dicks to come up with excuses for his Golfiness and denouncing any realistic evaluation and criticism of that jugeared, lawn jockey, communist freak as “extremist” and “Visigoth.” 

Tell us again: Why WOULDN’T he be pissing all over you and calling it “rain?” You’ve done f*ck all to make him pay for it.

Exactly.  For the love of Almighty God, when are you people going to understand what you're dealing with???

05 September 2014

26 August 2014

“That’s not the world I want to live in.”

Then please take yourself out of it.  Or just wait for someone to do it for you.  With your "I refuse to take any responsibility for my own safety" mindset, it's very likely.

“I don’t want to f[***]ing test my drink when I’m at the bar,” said Rebecca Nagle, one of the co-directors of an activist group called FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. “That’s not the world I want to live in.”

Gay Patriot points us to this, and if I ever meet one of the enterprising young men who invented this anti-roofie device, the drinks are on me.

21 August 2014

The race-baiters ain't touching this one. Go figure.

You'd think Sharpton, Jackson and the Usual Gang of Idiots would be all over the Shaneen Allen case like bikers on a keg.  Especially now that this has come to light:

Whatever we eventually learn about what happened in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, Michael Brown is beyond mortal help. The same is not true of Shaneen Allen, a 27-year-old working mother of two and robbery victim who faces an eleven-year prison term for the supposed offense of carrying a legally licensed firearm.

Like the late Mr. Brown, Allen – a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- is an African-American. She has no criminal record, and her case is untainted by allegations that she had committed a violent crime.

In planning to take the case to trial this October, Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain is committing what could be construed as a race-specific violation of due process by seeking prison time: As we will shortly see, a white Pennsylvania resident who committed the same “offense” was given a pre-indictment plea deal involving two years of non-supervised probation. McClain’s proposed “deal” for Allen would have included a mandatory three and a half year prison sentence.

(Emphasis mine)  And yet, they're nowhere in sight.  What's up with that?  Are they more concerned about defending Black thugs than Black citizens?  If so, why?

Well, screw those guys anyway.  Ms. Allen's legal defense fund is already 193% met as of this writing.  May the Good Lord bless each and every one of you who kicked in...and I doubt He cares what color you are.

As for prosecutor James P. McClain((609) 909-7800 if you want to give him an earful), may God have mercy on your eternal soul.  Attempting to destroy an innocent woman's life under color of "law" for doing nothing more than exercising her God-given human right, is not the stuff heroes are made of, regardless of what you may believe.  Your 'law' is not just, and your 'authority' is as nothing before the Truth.

14 August 2014

Law vs. justice

Justice appears to be getting its ass kicked.

Whenever some well-meaning (or, perhaps, NOT so well-meaning) people clamor for a law to be passed, borderline anarchists such as myself will attempt to point out the ways said law could backfire and be used to mistreat good, decent people.  Invariably, we are told that that would NEVER EVER happen, that using the law in that way would fly in the face of common sense.

Well, common sense has never been a strong suit of tyrants or liberals(but I repeat myself):

Allen is a Philadelphia resident who was driving through New Jersey when she was pulled over for a routine traffic violation. Having recently completed a firearms training course, she followed correct procedure and informed the officer that she had a handgun stored in the trunk of her car. Because Allen’s gun permit was from Pennsylvania and not from New Jersey, she was arrested and charged with felony gun possession.

It is true that Allen broke the law by having an out-of-state gun in the trunk of her car. Yet she did so unknowingly and she told the police voluntarily. She has no prior criminal record and she poses zero threat to society. If there ever were a case for leniency, this is it.

Yet instead of being reasonable, the Judge and District Attorney are doing everything they can to ruin Allen’s life. In addition to refusing to dismiss her case, the judge last week upheld a decision by the District Attorney to exclude Allen from a diversionary program for first time offenders that would keep her out of prison. They have not provided an explanation as to why she is being excluded from the program.

A completely unConstitutional  "law" is being used to bludgeon a good woman who simply wanted to protect herself through the exercise of her God-given human right.  This goes past insanity and straight into flat-out EVIL.  You can't tell me anything about this is 'well-meaning.'  Not at this point.

Every single person involved in the persecution of Shaneen Allen needs to face charges of depriving a person of their rights under color of law. 

Or have an encounter with a tall lamppost and a short rope.  Whichever.

(Julie, thanks for the heads-up!)

11 August 2014

Nice retirement plan.

Jay Dobyns, in the employ of the ATF, infiltrated the Hells Angels motorcycle club.  His story is here.  Another upstanding government agent scoring a win for the good guys, right?  Surely, the government would see to it that he was well-protected after this mission, right?

