27 May 2010

Sestak: Coward or brilliant strategist?

Joe Sestak, as everyone including alien spies from the Andromeda Galaxy are no doubt aware, is in a bit of a pickle.

Former Admiral Sestak claims that "a White House official offered him a federal job in an effort to end his campaign in his state's Senate primary." This is a prima facie felony crime. Let me put on my tinfoil beanie and analyze this whole debacle.


Et tu, Dalai Lama?

Reading this article, it is clear that even intelligent and enlightened people such as His Holiness are sometimes unaware of the contradictions in their philosophy.

The Buddha himself maintained:

"Do not go by what is handed down, or by the authority of your traditional teachings. When you know of yourself, 'these teachings, when put into practice, conduce to loss and suffering; these teachings are not good,' then reject them. Don't tell me what you believe. How could this matter?" --Siddartha Gautama

With all respect, I urge the Dalai Lama to re-examine his opinion of Marxism. The results of its teachings are, most assuredly, NOT GOOD.

The things you find on the net...

Reason #eleventy-lots to dig Sarah Palin:

Let's see The One do that! I think he'd be great in this scenario...that is, if he weren't afraid of guns, our military and America in general.

Reason #eleventy-lots+1: Putting the recent oil-spill cluster-bungle in perspective, using language that even an idiot could understand. If our President can find an idiot to translate it for him, even he might get it.

26 May 2010

Irony. The universe runs on it.

I'm going to show you a picture.

The picture will depict what Sarah Palin was greeted with when she arrived in Eugene, Oregon a while ago.

Before I show you the photo, I will explain the irony. (I have to explain it because only the Left have a monopoly on irony. When they say something vile, it's 'ironic.' When we say anything even remotely controversial, we're hate-filled dinosaurs.)

Read the pink sign in the foreground. Read the sign right above it in the photo. Juxtapose the two concepts.

25 May 2010

Reflections in the oil sheen

People across the nation probably knew the exact moment I first heard about this. That repetitive percussive noise was me beating my head against the wall to make the stupid go away.

24 May 2010

Something's happening here...

...what it is, is a damn good thing.

It's been said, by better men than I, that America is more than just a place. Though it is a physical location, with borders, topography, resources and varied subcultures, it is something else as well.

America is a state of mind.

"Stay in this fight!"

Lt. Col. Allen West. Soldier, patriot, historian and a real American hero.

What can you add to this?

20 May 2010


Every so often, I amuse myself by going through the archives of my favorite blogs and reading stuff I'd long forgotten about. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes I sob, sometimes I'm inspired to say aloud, "Mm-hmm! You go, boy/girl/whatever."

Let's hop in the Wayback Machine and visit a post from the dim and distant past, courtesy of the inimitable LawDog. It's a lesson in common sense vs. emotion that I find enlightening.

Be sure to read the comments as well.

A whole new chapter for life on Earth

The first synthetic living cell has apparently been created.

And those exploitive, warmongering, racist, greedy, uncivilized Americans are once again at the forefront of human progress. Imagine that.

19 May 2010

"Stolen" land? Not so much

Let's go back in time, to May 19, 1848.  On that date, the Mexican-American War officially ended.

Bear in mind, when this war was fought, the United States was nothing even resembling a superpower. Mexico and America had equivalent technologies, reasonably equal manpower...in short, it was a fair fight.

One hundred and sixty-two years ago(longer than any human being has ever lived--so much for that "the border crossed us" nonsense), Mexico ratified the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ceded California, Nevada, Utah and parts of four other U.S. states to the United States for $15 million.

I might point out that fifteen million dollars was a lot of money back when our currency actually had value. I could explain that we paid the same amount for far more land in the Louisiana Purchase. I could observe that we bought Alaska for less than half that amount.

Think about that. We stomped Mexico in a fair fight. We could have just taken what we wanted and flipped them the bird. But we didn't. We actually paid them for the lands we conquered, which--as far as I know--was rarely if ever done in those days. So much for the "stolen land" argument.

I'm more than done with the constant whining of Calderon and his supporters in this country, whether legal immigrants, illegals or 'American' bootlicking toadies of the Obama regime. In addition to being hypocrites of the blackest variety, they're being dishonorable treaty-breakers.*

Attencion, Senor Presidente y otros: We won. You lost. Pull on your big-girl panties and deal with it. Unless you want to fight the Second Mexican-American War, in which case--as soon as we have someone with cojones in office--we will own your entire pinche country. And the Stars & Stripes will fly over every part of it, and you will speak American English whether you like it or not.

Or you could tend to your own affairs and quit badmouthing America. Your call.

* Yes, I'm aware of the US' shameful and dishonorable conduct regarding the treaties we made with Native folks. It wasn't right when we did it, and it isn't right when anyone else does, either.

18 May 2010

Law and justice

The AnarchAngel lays a Smackdown of Truth that was likely felt in the far corners of the Earth.

They say 'anti-government'...

...like it's a bad thing.

Rand Paul just stomped Trey Grayson in the Kentucky Primary. Congratulations, Dr. Paul!!

There's more to the political scene today than simply sending a message to the Democrats. Of course, we need to do this, but another, equally strong message needs to be sent to the RNC. And I'm just the opinionated bastard to do it.

Listen up, you simpering screwheads.

