30 October 2011

Islam and Sadism

Amil Imani is still out there, continuing to expose Islam for what it is:

In free democracies, governments are accountable to the people and serve at the people’s pleasure. In Islamic theocracy, governments are accountable only to Allah and the people must serve at the pleasure of the government. And one can see the result of Islamic total or partial rule in fifty-six or so countries which rank among the highest nations of the world on every index of misery.

Other problems arise. Liberty, deeply cherished by democracies, is replaced by submission—unquestioning obedience and adherence to the dictates and precepts of the all-knowing and all-wise Allah. The individual becomes little more than a passive obedient vessel of Allah and his perspective of himself and life drastically changes. Once he submits to the all-powerful, all-knowing, then he is absolved of the responsibility of having to chart his own way in life.

It is this total form of submission that, among other things, prompted the Muslims to systematically burn libraries of the lands they invaded. They justified their actions by contending that the Quran, the comprehensive unerring book of Allah, contained all perfect knowledge that humanity needs. To this day, in places where Islam rules, many books are banned, newspapers and magazines are systematically either censored or shut down, and other non-print media are methodically blocked.

This, folks, is why Islam is incompatible with freedom and civilization.  Period.

29 October 2011

A Market Ticker blast from the past

Mr. Denninger recommends you read this old post.  As do I.

There are approximately 150,000 federally-attached law enforcement personnel.  Another 750,000, roughly, state and local cops are employed by our various government arms.  Of those various officers well more than half sit behind a desk and haven't left one gram of shoe leather on a street or in a cruiser in the last year.  The majority of you fire your weapons for periodic qualification and they have never been warm or dirty besides.  You've never faced death, you've never had a weapon pointed at you in anger, and you've never drawn your service weapon in the line of duty.  Those are facts.

Now consider the "bad side" of America.  The Justice Department estimates there are at least one million gang members - active gang members - in America.  These people, mostly young males, have nearly all drawn or fired weapons in anger.  They are responsible for more than three quarters of all crime in this country, and some eight out of ten violent crimes.  Those gang members have families - younger males who are "coming up", "friends" (if you can call a murderous thug a friend) and others.  Between all of those "loosely attached" folks and the hard-core inner circle itself we probably have somewhere between 5 and 10 million people in this nation who, given the wrong sort of provocation, might decide that "Zombieland" wasn't just a movie.


To the politicians who are reading this, your Thorazine dosage needs adjustment as well.  The math is irrefutable.  If, in point of fact, AIG has entangled itself with the European Continent there is no escape from what is to come.  There is only destruction, and our only two choices are to cause as much of it as we can to occur there, by pulling the plug on these clowns now, or risk a literal World War.  We may get one anyway, but if we bring the bulk of the damage here we'll be dealing with a civil collapse at the same time, and have no chance of being able to deal with the geopolitical implications.  We must not allow that to happen.  You must not allow that to happen.

We understand you give the orders to the people I've been talking to (mostly) up above.  But you have less excuse than they, when it comes to oaths.  You all took an oath to uphold The Constitution as well.  You've used it as toilet paper, and that's on a good day.  The rest of the time we see you gleefully burning it in the Wells of the House and Senate, dancing around the smoke and fire like some odd pagan ritual.

It's time to stop.  Not because you want to, not because you fear us (even though you should - after all, we're your employers and can fire you) but because if you don't there won't be a nation worth governing left.  You know who the crooks are - including those among you. 
Much, MUCH more here.  Points worth pondering by all.

28 October 2011

Yet more on JustiaGate

We're going to continue beating you over the head with it until it reaches the level of Fast & Furious.  Because sedition is a criminal act.

Since Obama’s father was never even a permanent resident of the United States, much less a U.S. citizen, Obama is not a natural born citizen. Obama was born a British subject, which he admits.  He later became a Kenyan citizen, which he admits.  Even later, he became an Indonesian citizen, according to his Indonesian public school records.

The man was BORN with divided allegiance.  A “foreigner”, per the SCOTUS definition.  Therefore, he is not a natural born citizen.  While he is at present a citizen of the USA (one would hope), he is not a natural born citizen, as required by the Constitution.  At best, he is a naturalized citizen.  Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who similarly is ineligible for the presidency.


It’s important to note that not only citations but also text from decisions was changed, so obviously something was up that cannot be explained by a simple coding error.  The game is afoot!
Please RTWT.  Barack Hussein Obama II/Barry Soetero is not our President.  Literally.

A Cursor-y Examination

Via the good people at The Last Refuge, I present McNaughton Fine Art.  Be warned, once you start mousing-over his paintings, you'll be sucked in for quite a while...!

This is just part of the story--you have to hit the linked site and find all the educational Easter Eggs.  This makes it as much fun to learn as Schoolhouse Rock did for my generation!

27 October 2011

"You dumbasses can't even spell G.E.D!"

The language is harsh.  The point is important.

Sir, I've found that 'new race' you're searching for.  It's called "American," and you're a prime example of it.  Here's to ya.


24 October 2011

So, what's with this JustiaGate thing anyway?