Or not.  In fact, not only were he and his family not kept safe, but the story takes an unbelievable turn:

Retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent and author Jay Dobyns released an open letter to Congress on Saturday marking the sixth anniversary of the arson of his home, torched after ATF management failed to provide adequate security following a highly dangerous and protracted undercover investigation.

Dobyns is the plaintiff in a contract dispute suit in which he maintains that, following an undercover operation in which he infiltrated the Hells Angels (a story documented in his book “No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels”), ATF violated an agreement he had with the agency to protect him and his family after credible threats of violence were made. His fears were realized when his house was set ablaze with his wife and children inside, and his alienation from management became complete after the bureau attempted to smear his reputation by maliciously pursuing him as a suspect, despite “two of the nation’s leading arson investigators determined that [he] was not involved."

Instead, real-time leads were ignored, true suspects were not pursued and Dobyns’ telephone calls were illegally recorded. A veteran investigator of numerous high-profile incidents who declared “Jay [is] clean” was removed from the case. That removal was ordered, Dobyns writes, by the same supervisor first named in connection with Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, by insiders discussing agency abuses on the CleanUp ATF website.

Emphasis mine.  This is Mr. Dobyns' reward for his service.  The Angels aren't choirboys, but I'm thinking he'd have been treated a lot better if he'd have joined them for real.

Wonder how Billy Queen's doing?

28 July 2014

Rock & Roll comes full circle

Sorry, leftists...you're nothing but posers.

Today, Sheena is no longer a punk rocker. Instead, she is a disaffected Oppression Studies grad student trying to pay off her $200K student loan debt working part-time at the local Starbucks. She chooses cuddly conformity and cozy control over the excitement of actual independence. Sure, she has a nose piercing the show that she's a rebel, but this rebel’s cause is to replace her helicopter parents with a helicopter government. 

We conservatives want to tear it all down. We conservatives want to smash it up. Liberalism, I want to destroy you. We're where the action is, where the excitement is, where you can hear new music from bands you mainstream liberals have probably never heard of.  

Liberals want to see themselves as punks. They aren't. They are sad conformists who frankly deserve the consequences of their inaction.

Exactly.  Get out of our scene and go back home to mommy, fools.

(HT Cold Fury)

18 July 2014

The Infinite Political Blogroll gets infiniter

It's growing faster than the new AIDS epidemic, only without the buttsex and it probably won't kill you unless you're a leftist with a severe heart condition.

(Just kidding; everyone knows leftists sold their hearts to Satan in exchange for the promise of Warm Fuzzies.  If you're going to take a promise from a dude who goes by "The Father of Lies," I submit that you really didn't think that one through.)

Anyway, a nice lady who lives in New Jersey--God knows why--has pointed me at her blog.  While I'm far more rabidly libertarian than she is, I think she's on the right path in many respects, and her writings may be worth your time.

Welcome Julie to TIPB!

16 July 2014

Why I love cats

Well, I love them for many a reason, but this one stands out.  If your cats are aloof and don't seem to care if you live or die, maybe you're doing something wrong.

“But then they shouted him again and then one of the boys got in Ethan’s face and said “Oi! Why are you ignoring me?” and pushed him over. 
“That’s when I rushed outside and saw Smudge fly out from under our car and jump on the boy’s chest. 
“I think it was shock more than anything but the boy stumbled backwards, burst into tears and then ran off."

Smudge rocks.  :)

13 July 2014

Another gun control success story!!

How could I have been so wrong?  Gun control is just what we need to go after dangerous criminals like this:

Shaneen Allen is no dangerous criminal. She’s a single mom working 2 jobs who’s already been robbed twice while traveling alone at night in Philadelphia. Her family suggested that she carry a gun for protection. She took a gun safety course, applied for and was granted a concealed carry permit, and bought a gun. 

Then she made the mistake of driving into New Jersey. 

Now she’s going to prison.

Apparently, there are absolute, ironclad Constitutional rights--applying in every state in the union--to gay marriage, abortion and free cell phones, even though I can't find a single mention of any of these things anywhere in our founding documents.  But "the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, shall not be infringed" seems to be read as "unless some bunch of ignorant busybodies decides otherwise."

Pray for this lady.  And pray for the souls of those who persecute her--they're going to need it.

12 July 2014

Yo, bitches, it's on again!

We had Hayek vs. Keynes Parts I and II.  Now let's see Tesla and Edison go at it!

From Earthbound Misfit, with whom I have my share of disagreements on various subjects, but who often posts some really awesome stuff.

04 July 2014

"Independence Day?" Not any more.

