08 October 2014

Happy now, you lying bastards?

Gun grabbers are driven absolutely insane with fear and rage at the sight of an armed citizen peacefully going about their lives.  Many of them have suggested that they or their fellow hoplophobes should call the police and claim that they felt threatened, a practice known as "SWATting."

On August 5th, someone appears to have followed that advice, and now an innocent man lies dead.  I'm not going to go into the shoot-first-forget-the-questions tactics that seem to be all too common in today's law enforcement.  Instead, I'll point you to the gun-grabbers' utter lack of shame over an incident that they may well--wittingly or not--have instigated.

I would not be surprised it is damage control. The focus on the killing of John Crawford is now targeted towards Ronald Ritchie who made what seems to be a highly exaggerated in danger 911 call that set up the kill chain that took John Crawford’s life. 
All of the sudden, all those tweets and Facebook posts from their followers telling others to call police and lie about what a peaceful gun owner  is doing have become political poison. And if charges are ever brought against Ritchie, CSGV and other gun groups are gonna take a wrecking ball to the chin with so many examples of their hate-filled posts screen captured and kept by gun bloggers everywhere. 
And they won’t be able to hide about not keeping track of what is going on since they are damned good at blocking and banning anybody who is pro-Second Amendment  from their timelines. Basically they are condemned to admit they allowed and maybe even encouraged Hate Speech DeLuxe.

This is what they wanted, what they encouraged, what they practically demanded.  Upon learning of the results, any sane human being capable of the slightest shred of remorse would be doing whatever they could to try to make things right for Mr. Crawford's family.  At the very least, they ought to sit down, shut up and go find something productive to do with their wretched lives.

Instead, they throw the Race Card and the Anti-Government card, even though neither of these have the slightest application in this instance, except in the minds of racists and collectivists.  (Although I'll proudly pick up that Anti-Government card.  Whaddya mean, "our own government?"  I didn't vote for these assholes, and they sure don't represent me, or America in general.)  Anything to deflect any trace of responsibility from themselves and their paranoid hate-mongering.

Well, I hope it doesn't work.  I hope every single one of you cowardly, lying scum who called for this type of action are tracked down and brought up on charges and/or sued into oblivion for contributing to the wrongful death of John Crawford.  And I pray that Almighty God has mercy on your shriveled, blackened souls, because you're going to need it on your Last Day.

RIP, Mr. Crawford.  May the Lord bless and keep you, and may He help comfort your loved ones in this their time of trial.


  1. I'm so sorry. The politics of personal destruction, SWAT-ing, doxing, trying to get people fired, and even killed, is just appalling.


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