Ann gives us a more expansive analysis of the situation:

 Synthesizing JustiaGate
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - October 24, AD 2011 12:38 PM MST
Now a quick expansion on the Justia.com sedition issue. Here is what I SUSPECT happened with regards to Obama's elevation to power. This is just my theory given the evidence. Since there is no longer any journalism in this country, people like me are left to assemble the facts as best they can, and then parse and synthesize those facts into the most likely theory. I wish I didn't have to do this. I wish that journalists would dig for and then report the truth. But since they refuse, this is the best that we can do.
From the get-go in 2007, Obama wanted to run against McCain. Here is a quote from an AP story dated 2/2/2008 :
Obama advisers have said privately for months that McCain would be their preferred opponent among all those who sought the GOP nomination.
The thing that has ALWAYS bothered me the most about the 2008 election was NOT the ascendency of Obama himself. That is no mystery. The truly imbecilic electorate in this country was told by the media to vote for the black guy, because voting for the black guy would wash all of their sins away. Good people vote for the black guy, and to so much as ASK a question about his background or qualification is RAAACIST. And the sheep ran to the slaughter, as they were told. This is no mystery.
The mystery is the fact that McCain was a weak, Bob Dole-esque candidate who was performing poorly in the primaries, and then all of a sudden, Romney dropped out and McCain was it. It was bizarre. Now I think we know, to some extent, what happened.
Yes, McCain was indeed a Bob Dole redux. McCain had an unattractive personality and comportment, somewhat like Dole, was an injured war hero, like Dole, and was just on the cusp of being too old to run, like Dole. The whispered cover-story was, "It's his turn. He spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton. Let him have this."
But that isn't why Obama wanted McCain. Obama wanted McCain because McCain provided Obama with cover vis-a-vis Obama's eligibility. McCain was born on a U.S. Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal zone, and thus there was a question about his eligibility per Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution. Was McCain born on U.S. soil?
Note the question: Was McCain born ON U.S. SOIL.
A big hullabaloo was made about this, climaxing in Senate Resolution 511, co-sponsored by Senator Barack Obama himself, affirming that McCain was eligible under Article 2 Section 1. Here is that URL:
Note the date: April 10, 2008. We now know that at EXACTLY the same time as these Resolution 511 thrashings were going on, Justia.com was scrubbing all mentions of Minor v. Happersett from their SCOTUS archives. Now some argue that these rulings were still available on LexisNexis and WestLaw. That's right. But LexisNexis and WestLaw are expensive PAY services. Justia.com is the only real FREE online law library. How many Americans are going to fork out the big bucks for access time on LexisNexis or WestLaw to investigate SCOTUS precedents for the definition of "Natural Born Citizen"? Uh, you could probably count the total on one hand, and still be able to pick your nose.
Obama wanted to shift the focus from the definition of "Natural Born" and the focus on the parents to the physical location of birth as the one and only relevant factor - when it is NOT the only relevant factor. Obama was confident, having Marxist co-conspirators in Hawaii who were ready to perjure themselves with regards to his original birth certificate, that he could fake his way to proving that he was born in Hawaii. He thought that he could wave the "certificate of live birth", which is the document generated for foreign-born children like his sister, Maya, and that this would satisfy the lapdog press. If any further questions came up, he could get a Hawaii state official to lie and say that they had "physically seen" his original long-form birth certificate, even though no such thing existed. Remember, Marxists lie, and they lie without the slightest compunction. This was no big deal and is EXACTLY what was accomplished.
Back to Justia.com . The meme that was put out in the press with regards to the question of the definition of "Natural Born Citizen" was that the term was totally ambiguous and had never been defined. THIS IS THE BIG LIE THAT JUSTIA.COM WAS COVERING. The term had been defined by SCOTUS in a UNANIMOUS decision in 1875. The case was Minor v. Happersett, and the Minor decision had been cited in subsequent cases as precedent. This is what Justia.com edited away so that if any journalists or citizens were to go online and research the question using standard search engines, they would come up dry and never see Minor or any of the subsequent case law citing Minor without having an expensive pay subscription to either Lexis or WestLaw.
Here is a quote from a Washington Post piece about McCain's eligibility dated May 2, 2008. Emphasis mine.
But Sarah H. Duggin, an associate law professor at Catholic University who has studied the "natural born" issue in detail, said the question is "not so simple." While she said McCain would probably prevail in a determined legal challenge to his eligibility to be president, she added that the matter can be fully resolved only by a constitutional amendment or a Supreme Court decision.
"The Constitution is ambiguous," Duggin said. "The McCain side has some really good arguments, but ultimately there has never been any real resolution of this issue. Congress cannot legislatively change the meaning of the Constitution."
That is a stone-cold lie. There HAD been a resolution in the form of a UNANIMOUS SCOTUS decision in Minor that explicitly definined NBC as a citizen born to two U.S. citizen parents.
Duggin almost certainly knew this, being a law professor who had claimed to have studied the Natural Born issue "in detail". Duggin, like Justia.com, has some serious explaining to do, and may be staring down a sedition charge.
So, in conclusion, I think the reason that Obama wanted McCain is because McCain provided cover and shifted the eligibility issue from the nationality of the parentage, which CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY disqualified Obama as unanimously defined and codified by SCOTUS in Minor, and shifted the focus the the physical locale of birth, which Obama was confident he could bluff.
And here we sit, with our government usurped by a Marxist-Communist cabal, fronted by a puppet who can only produce a forged birth certificate that is so laughably obvious in its forgery that it defies belief. And we are mere weeks away from a global financial collapse, with said usurping contingent fanning the flames of hot civil war, and doing everything it can to start World War 3.
The Rule of Law matters. Article 2 Section 1 matters, and was written for a reason. Am I a Birther? You're damn straight I am.
Please see the post immediately above for a collection of Denninger's authoritative and objective proofs of the April 27 birth certificate forgery.
Final note: I do NOT believe that McCain is directly involved in this. The man spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton. No, he is not personally involved in elevating a Communist to the White House. McCain is, like the rest of them, a power-hungry, money-hungry man who isn't too terribly bright. He is just another "useful idiot". His time in the Hilton didn't spare him from his own character flaws, but a Communist he is not.
So, there you are.  It comes down to this:  Does the rule of law matter to you, or not?
Think about it.

