24 October 2011

Rumble in the cerebellum!!

Submitted for your inspection:  two highly intelligent men.  Both patriotic capitalists with differing ideas regarding OWS.  Both have valid points to make regarding the "Occupy Everything" movement and the state of the nation as a whole.

I've taken a boatload of heat for my alleged "support" of the "Occupy Everything" meme that is taking off across the country. There are a lot of people commenting on my positions that have displayed everything that is wrong with our education system, chief among them being its utter lack of teaching people to read for content rather than generating spittle-laced knee-jerk invective.

No matter. Since 2007 I have written what I believe on The Market Ticker and if you read Musings going back to 2004 you can see my commentary there too. A very few remember the rather-acerbic interviews and debates that I had with the ACLU and other organizations during the 1990s, including some tame appearances on Chicago Tonight and some much-more-lively ones on Usenet. If you think I can't take the heat that gets dished out you are rather naive; I believe there were entirely-new curses named for me back in the 1990s. In comparison the screeching of people on other blogs and media outlets today is the sort of thing that annoys with the intensity of a dog that occasionally barks next door.


As for educating the Occupy occult, I'm not feeling it. The only way that they become a revolution is if people like you and me assist them. Otherwise, they remain a small group tht will be ignored. Did you feel that chill go down your spine? Until people come alongside them to give them mainstream cred, they'll remain a fringe group rather than the 99% they claim to be. I can only imagine how far Restore The Constitution would go with similar support.

Let them craft their own damn message. Let them keep shitting on cars and doorsteps and residents. Let them wear out their welcome. Let the left keep full ownership of occupy and all the fallout that goes with it. Seriously. Two things I know about "bipartisanship" as demonstrated in Washington. 1) Bipartisanship means the right acceding to the demands of the left today for the promise of quid quo pro from the left tomorrow. 2) Bipartisanship means hold on to your property and your liberty because one/both is about to be assaulted.

Make up your own mind.

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