Wirecutter lays out how 'free' we are, in agonizing detail...and it's so apropos I'm going to repost it in full.

My Fourth Of July Post  

The Fourth has always been a special day for me. Anybody that knows me knows I’m not big on holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving are a pain as far as preparations go and having to deal with family that doesn’t want anything to do with me the rest of the year, Easter – I’m surprised they still celebrate Easter seeing as it’s offensive to muslims and liberals, Veteran’s and Memorial day always rubbed me wrong because those are days for memories that should be thought of everyday, Labor Day is just an excuse for a barbecue, but the Fourth to me was always special because of the anniversary it represents.  
Not anymore. The Fourth is nothing but a reminder of what a mess our Nation has become. Our Founding Fathers and the Citizens of that period sacrificed everything to ensure Freedom for their descendants and immigrants coming here to seek a better life for themselves and their families. There were provisions in the Constitution to prevent the new government from becoming what they were trying to get out from under. The Bill of Rights came later naming our basic human rights so that future generations wouldn’t pervert the Yellowed Paper in order to grant them powers that weren’t theirs to begin with.  
Now I get up in the morning and read what the government wants me to read. If the press isn’t in lockstep with the president then they aren’t allowed in his press corp. If you file for something under the Freedom of Information Act, you see only what the government wants you to see, everything else is blacked out. 
My weapons of self defense are government approved but they say if I don’t have a permit for them then they must stay at home, but at the same time the government says the police have no obligation or duty to protect me or mine. 
My food has to be approved by the government. I can no longer drink raw milk or eat cheese that hasn’t been homogenized or pasteurized because evidently I don’t know what’s good for me. Even homeopathic medicines have to be government approved if I want to buy them instead of growing and harvesting them myself. 
Our children are wards of the State. If they attend a public school, they learn what the government wants them to learn. The government has changed history to suit their views, not what really happened. You are not allowed to discipline your children with your own hand under threat of law. The government determines if your children are eating healthy lunches or not – not lunches from school but what Mom has packed for them. 
We’re under constant surveillance. Every time I walk out of my house I have to assume I’m on somebody’s camera. Traffic cams, security cams, dash cams, you name it. My emails are being monitored by the government. My website is being monitored by the government. Every piece of mail – every piece – passing through the post office is photographed and recorded. Every phone call we make, every text we send is monitored by the NSA. Boxes on the side of the roads log in bluetooth information from passing cars to determine who’s in what car traveling down the road, where you got on the road and where you left it. Radar is monitoring our speed. 
Our public lands are no longer public. The Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service determine what we can and cannot do on our own public lands and reserve the right to charge us fees for their use. If you resist you will be arrested, fined and possibly imprisoned. 
Everything has to be registered. Our vehicles are registered, our animals are registered, our firearms are registered, our watercraft is registered. By the way, you can read that as taxed. 
Our police have gone from being peace officers to law enforcement officers. They have the right by decree of government to search you simply by stating they believe you may have committed a crime. In some cities they can search you just because they want to. They burst into our homes, kill our dogs and search our personal belongings with only the simplest of causes. SWAT teams – a concept that was designed for hostage situations – conduct an average of 124 raids every day. Now they raid barber shops for unlicensed (read that untaxed) barbers, they’re raiding dairies suspected of selling raw milk and they’re raiding mom and pop marijuana growers. 
With the NDAA and “Patriot” Act, we no longer have a right to an attorney or a Right to a speedy trial in front of a jury of our peers, in fact we no longer have a Right to a trial at all. Indefinite detention is the Plan of the Day at the pleasure of the government. 
The tax man takes between 30 and 50% of our paychecks, most of it outright theft. We support, out of our paychecks and from the sweat of our brow, cash and food for those that won’t work, medical and child care for those same deadbeats, organizations through federal and state grants that we don’t morally support or agree with, wars that we may not agree with, and anything else that the government feels is necessary. 
Any mention of God has been removed from our schools and government buildings even though this once-great Nation was founded on Christian principles. We can no longer pray before meetings nor can our children while at school. Our churches are regulated as far as mentioning politics. The entire “Separation of Church and State” has been twisted from not allowing the State to force a religion on us to not wanting to offend anybody by asserting our personal beliefs. 
Our Nation is presently being overrun with illegal immigrants and our government who swore an oath to obey the Constitution and the Law of the Land is ignoring the law by not defending our borders. In fact, they’re encouraging these illegals to come by rewarding them with promises of a better life and citizenship. If you think this bothers you, think about the immigrants that came here legally and got pushed to the back of the line because of promises that our politicians have made to the illegals. 
Our politicians truly believe they are above us, forgetting that they serve us and not the other way around. We have politicians that carry firearms and surround themselves with bodyguards, yet they deny us the very basic human Right to defend ourselves by outlawing us commoners to own and carry firearms and other weapons. They break laws with impunity, yet imprison us for doing the same. They refuse to listen to the People’s desires and instead enact laws they want. We have a president that says we must conserve energy and cut down on pollutants, yet he and his family fly on Air Force One for their many vacations every year. Our fuel prices have been above $3 a gallon for a record breaking 1200 days because our president refuses to cut our dependency on foreign oil and use our own natural resources which would also provide much needed jobs for us. Our president bows to foreign Heads of State, showing them that he believes we are subservient to them. Our government has done everything it can to make sure that we, as a Nation, serves it instead of the other way around. 
This is not the Nation our Founding Fathers wanted for us. I know that if they could see what we’ve turned into, they would be appalled. I know I am, and that’s the reason the Fourth holds no special place in my heart anymore. 
-Kenny Lane (Wirecutter)
Ceres, CA. 
For the past week I’ve probably started a half dozen posts just for the one day we have to celebrate our Founding Father’s groundwork for a new, Free Nation under God. 
I trashed every one of them. Instead, I wrote this. I kept the language clean so that if anybody wanted to use it on their sites, they could without editing. 
As with anything you find here, it’s free for anybody to use. I only ask that it’s published in it’s entirety and that my name and link at the bottom be included. I WANT the government to know I wrote this.