Rumble in the cerebellum!!

Submitted for your inspection:  two highly intelligent men.  Both patriotic capitalists with differing ideas regarding OWS.  Both have valid points to make regarding the "Occupy Everything" movement and the state of the nation as a whole.

I've taken a boatload of heat for my alleged "support" of the "Occupy Everything" meme that is taking off across the country. There are a lot of people commenting on my positions that have displayed everything that is wrong with our education system, chief among them being its utter lack of teaching people to read for content rather than generating spittle-laced knee-jerk invective.

No matter. Since 2007 I have written what I believe on The Market Ticker and if you read Musings going back to 2004 you can see my commentary there too. A very few remember the rather-acerbic interviews and debates that I had with the ACLU and other organizations during the 1990s, including some tame appearances on Chicago Tonight and some much-more-lively ones on Usenet. If you think I can't take the heat that gets dished out you are rather naive; I believe there were entirely-new curses named for me back in the 1990s. In comparison the screeching of people on other blogs and media outlets today is the sort of thing that annoys with the intensity of a dog that occasionally barks next door.


As for educating the Occupy occult, I'm not feeling it. The only way that they become a revolution is if people like you and me assist them. Otherwise, they remain a small group tht will be ignored. Did you feel that chill go down your spine? Until people come alongside them to give them mainstream cred, they'll remain a fringe group rather than the 99% they claim to be. I can only imagine how far Restore The Constitution would go with similar support.

Let them craft their own damn message. Let them keep shitting on cars and doorsteps and residents. Let them wear out their welcome. Let the left keep full ownership of occupy and all the fallout that goes with it. Seriously. Two things I know about "bipartisanship" as demonstrated in Washington. 1) Bipartisanship means the right acceding to the demands of the left today for the promise of quid quo pro from the left tomorrow. 2) Bipartisanship means hold on to your property and your liberty because one/both is about to be assaulted.

Make up your own mind.

She nailed it, too.

Welcome Fuzzy Logic to the Infinite Blogroll (via Odie) for laying it down so simply that even an Oppressive can understand it.

It's easy and convenient to blame "Wall Street" for all of the nation's ills, but is that even reasonable?  Do you know where the mandates to provide unsafe home loans came from?  Do you know why the banks gave loans to people, in some case, who didn't even have a job?  Now, I know and readily admit that some investment bankers and particularly hedge fund creeps "bet" on these loans going into default.  I also think this is unethical, but it's not as if it wasn't completely obvious--to everyone except the commies in Congress who forced this--that these loans would all be defaulted, that there would be mass foreclosures when people who either didn't have jobs or were getting loans that the jobs they did have would never be able cover.  The housing crisis was a government-conceived, government-mandated crisis, made to make you stand around years later crying because people, for some unknown reason (and yes, they are culpable, too), are being foreclosed on for not being able to repay loans they should never have received in the first place. 

Again, that's not to excuse the excesses of Wall Street, but you know what is the most insidious, most dangerous aspect of Wall Street?  Its relationship with government.  You seem incensed that no one on Wall Street has been indicted for wrong-doing.  Okay, let's look at that.  What did BO say?  That they didn't do anything illegal, right?  That they can't indict for non-criminal, totally legal activity.  And that's true.  But who makes banking laws?  Who writes them?  Who pays for them?  That's right, my unthinking friends, Wall Street.  There are these things called lobbies, and they spend all the billions that you think, and I think, they should be paying in taxes, to ensure that there are "free zones" for unethical activity and numerous tax shelters that enable gigantic corporations like GE to avoid paying so much as one penny in taxes.  Legally.

Wall Street doesn't need reform, the government does.  With the government reformed properly, there will be no Wall Street excesses.  This is something we refer to as "critical thinking" and an understanding of a thing called "cause and effect"; you'll note that "unintended consequences" tend to manifest most often and to most onerous effect from leftist policies.  Things don't happen in a vacuum, and when you do one thing (pass a regulation, for instance, or ban shallow water drilling), it has a ripple effect (the costs of the regulation are passed on to the consumer (BoA), or deep-water drilling--much less easy to manage, maintain, and clean up than that done in shallow water--results in serious environmental damage).  In short, something that "sounds good" needs to be considered beyond the moment.

RTWT, y'all.  Guaranteed good stuff.

23 October 2011

He nailed it.

I don't know who "Kevin R." is, but his comment(#17) on this disgusting display at iOTW summed up the entire situation perfectly:

It isn’t simply a matter of the efficacy of the free-market over a command and control market. That isn’t the point that I want to make.

When these damn collectivists destroy the rule of law in order to take over they do a lot more to society than take over the physical means of production. I want to scream from the rooftops! Capitalism isn’t a system. Capitalism is simply what happens when people enjoy freedom and liberty. Its what happens because people are free! Before Marxism free societies and the products of freedom were simply referred to as civilization. The very foundation of civilization is free society. Those communists destroy free society and destroy the civilization that free society produces!