We are sick of you. We are fed up with your collaborationist bullcrap. For years, you've done nothing but try not to rock the boat in case the Kool Kids quit inviting you to their cocktail parties. You've given us nothing but DeceptiCons, RINOs, Repubics--whatever you want to call them--while America screamed for Constitutional Conservatives. Nearly everyone you've sent us since the Reagan Era has been a devout Big Government stooge, interested more in robber-barony and invasion of our liberties than honest capitalism and freedom.

Are you supporting honest Conservatives? No, you back every candidate who never met a regulation they didn't like. Are you going to do everything in your power to prevent an Obama stooge from gaining a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States? No, you don't want to filibuster because you might be seen as 'obstructionist.' When Obamacare passed, did you promise repeal? No, you made some weaksauce, lukewarm tapioca statement about 'tweaking' it.

We need Barry Goldwater, and you give us 'Butters' from South Park! "Well, we're not going to go for repeal or anything...it's not like we don't want to be team players..."

No. Damned. More. No more 'compromise.' No more 'bipartisanship.' No more centrist, middle-of-the-road, can't-go-to-the-can-without-consulting-a-poll cowardice.

No. More.

We, the people of the United States of America, are not going to be taken in by you Quislings any longer. We want solid, principled Constitutional Conservatives, and that is what we are going to get, with or without you.

You're lying on the tracks and the train's coming through. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of our way.

The ultimate campaign poster

Now, if that's not Presidential material, I don't know what is.

17 May 2010

They're everywhere!!

Yet another conservative female who's easy on the eyes. I, for one, welcome our new Hottie Overladies!

Yes, I walk both sides of the street, but I'm not including Scott Brown in the "Conservative Hotties" category. While he may be nice to look at, and his victory in the People's Republic of MA is groundbreaking, he's a DeceptiCon. Sorry, Scott.

Hope springs eternal

Sgt. Joshua May, I salute you. You truly comprehend the oath you took.

13 May 2010

A counterintuitive inverse relationship

Today, I'm going to explain why lower taxes, in addition to encouraging economic growth and taking a load off the mind of the Productive Class, actually increase tax revenue.

"WTF? I knew this guy was nuts!!"

Bear with me, and I shall demonstrate, using round numbers and simple concepts.

12 May 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Care

Honestly, I've never understood the whole queers-in-the-military thing. Seems like a lot of military folks never did, either.

Think about it...these are people who wrote out a check "payable to the United States of America in any amount...including my life." They volunteered for the strong possibility of being shot, blown up, disfigured, tortured, crippled, maimed, killed or a lifetime of suffering horrendous consequences from nuclear, biological or chemical warfare. And their greatest fear is supposed to be that someone might sneak a peek at their ding-dong in the shower?

I find that extremely unlikely. The rules against unacceptable behavior, such as fraternization and harassment, will remain in place, as they should. The US military is not going to turn into a night at the ManHole whenever the lights go out.

These people--gay and straight--are adult enough to defend this nation, and I think they're adult enough to deal with the rest of life.

06 May 2010

Two Americas

Running low on hope for America?

Watch this.

You might have a little more understanding as to why I took that Right turn...and a lot more appreciation for the real America.

Who's disrespecting whom?

OK, first off, go read this.

The synopsis: Yesterday, five kids were sent home from a Kalifornia public school for refusing to remove their "disrespectful" apparel.

Was this some new fad in clothing with graphic pictures of sex and/or violence? Did the clothing contain a vulgar or offensive message? Apparently, the school administration thinks the latter. They were depictions of the American flag. Dude...wait, what?

Oh, that's right--yesterday was "Mexican Independence Day."

05 May 2010

A new wave

Angela McGlowan.

Princella Smith.

Michele Bachmann.

Sarah Palin.

Where are all these intelligent, principled, conservative hotties coming from? It's like someone mixed up a huge vat of brains, beauty and balls, and an unforeseen chemical reaction made it explode all over America.

If this keeps up, I'm going to start thinking there might be a benevolent supreme being out there.

I'm scared.

There are people in this country who hate America.

They honestly despise this country and everything it stands for.

They hate our Constitution.

They hate our culture.

They chafe at the thought of individual freedom.

They spit bile at the notions of personal responsibility, hard work and self-reliance.

They can't stand the thought of us being the only remaining superpower.

They're horrified at how we've advanced so far in so short a time.

They think America is the root of all evil in the world, and are actively working to destroy us.

No, I'm not talking about the jihadists.

I'm talking about the people in charge.

04 May 2010

And lo, there arose upon my blogroll...

...another great blog to track.

If you don’t support the same freedoms for everyone, then you don’t support freedom. Being in favor of freedom only for yourself and folks mostly like you is no virtue at all. It requires no sacrifice, no tolerance, and no brainpower. It will also cost you your pet freedoms sooner or later, once you find yourself as a member of the 49% whose cornflakes the other 51% vote themselves the right to pee on.

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!!

03 May 2010

My Second Amendment stance

I stand firmly with the good people at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

This recent article should make their/my feelings clear.

Psychology by Dali

One of my favorite comic strips is--and will likely always be--the immortal Calvin & Hobbes. And now, in a truly surreal analysis, it's being compared to the movie 'Fight Club.'

And it actually makes a certain brilliant/insane sense. Kudos to Mr. Chow for a very unique perspective that melds two classics of modern media.