27 May 2010

Sestak: Coward or brilliant strategist?

Joe Sestak, as everyone including alien spies from the Andromeda Galaxy are no doubt aware, is in a bit of a pickle.

Former Admiral Sestak claims that "a White House official offered him a federal job in an effort to end his campaign in his state's Senate primary." This is a prima facie felony crime. Let me put on my tinfoil beanie and analyze this whole debacle.

Mr. Sestak is a 30-year veteran of the US Navy. He is a 3-star Vice Admiral, and "the highest-ranking former military officer currently serving in Congress." You don't get that position without having: a) something on the ball, and b) a certain amount of love and respect for our country and our Constitution. This is a vast difference from the people in charge of our country and the Democrat party, who seem to despise everything about America.

Some people claim that he spoke up out of anger at being 'second best,' but that doesn't compute. If that were the case, he might have spoken out once or twice, but he would be currently backpedalling furiously. "I misspoke" would likely be the phrase of the day. This is obviously not what's happening. Mr. Sestak continues to maintain, clearly and unequivocally, that he was offered this bribe. Yet, he refuses to provide details. What are we to make of this?

My hypothesis (in orange) begins thus:

Mr. Sestak was, indeed, offered the bribe that he maintains he was offered. Perhaps he was outraged at what the Democrat party had become, and was waiting for a chance to set things right. Perhaps he was the type to 'go along to get along' until this A-bomb fell in his lap, and he couldn't take the corruption any more. Regardless, he now has concrete evidence that the Obama regime is demonstrably, letter-of-the-law criminal.

But the LameStream Media, as anyone with an IQ above that of a shiitake mushroom knows, has had its lips surgically grafted to The Messiah's buttocks for two years at least. Had Mr. Sestak come out with the entire story, including names and places, what would have happened?

The Spin Doctors, Whitewashers and Distractors would have swarmed the whole story. The LSM would have stuck a one-paragraph blurb on pg.58, in the Obituary section. Talk Radio would have screamed about it for about a week, until The One perpetrated another ciminally stupid act upon the country, and then the latest outrage would consume the Right media completely. The entire story would fade away, especially because most Americans don't want to hear about technicalities. Many of them are convinced that all politics are dirty, and that these sort of deals happen all the time.

So, Mr. Sestak decided to play the media. Both the Left and the Right. What drives a reporter straight up the wall? The refusal to answer their questions.

We all know that many reporters don't give a damn what the answer actually is. True, false, evasion, boring, fascinating, neutral...they don't care as long as you answer the question. But when you throw out a 'something uncool happened and that's all I'm saying' bit...that's blood in the water. They will hound you until you give them some kind of answer.

Mr. Sestak is counting on that. The longer he delays answering the specifics, the more the media--Left, Right and Center--will focus on this story. And when he finally gives his answer, he knows people will actually listen to it. Brilliant!!

I feel fairly safe posting this here, since my tiny little blog has no readers. I'm certainly not calling in to Glenn Beck or Mark Levin. I'm giving nothing away. If my hypothesis is proven true, Mr. Sestak is a frighteningly intelligent man, and a hero in my eyes. If he's just running scared, though...well, I have a suggestion for him and the horse he rode in on.

Time will, hopefully, tell.

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