This isn’t about the efficacy of different so called “economic systems.” The Left are the ones that compartmentalized and confused the thinking on this subject and they would love to keep the argument compartmentalized as a clash of different “economic systems.” This is actually a clash of civilization verses anti-civilization.
(Emphasis mine.)  Yeah.  It's EXACTLY like that.

Well said, Kevin--I'll buy you a beer if we ever meet!

21 October 2011

We did it before...

We made GunGate, aka "Operation Fast & Furious," too big to ignore.  Now, let's do it again, because those responsible for this need to face consequences.

Someone was incredibly busy in June 2008 working on an illegal front invisible to the public; searching and altering Supreme Court Cases published at Justia.com which cite the only case in American history - Minor v. Happersett (1875) - to directly construe Article 2 Section 1's natural-born citizen clause in determining a citizenship issue as part of its holding and precedent.  In this unanimous decision, the Supreme Court defined a "native or natural-born citizen" as a person born in the US to parents who were citizens; a definition which excludes from eligibility both Barack Obama and John McCain. 


Clearly this was done in these specific cases in order to prevent their being found by internet researchers long before anyone had even begun to look for them, even before Obama would win the Democratic Nomination at the DNC Convention in Denver, Colorado in August '08. This is premeditation and intent to deceive.

So far, 25 corrupted SCOTUS have been identified, and this number may continue to rise as the scope of the tampering becomes apparent. These cases all relied upon Minor, some specifically referencing its definition of Natural Born Citizen - a definition which makes Obama ineligible to be President as that definition is part of the holding and continuing precedent, issued from the highest court in our nation making it the law of the land, even now.   

Well, now...isn't this interesting?  (Thanks to Ann Barnhardt for the find.)

Worth a thousand words...

...and an addition to The Infinite Blogroll.  Welcome Dale at Out of Order because this:

Oh, yes...and it's doubly fitting that this earns Dale the 9th W&PO Award For Extreme Cleverness.  Well done, indeed!

19 October 2011

That's just how I blogroll.

Everyone, meet Sultan Knish, recently added to TIB for this Bitch-Slap Of Truth:

Tolerance and civil rights are worthless unless the countries and cultures where they are expressed are also defended. Any form of tolerance which leads to its own destruction is not only poisonous to a host culture, but is also literarily self-destructive. All healthy entities whether biological, organizational or intellectual contain the means for their own continuance and self-perpetuation. Any entity which does not is poisonous and must be treated as such, and to defend any idea or code above the survival of the culture that carries it is a homicidal act.

When conflict comes, two questions are asked. Is the threat real and is our culture worth fighting for. The latter question is most often asked by elites against whose bubble ideals no real culture can ever measure up to, and by outsiders who have the least invested in the survival of the culture.

"If we do this how are we any better than they are?" is the question of the bubble elite whose abstract ideals exist apart from flesh and blood people, who do not measure their ideals by the culture, but measure the culture by their ideals, and always find it wanting, who think that the culture with its millions of people and centuries of history exist to shepherd their ideals and die for them-- and ought to be grateful for the privilege of dying so that no Muslim is ever profiled at an airport.
This is required reading, especially for those who have let 'tolerance' become their god.

Why Mr. Cain's 'weaknesses' are anything but.

From the lovely and talented Jedidiah Bila:

There is another big challenge that Cain will face, and it too will increase if his favorability with voters increases. Regardless of his ability to articulate specificity, inspire confidence, and win over voters with his 9-9-9 plan, some members of the GOP establishment won’t be comfortable with a Washington outsider taking the lead.

They will argue that his lack of political experience makes him a no-go (you know, because politicians have been serving us so well). They will claim that he’s not trustworthy due to his lack of a political record (while they continue to support candidates whose records reek of political inconsistency on a multitude of issues, and should hence inspire little to no trust).

I have long argued that in order to defeat Barack Obama in 2012, we need a GOP candidate who is as close to his opposite as possible. The best vehicle to take on Obama’s arrogance, big-government mandates, crony capitalism, and abysmal economic record is a GOP candidate who exemplifies the opposite. 
I'll keep on saying it until it sinks in:  The last thing America needs is another damn politician.

18 October 2011

"Greed," indeed.

In my younger days, I was a liberal.  I believed that everyone had the same rights no matter how little money they had.  I became a libertarian when I realized that everyone has the same rights no matter how much money they have.

Wild Bill points out who the real greedheads are:  The Trashbaggers!

17 October 2011

Sympathy for the Trashbaggers

Their lives are so horrible, after all.

Going viral by way of TSM.

And now, we pause for a word from the Left.

Behind all their propaganda of 'social justice' and 'fairness,' this is what they want to do.

-@anarcosocialist You guys want to tax “the rich” 90% of what they make. So what happens when “the rich” stop generating revenue?
-@GunFreeZone the vast majority will fall in line the others will be forced to keep working. its very simple
-@anarcosocialist what do you mean they can’t? How are you gonna force them if they don’t want to?
-@GunFreeZone they can’t refuse, its very simple -@GunFreeZone to get a truly peaceful and just society you must be wiling to #breaksomeeggs i do not shy away from this
-@GunFreeZone it might be painful for the first generation but their kids will fall in line in a hurry. it is the only way
-@GunFreeZone #breaksomeeggs that is all im wiling to say
That's where socialism leads.  That's where it's always ended up in one "Peoples' Glorious Revolution" after another:  Do what we want, or we'll kill you.

