17 October 2011

And now, we pause for a word from the Left.

Behind all their propaganda of 'social justice' and 'fairness,' this is what they want to do.

-@anarcosocialist You guys want to tax “the rich” 90% of what they make. So what happens when “the rich” stop generating revenue?
-@GunFreeZone the vast majority will fall in line the others will be forced to keep working. its very simple
-@anarcosocialist what do you mean they can’t? How are you gonna force them if they don’t want to?
-@GunFreeZone they can’t refuse, its very simple -@GunFreeZone to get a truly peaceful and just society you must be wiling to #breaksomeeggs i do not shy away from this
-@GunFreeZone it might be painful for the first generation but their kids will fall in line in a hurry. it is the only way
-@GunFreeZone #breaksomeeggs that is all im wiling to say
That's where socialism leads.  That's where it's always ended up in one "Peoples' Glorious Revolution" after another:  Do what we want, or we'll kill you.

Thank you, 'anarcosocialist,' for making your intentions plain as day.  People like you are why people like me own guns.  I will not go quietly into the boxcars, sir.  Nor will a sizable portion of Americans.  Try breaking those eggs, and you'll be the one who ends up in the frying pan.

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