You have it surrounded, bro--may God help us.  Anyone who still thinks this is a 'free country' is invited to explain just how, exactly, that term applies in any sense other than the sarcastic.

RIP, America.

26 June 2014


A bunch of that boring stuff about economics and finance.

So now you may be thinking that this will cause a feedback loop to occur and rates will continue to be driven more and more negative.  Yes.  Absolutely.  Because the Central Bank will have to keep adjusting its rate down to stay “more negative” than the Sovereign bond and other money markets.  What happens when customer deposit rates go sufficiently negative so as to compel normal people to withdraw their cash from the banks and hold it in cash?  The answer is, the oligarchs will enact government policies outlawing the use of cash.  Think I’m crazy?  Have you tried paying your car insurance bill with cash lately?  Cash.  As in hundred dollar bills.  How about your phone or utility bill?  Guess what.  You can’t. 

One of the big reasons why I had to move into the “Van Down by the River” was because I simply COULD NOT FUNCTION using cash.  When I was foreclosed upon because I could not provide the bank with a tax return (because I have declared a tax strike), I began investigating possible rental scenarios in preparing to move.  Kids, you CANNOT rent an apartment “above the table”, pay the utilities on said apartment, insure a vehicle and scores of other necessary expenses in the former U.S. using cash today.  Between IRS liens and mortgage foreclosures, my credit score is destroyed, which also disqualifies above-board rental.  If you think that cash controls and the move to outlaw the use of cash is crazytalk, just stop and think about all of the myriad ways that IT IS ALREADY IMPOSSIBLE to pay with cash.  We’re already 75% of the way there. 

So, there would be increased economic depression causing new lending to crater and thus squeezing commercial banks’ margins and causing them to demand a way to dump ALL consumer debt, including business loans, car loans and credit cards, off on the government in the form of guarantees (this is precisely what already happened in the real estate market with almost all mortgages being bundled and dumped onto Fannie and Freddie).  Couple this with the confiscatory tax on deposits AND the paying of banks to borrow from the discount window by the government (aka the people) in order to recapitalize the banks, and what you have is nothing less than the COMPLETE NATIONALIZATION OF THE BANKING SECTOR.  This will inevitable require the outlawing of sovereign currency (cash), which will inevitably lead to the REJECTION of the sovereign currency, and the emergence of a “black” alternative.  We are talking, ladies and gentlemen, about nothing less that the final, complete destruction of the economy, which will inevitably lead to the total collapse of the extant government and what scattered vestiges remain of the Rule of Law.

Of course, all that conspiracy nonsense about the UN coming to take our guns is nothing but a bunch of extreme right-wing paranoia.  Right?

It appears the United Nations anticipates economic collapse and armed revolt in the United States and they are looking for a few good Peacekeepers with "experience with small arms control, conflict/post-conflict crisis management, and economic recovery". 

The U.N. is hiring a "Disarmament, Demobilization, and Re-integration (DDR) officer" for the apparent purpose of disarming American citizens as the "duty station" is New York City, USA.  

The U.N. defines "disarmament" as "the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons from combatants and often from the civilian population."

I dare any pro-choice person to answer this guy in a sane and logical manner.  I'm not holding my breath, though.