Thank you, 'anarcosocialist,' for making your intentions plain as day.  People like you are why people like me own guns.  I will not go quietly into the boxcars, sir.  Nor will a sizable portion of Americans.  Try breaking those eggs, and you'll be the one who ends up in the frying pan.

16 October 2011


Yes, folks--it really is that simple.


Herman Cain on the 9-9-9 plan

Nine responses to nine false attacks.

Do you know why candidates for office tend to be reluctant to propose detailed plans? Because they know the plans will be flyspecked and picked apart by just about everyone. Inviting criticism doesn’t help you to get votes.

But fear of criticism prevents you from conceiving solutions to problems. So even if avoidance of criticism helps in propelling you to an election victory, how are you supposed to effectively govern? How are you supposed to fix the problems you told everyone you were going to fix?

That’s why I’m happy to see so much criticism of the 9-9-9 plan I’ve proposed. It shows that people are thinking seriously about a substantive idea. When people stop obsessing over “gaffes” and campaign strategy, and start honing in on fixing the country’s economic problems, we are getting somewhere.
Common sense from an uncommon man.

Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

My pocket survival kit...

12 October 2011

Another passenger on the Cain Train

Guess who?

Salmagundi & Romney/Christie ticket from RINO Hell
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - October 12, AD 2011 12:48 PM MST
1. Salmagundi means "mish-mash".
2. I'm genetically Anglo-German with a floater of Bailey's. But I'm ethnically American. American is its own ethnicity now. Anything else is just contributive DNA, suitable for scientific discussion. Sorry, Guidos, you can't claim me. Although I do claim your fine cuisine.
3. Woodchuck Hard Cider is the nectar of heaven. Light, bubbly, beer-like booze made out of APPLES. Dude. It's like liquid pie.
4. I'm in the market to purchase an AR-10, .308/7.62, scoped (I STRONGLY prefer Zeiss glass), and broken in. If you're in the gun trade, feel free to email a PRICED proposal/spec sheet.
5. Assuming, just for a moment, that we actually make it to Nov 2012 and there is a legally contested election, let me explain the Romney situation. Romney is a scumbag and is pretty much the poster boy for everything that is wrong with the political class. Romney is about as much a conservative as Barbra Streisand. Romney is just prettier. He has no integrity and will say ANYTHING in order to get elected. He is part of the despicable political class in this country that transcends the parties. They're all in bed with each other, at the end of the day. The RNC is the same as the DNC, and the RNC decided in 2008 that Romney would be their boy in 2012. If you recall, Romney was winning the Republican primaries fairly handily - and then all of a sudden, for no real reason, everyone quit, and McCain was anointed. It was surreal. Do you remember that? In exchange for dropping out and handing the nomination to McCain in 2008, Romney was promised 2012 by the RNC. In other words, we're all being played.
Which brings us to Chris Christie. I'm ashamed to admit that I once actually called Christie "Fat Reagan". Sorry, Ronnie. I was mistaken. Now I just call Christie, "Fat." All of the nation-wide traveling and speaking that Christie did this summer, all of the "maybe I will, maybe I won't" game was all about Christie negotiating with the RNC. Christie endorsed Romney earlier this week, and even DEFENDED RomneyCare. Okay. That's all I needed to see. Here's the deal. Christie has brokered a deal with the RNC to be Romney's running mate. All of his posturing this summer was about auditioning and manuevering to be Romney's VP. He has obviously come to an agreement with the RNC, and thus has agreed not to run for POTUS in exchange for the VP slot. Romney-Christie would be a continuation of the same old for-profit political class crap. ObamaCare would be ENSHRINED under Romney-Christie. These guys are just a couple of say-anything money-grubbing whores like all the rest of them. The best bet right now is indeed Cain. I'm not excited about Cain, but the RNC hates his guts and will try everything to take him down, so that tells me he is the best bet. It would be pretty cool for America to have its first black president. Oh, and Perry has personal baggage that disqualifies him. I'm very, very glad Perry is toast.
Here is my YouTube piece that I did on Romney back in June. Most of you have already seen it, but some of you may not. My full YouTube Channel is at the link to your left that says "YouTube". Breaking news from yesterday is that Romney's team from Massachusetts was indeed paid and instrumental in writing the ObamaCare bill. Yeah. I told you. Knock me over with a feather. These people are all in the same damn Marxist club. Below that is Romney in his own words. Frickin' robot baby killer. (That would make a great t-shirt, hint hint.)

Red emphasis mine.  And now, my own thoughts...

If Romney gets the nomination, I'll either write in Sarah Palin or just flat-out vote for Obama.  Yes, you read that right.  I've had it with this slow-motion suicide.  If we're not going to save this country, then let's just take the damn cyanide capsule and get it over with.

Worth a thousand words

(Yes, I'm revealing my innate racism with my support for Mr. Cain.  After all, he's not really Black...!)

Blogroll update: The 53%

OK, you folks all need to read this now.  Just read it, and know that we're not lost yet. 

I currently drive a truck.  Over the course of my life, starting out broke and homeless at the age of 18, I've washed dishes, delivered newspapers, worked fast food, telemarketed(mea culpa), changed tires, run forklifts and done lots of things that are none of your damn business to earn a living.

Did you get that?  Earn a living.  I've done a lot of things, but thinking that someone owes me one damn thing has never been one of them.  I've made mistakes; mistakes that set me back quite a ways, but I never asked anyone to bail me out.

I ran up $20K in credit card debt.  The 'why' is immaterial.  I went into consolidation and paid it off after 4.5 years.  I didn't throw a temper tantrum about how mean the credit card companies were for expecting me to pay what I owed.  (But I still say, 'F@ck BoA.'  Long story.)

