06 October 2014

If this isn't a T-shirt, it should be.

This is AMERICA.

We drive pickup trucks.
We carry guns.
We drink beer.
We eat meat.
We work hard.
We respect the flag.
We worship God.

If this causes a problem for you...
feel free to LEAVE!


  1. I notice that you didn't mention..... "We respect our fellow human being,and the Planet we all live on".....

    1. That's right, because--as you may have noticed--this blog isn't run by hippies.

      I strive to love every human being as a child of God, but respect has to be earned. It might behoove you to learn and understand the difference.

      As for the planet, it's been around for miliions of years without our 'respect.' I'm sure it'll do just fine.

  2. Here you go...



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