16 October 2014

Ironically, it's my birthday.

And some children will never have one.  Here's a comment on this article which you all might find interesting:

I have never had an abortion, but I had a couple of close calls where it was an option to be wrestled with or thought about. I was strictly pro-life in my youth, before I saw personally how decent people using birth control could still end up in such a situation. I shifted from pro-life to pro-choice…and now with more time and (I hope) wisdom I find myself shifting again. 
There are some rules that seem to benefit no one. They may be inconvenient or painful to enforce, to live with. They simply affirm something powerful beyond words to the society that upholds them. 
The value of human life is one of those things. There are human monsters like Stalin for whom humans had no right to live unless they fit into his 5 year plan. If you didn’t fit his plans, if you were not useful to him, you had no right to live. Humans were simply fancy animals, like cattle that could be culled by their owners, the People In Charge. 
Abortion taps into the same underlying assumptions, doesn’t it? It is genocide writ small. The mass of abortions may have been called mass murder, but it still one of the most personal and intimate deaths: one womb, and one human heart. 
It is rejection of the idea that humans are valuable because they are, not because of what they can do for another. Abortion is an affirmation that human life has no inherent value: A life that does not fit into your personal 5 year plan has no right to exist.

Ponder that a while.

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  1. Congratulations on another successful trip around the sun!


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