I've run up student loans of over $30K in three separate schools, and paid them all off--including the one which was essentially a ripoff.  Why?  Because I agreed to it.  You pays your money and you takes your chances.  (Ironically, the cheapest school has given me the most lucrative career.) 

It's called 'personal responsibility,' and I've got it.  I admire others who have it.  And I'm flat-out disgusted with people who not only don't have it, but wouldn't recognize it if it pissed in their latte.

I am the 53%.  No one owes me a damn thing.

And guess what, you Wall Street Occupiers?  No one owes you anything, either.  If it weren't for nasty capitalism and the eeeeevil corporations, you wouldn't be able to survive as the brain-dead ingrates you are.  So post that on your iPad, you entitlement-poisoned, halfwit spoiled brats.  Then take a shower and get a job.


Helmet laws suck.

Helmets, however, are a pretty damn neat idea.

So, how was YOUR morning?  $%&@...!!

11 October 2011

Why am I hopping on the Cain Train?

Well, you got this article here at American Thinker, which gives us one small reason.  But, as usual, the comments make more and better points:

I take it then that you would prefer a slick & polished "professional" politician who promises everything but delivers nothing over a business man who has proven himself in the business world where success or failure has real consequences.

It's you prerogative as to who you will vote for but the rest of us are tired of reaching into the same old pool of professional political tricksters and pulling out another skunk. It's time we try our luck at reaching into the pool of business professionals with "real world" experience in running and managing something of consequence in their lives.


I know some of you are bummed Palin isn't in the race, but if you've ever listened to Herman Cain's radio show, you'll know that he and Palin think along VERY similar lines.  I can't think of a major issue upon which they differ in a significant manner.  I've been saying for months, and spreading the word where I can, that I support Herman Cain, but that I didn't expect him to get a chance.

It appeared the media was going to make our choice for us, narrowing it down to Romney/Perry before anyone else could get traction.  Perry self destructed.  Romney is probably the most liberal of the bunch and even when he's saying the right things I just don't feel like I can trust him.

I'm in Atlanta, and have been listening to Cain's radio show for years. He's the real deal.  A true conservative through and through, I've never heard him take an offensive liberal stance on anything.  He's not perfect, sure.  But only one man ever was, and they killed him (couldn't keep that good man down tho ;).


Washington a professional politician? He couldn't wait to get back to Martha and Mount Vernon. If he had been a professional politician, I doubt America would have survived because the presidency was his for as long as he wanted it, yet he chose to set the two-term precedent. America wasn't founded by professional politicians, but rather men of intellect and character who saw public service as their duty and not their right. These are the leaders we seek today to right our country and return our laws to their Constitutional foundations.

Did the example of Obama's election prove to no one that anyone can get elected president? Obama had practically no government experience prior to his election. And, no candidate who is not running for reelection has experience as president. Cain has always been the guy everyone liked but didn't think he could win. Now we see he has a shot. Being a business leader involves a great deal of political skill, just not the kind that promises the moon to voters knowing that you won't have to deliver. You have to earn the trust of your associates to negotiate successful deals. You have to keep your word to continue doing business with others. Business success definitely involves political skills; just not the sleazy kind if you want to remain in business.
Read the article and keep on scrolling down.  America hasn't lost her way quite yet!

09 October 2011

So now what?

No, I haven't thrown myself under a truck in a fit of abject despair that Governor Palin isn't running.  I'm disappointed, but I reiterate:  This is not about one person.  This is about what needs to be done.

Over the course of my life, I've been watching America commit slow-motion suicide.  We've been driving, constantly, toward the edge of the cliff of tyranny for the past one hundred years.  Sometimes, we've sped up, during administrations such as Woodrow Wilson's and FDR's.  Sometimes, we've slowed down; during the Reagan Era, we were simply idling in gear. 

But we've never been able to turn the wheel.  No matter what our speed, we keep heading toward the cliff.  And since January 2009, we've been screaming toward it with both feet on the hammer, the tach redlined and the speedometer sitting on the pin.  In the November elections, we grabbed for the emergency brake, but all that mostly did was smoke the brake shoes and scrub off a few miles per hour.  We're still heading toward it at great speed, and the edge of that cliff is fast approaching.  If we don't meet it before the next election, it'll be a miracle.

What I'm saying, in my roundabout gearhead manner, is:  TIME'S UP.

06 October 2011

Yes, I heard.

Sarah Palin has stated that she will not seek the Presidency.

Yes, this sucks, but it's not the end of the world, nor of America.  It was never about one person, no matter how awesome she is.

Once I've had time to collect my thoughts and get some sleep, an in-depth analysis of Where Do We Go From Here will follow.

05 October 2011

Words of wisdom

Go read now.

Wow. I wonder what value I could’ve been adding to my company during that instead of creating multiple phone book sized reconcilliations that no government employee will actually ever read. However, if I’d failed to spend hundreds of hours producing these useless documents, we’d have gotten fined and put out of business....

Assuming you can make your way through the paperwork process to actually start your business, the fun begins and never lets up. Heaven help you if your business actually does something that might involve a committee of bureacrats somewhere, because then you get to waste lots of time begging for permission to exist.

