28 October 2011

Yet more on JustiaGate

We're going to continue beating you over the head with it until it reaches the level of Fast & Furious.  Because sedition is a criminal act.

Since Obama’s father was never even a permanent resident of the United States, much less a U.S. citizen, Obama is not a natural born citizen. Obama was born a British subject, which he admits.  He later became a Kenyan citizen, which he admits.  Even later, he became an Indonesian citizen, according to his Indonesian public school records.

The man was BORN with divided allegiance.  A “foreigner”, per the SCOTUS definition.  Therefore, he is not a natural born citizen.  While he is at present a citizen of the USA (one would hope), he is not a natural born citizen, as required by the Constitution.  At best, he is a naturalized citizen.  Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who similarly is ineligible for the presidency.


It’s important to note that not only citations but also text from decisions was changed, so obviously something was up that cannot be explained by a simple coding error.  The game is afoot!
Please RTWT.  Barack Hussein Obama II/Barry Soetero is not our President.  Literally.

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  1. It's strange to think that nobody cracked a hard bound version of the opinion and noticed the discrepancy. Am I just old fashioned?


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