Here now is the next stage in the abortion movement. It’s not enough to win in the courts and the Congress, they want to win in American’s heart and soul. It’s not enough for abortion to be legal, it needs to be loved. That’s why these kinds of movies exist, to promote abortion as something positive, affirming, constructive, empowering.

The empowering abortion. A work of fiction, indeed, but one marketed cleverly enough to dupe millions of people.   

I thought about this empowerment notion for a while, and I think I identified a flaw in it. Actually, I identified five...

One of these days, I'll have the energy to write something myself. 

20 June 2014

It's EXACTLY like that.

Gunslinger nails it.  With a nuke.

If you understand that America is an IDEA...a collection of Truths, Ideals, and Liberties...

....ones that include small, Constitutionally limited government, a free market, and maximum individual liberties...

...then you cannot reject every one of those in practice...and call yourself an  "American".

Pure, simple Truth, right there.

16 June 2014

Thought experiment

So--according to them--the IRS had a 'computer crash,' and lost all the emails pertaining to their alleged persecution of conservative organizations.

Let's just say I told the IRS that my computer crashed, and I lost all the proof of my income and deductions.

Anyone have the slightest doubt how that would fly?

03 June 2014

No context needed.

But here's the context anyway, just in case you want to watch one of the most awesome SciFi authors of all time lay a capital-level smackdown on some whiny douchebag(Really, Larry, isn't this on the mental and philosophical level of stealing a toddler's candy?  The guy hasn't the faintest hope of winning here).

This quote, however, should be spread far and wide until every single Patriot has read and grokked it:

Rule number one. Never apologize for something that shouldn’t be apologized for. Check out all the various firings, purges, boycotts, and cancellations. Apologizing for causing their outrage is you taking responsibility for their ignorance and inability to control their own emotions. Apologizing to the perpetually outraged means they own you. You have declared yourself guilty and vulnerable to their threats. It is like negotiating with terrorists. Give into their demands and you’re just encouraging them to blow something else up.

Now, that's the work of a true wordsmith.  I'm usually reduced to a simple "You're offended?  Too bad.  Eat a dick."  I guess that's why Larry writes for a living, and I drive a truck.

02 June 2014

"Shut up or we'll kill you."

In a civilized nation, which is what the United States used to be, any and all points of view are allowed to be expressed.  Rational debate is viewed as a good thing, where opposing theories are expounded upon, rebutted, and either bolstered or debunked with facts, logic, reason and evidence.  This is how a country--and, eventually, all of humanity--evolves, and, dare I say, progresses.

This is also the last thing so-called "Progressives" want.  The evidence is clear in their actions:  shouting down conservative speakers, demanding that those with differing views be fired from their jobs, calling for the new heretics to be banned from speaking at various events...and now, literal threats of terrorism.

These people are threatening mayhem and murder in an attempt to silence dissenting viewpoints.  This is tolerance?  This is civilized debate?  No, this is barbarism.  This is force over reason.  This is the tactic of those who are clearly and utterly in the wrong.

"Shut up or we'll kill you."

The last thing these Leftists Fascists want is a debate.  Because they'd lose, and they know it.  The facts are not in their favor.  The evidence is overwhelmingly against them.  Five minutes of logical, rational thought would objectively prove these people to be at odds with reality, meaning that they are--literally--completely and utterly insane.

So all they have left is one simple tactic.  A tactic used by every power-mad tyrant or group of tyrants throughout all of history.  Brute, naked force.

"Shut up or we'll kill you."

And these people consider themselves so learned, so evolved, so morally superior.  They constantly portray us--conservatives, libertarians, Christians, anyone who opposes their madness--as stupid, violent and incoherent.  These are people who actually believe that if they just keep lying long enough, loudly enough and with a straight enough face, that their delusions will become the truth.

Their reaction to the Men's Rights Conference exposes their lie once and for all.  Whether you agree with any or all of the arguments of the MHRM, or not, shouldn't matter.  Either you believe that each human being has the right to make their opinions heard, no matter how repugnant you might personally find them, or you don't believe in freedom at all.

"Shut up or we'll kill you."

That's all they've got.  And it says a lot more about them than it does about us.

12 May 2014

The world is ending!

I've spent almost 30 years riding Jap bikes.

Started on a beat-up '76 Honda SOHC 750, and continued through various products from the Land of the Rising Sun, culminating in a Kawasaki ZZ-R 1200 which I've put almost 67K on over the last nine years.   Well, I must be having a midlife crisis, because I did something quite out of character yesterday:

Yep...I finally did it.  I'm officially a Harley boy now.  However, I'm still kickin' it old-school--one cam and a carb is sufficient for me, thanks.