You want employees? Get ready for the DoL. Better get your EEOC reports done on time (one of the only places left where anyone actually gives a damn what color you are). When I opened my first business, I was rather surprised to discover that I had to contact 5 different state and federal entities before I could hire my first employee. You want to actually build something? Get ready for OHSA and the EPA. The approvals alone will eat up an eternity of time you could be productive. And you’d darn well better make sure you do your quarterly filings with the IRS and your state tax commission, or they will eat you.

And every time you turn around, there is a new regulation. Since there are like twenty different agencies that can screw with you on a whim, you’d better keep up on all of them....

 Let’s see, liberals are the scientific ones–they are always quick to tell you–but their response to global warming is mandating energy products that don’t exist, cars that don’t run, and poisonous light bulbs, while we funnel billions and billions of dollars to crappy countries that don’t like us. BRILLIANT!
Seriously, RTWT.  Larry Correia explains exactly why we're circling the drain, in terms even Obama could understand.  Maybe.

02 October 2011

A minor disagreement

First, let's read the latest from our favorite spitfire.
On Hog Grease, Septic Tanks & Christ
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - October 1, AD 2011 11:10 PM MST
In my video in which I burned the Koran, I bookmarked the various pages with strips of raw bacon. Why did I do this? Is it because I actually believed that I was thumbing my nose at a non-existent pagan moon deity? Nope. People, there is NO SUCH THING AS “ALLAH”, so therefore what sense would it make for me to “offend” or “bait” a non-existent entity? And a book is just a book. The paper is made out of tree cellulose and the ink is made out of petroleum and probably some sort of soy derivative. The bacon itself was composed of muscle tissue, fat tissue and connective tissue. The components of these tissues are water, protein, fatty acids and collagen. Break it down further and we’re talking carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen in various configurations. Touching a piece of bacon, or any piece of pork or pigskin to a book does not result in anything except making a bit of a greasy mess of the book. No pagan moon deity is roused from slumber and filled with murderous wrath. Do you know why? Because THERE IS NO PAGAN MOON DEITY.
So why did I bookmark my koran with bacon? Because it was WITTY. Because it pointed up the absurdity of the West’s groveling before musloid superstitions – specifically the U.S. Military's rules and protocol for handling korans, namely handling with the right hand only, and preferably with the hand or hands gloved. Yeah, because the people who actually use toilet paper and DON’T wipe their butts with their bare left hands are the ones with the “dirty hands”. You betcha, General Petraeus. Question: Why don’t we issue the gloves that our military are supposed to wear when handling Korans to the musloids themselves, and then they can use the gloves to wipe their butts, and then won’t have to go through life with feces-encrusted metacarpi? Is it just me, or does that not make a LOT more sense? I was going to crack wise at this point about “exiting the Stone Age”, but you know, I don’t think Stone Age peoples wiped their sphincters with their bare hands. I think they used vegetation. Heck, even dogs know to work the “drag”.
And this is also why I don’t go for any of the “shoot them with pork bullets” stuff. Whether or not a bullet was coated in pork blood or grease has nothing to do with anything, and I really don’t think that it is healthy or constructive for Christendom to stoop to the level of musloid superstitious stupidity by giving credence to these ridiculous myths. Pork grease doesn’t condemn people to hell. “Allah” doesn’t condemn people to hell. There is no “allah”. People, at the end of the day, send themselves to hell through their deeds and choices in this life. Yes, Christ is the Judge of all man and their deeds, but His Mercy is also infinite and available to all men. Men go to hell because they consciously choose to reject Christ and His Infinite Mercy. Whether or not a person was in physical contact with pork or a pork byproduct at the moment of death is utterly meaningless.
I run into this kind of foolishness amongst Christians fairly regularly. I had a client tell me once that anyone who is cremated goes to hell because there has to be a body to be resurrected at the Final Judgment. If there is no body to resurrect, the person is disqualified from Christ’s Mercy and isn’t “saved”. Period. No matter what. Riiiiight. Because GOD ALMIGHTY is completely hamstrung by the physical laws of the universe. He has no power over matter or energy. He knits every person together in their mother’s womb, cell by cell, molecule by molecule, atom by atom, but He can’t put a person back together. Riiiiight. And so, for example, all of the people who were killed in the jets that hit the World Trade Center and were incinerated just go straight to hell no matter what, according to these geniuses. Because the same Jesus that they claim to love and know so well would do that. Nah, it doesn’t matter what anyone did, believed or professed in life. Nah. If you’re on a plane that gets flown into a skyscraper you’re hellbound and down because your body was involuntarily cremated. And that goes for all of the soldiers and pilots who have been killed in war and had their bodies burned to ash. Sorry, boys! Infinite love and power only go so far! Here is a little rule of thumb I use to help me think through such questions: GOD IS SMARTER THAN I AM, SO DON’T EVER TREAT HIM LIKE HE IS STUPID. Do you see how this ties back to the musloid pork superstitions? Islam is intrinsically stupid because its founder was stupid, and so it is not surprising that the musloid fake deity, “allah”, is also stupid. Their argument is that if a soldier fighting in jihad for “allah” should be shot with a pork-laced bullet, he goes to hell – even though he had no control whatsoever over the pork bullet or his death. Because the allegedly all-powerful “allah” is powerless against the crazy voodoo ju-ju of . . . pork. See how that works? It’s called stupid. Don’t stoop to the stupid.
And now a name and event that every single person should know: Thomas Vander Woude. On September 8, 2008 Thomas Vander Woude, age 66, was working in his back yard with his seventh and youngest child, Joseph. “Josie” was 20 years old at the time, and did everything with his Dad. Josie was born with Down Syndrome. After finishing up cleaning the family’s swimming pool, Josie walked through the back yard toward his Dad who was also doing yard work. When Josie stepped on the 2X2 foot cover to their septic tank, the cover collapsed and Josie fell into the nearly-full, eight-foot deep tank. Thomas saw this and immediately ran over to the tank. He tried to pull the panicked Josie out, but couldn’t. Thomas Vander Woude then slipped himself into the septic tank to help his son. A workman who was at their house at the time saw what happened and told Mrs. Vander Woude who called 911 immediately. Both the workman and Mrs. Vander Woude then ran outside to help. Thomas was in the tank, treading the sewage, trying to lift Josie up so that the workman and his wife could get a grasp on him and lift him out. It wasn’t working.
Thomas Vander Woude then made the decision to take his last breath on this earth, dove under the surface of the sewage and pinned himself under his son so that Josie’s head was above the surface and he could breathe until the rescue crews arrived. Thomas Vander Woude drowned without struggling in human sewage saving the life of his developmentally disabled son. His last moments were in the total blackness of the bottom of a septic tank, with a combination of urine, feces and wastewater rushing into his mouth, down his windpipe and into his lungs. I am hard-pressed to imagine a more physically filthy demise. Or a more terribly beautiful one. The tears that are welling up in your eyes right about now are the proof of that.
So, what do you think? Was Thomas Vander Woude’s death ritually clean? How do you think a musloid imam would address this situation if put before him hypothetically? Do you think that “allah” would allow a man into heaven who drowned in human sewage saving a son that islam considers to be non-human? But then, there is no “allah”, only a sick, twisted cult comprised of sick, twisted men.
Christ, on the other hand, is real. Not only is He real, but He was there, in the septic tank with Thomas Vander Woude. Christ knows all about diving into tanks of shit, because that is exactly what He did for us. He was literally born in shit, in a cave that acted as a shelter for livestock. The floors were covered in shit, as were the walls. Don’t think that wasn’t symbolic and carefully planned by Him. You don’t think He could have worked it out so that there was one room left at the inn? Sure He could have – but He chose the shit. He chose the shit because humanity fell into the septic tank, and we are all, every single one of us, drowning in our own shit. We just call it “sin”. The funny thing is, most of us don’t feel Jesus underneath us, holding us up. It just feels like we are standing on a solid base. You know why? Because like Thomas Vander Woude, Jesus isn’t struggling. He isn’t squirming or flailing as He sucks our shit into his lungs. He’s just down there, supporting us, holding us up, drowning in our shit, with more solidity than the foundations of the earth, so that we can have life. I reckon the challenge in day-to-day life is to never delude one’s self into thinking that we are standing on the bottom of the tank and holding ourselves up. We aren’t. That’s Him down there, whether or not we perceive it, or even believe it.
Remember this the next time you hear some musloid waxing philosophical on ritually clean death and admission criteria to “allah’s paradise”. And don’t belittle Christ and His Sacrifice by encouraging such stupidity of thought. The fates of men’s souls aren’t trivia, and it sure as heck isn’t a game of tag played with pork products. Shooting someone with a pork-coated bullet doesn’t make you the judge of mankind, determining who goes to hell and who doesn’t. That task belongs to Christ and Christ alone, since it is Christ and Christ alone who has willingly drowned in the shit of every human being. And for that we should feel nothing but gratitude.
(*The word “shit” is used very intentionally and without apology in order to convey the brutal reality and enormity of the Incarnation and Passion. People used to understand this – before super-fun rockband church turned Christianity into an intellectually insipid pablum of narcissistic self-absorption and mind-numbing "entertainment".)
I can find little fault with Ann's analysis, except for this:  "Shooting someone with a pork-coated bullet doesn’t make you the judge of mankind, determining who goes to hell and who doesn’t."

I don't think any Christian believes for one second that s/he is in any position to judge who goes where.   It's all about the psyops, just like your bookmarking the Qur'an with bacon.  Yes, it was witty, but it also got under the Jihadists' skin.

We know that the whole pork thing is a superstition.  But they believe it.  Misguided they may be, but they absolutely and wholeheartedly believe it, whether or not we 'encourage' it.  (Let's face it--if Jihadists responded to 'encouragement,' we wouldn't have this problem.)  So, if they're intimidated by the thought of going to hell forever simply by being shot with a pork-dipped bullet(which they will be, since we all know they're a bunch of superstitious cowards), then they'll be less inclined to engage our forces if there's a chance of getting some bacon grease embedded in their brainpans.  Of course, these tactics would prove ineffective if they dropped their superstitions...

...but if they dropped their superstitions, they wouldn't be a threat in the first place.

In related news, Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani's execution has been postponed*, and the charges have changed.  Could our prayers have made a difference? Just something to think about.  ;)

* HT Blue

Anwar al Waka Waka and United States Citizenship

Before we begin, I'd like to make it clear that this post's subject includes the likes of John Walker Lindh and anyone else who pisses all over America and then wants to hide behind their "American citizenship."

How does one renounce their citizenship?  There are several ways, one of which is:

(7) committing any act of treason against, or attempting by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against, the United States, violating or conspiring to violate any of the provisions of section 2383 of title 18, or willfully performing any act in violation of section 2385 of title 18, or violating section 2384 of title 18 by engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, if and when he is convicted thereof by a court martial or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Emphasis mine.  You attack America, you lose your citizenship.  Therefore, you're fair game as an enemy combatant.

What's so hard to understand about that?