31 March 2011

Our greatest virtue...our greatest weakness

TL In Exile tells us why the statists have us on the ropes:
So, here we are, on the verge of a great and horrible conflict with no leader. We are leaderless because we don't recognize anyone else's authority. Our principles might not allow our willing association with those who might be in favor of the legalization of drugs, or gay marriage, even though those beliefs are rooted also in the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. It is a step too far. It might make us seem like sell-outs. The Tea Party might not feel comfortable with devout Right To Carry people, or the Second Amendment advocates might not feel comfortable with Bible thumpers, even though their interests are very close together.
The other side has no concern about these conflicts of principle, because they can focus on the prize: collectivism. This is how gay rights proponents can support Islamic Jihadists, at least for a while, until the Jihadists decide to do the work of Allah and kill them and dump them in a pit. The gay activist, however, is willing to risk it if it leads to the downfall of the capitalist system. They understand the objective is greater than the path that leads one to the goal.
I've been hollering about this for years, and now I'll say it again: Freedom cannot exist without tolerance. What we face is the end of our Republic, the extinguishing of the sole beacon of liberty on Earth. I don't care what (if any) faith you observe, what consenting people you sleep with, whether you drink, smoke or do drugs. It comes down to one single issue: you are either down for liberty, or you are not.

THAT is my sole criteria in selecting my allies, however I may personally feel about their habits or lifestyle. Let it be yours as well. In the words of Ben Franklin, "We must all hang together, or we will most assuredly hang seperately."

Think about it.

Jinkies! Looks like we've stumbled onto another groovy mystery!!

WTF is up with this guy in the White House?  The whole affair gets weirder the more you examine it.

Fukushima: A suicide mission

Words fail me.  The 'Fukushima 50' are likely doomed.

May God be with these brave people, and may He bless and keep their souls.

30 March 2011

In which I am Kafir

OK...that whole 1911 thing? 

I don't get it.  I just don't.

Now, I understand that the 1911 pistol was way ahead of its time when first introduced.  It is an American icon.  It is relatively simple to build and operate, and is about as reliable as an anvil.  I'm not saying it sucks as a firearm.  But this whole cult mentality is really getting up my nose.  In my mind, it's about the same as people who will fight to the death over Caterpillar engines or Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Too much emotion and far too little common sense.

I pack a Kel-Tec PF-9.  It's also very simple.  It holds just as many rounds as the 1911.  It's far lighter, way easier to conceal and just as reliable as the 1911.  For those of you who want to squall about "stopping power," you're more than welcome to volunteer for target practice.  C'mon, it's just a 9mm.  It can't possibly hurt that bad, right?

Seriously, I'm not trying to be a dick here.  I just do not understand why so many people soil themselves over the 1911.  Is there anyone who can put this into perspective?  Am I missing something?

Where the hell are the cops?

Sharon at The Last Refuge lays it out on the table here:

There’s something here that has really been bothering me for some time: as conservatives we are delighted that we get to say what we think; we are delighted when conservative Representatives and Senators say what we think; we are delighted when Schumer is exposed for being a manipulative thug; we are delighted when Rush nails ‘em good; we are delighted when Brietbart’s young associates expose Acorn….and while we’re being all delighted about all these overdue, valuable and legitimate things, obama is continuing to do exactly what he wants to do. Until somebody stops him, we could have all the airwaves all day every day filled with conservative talk shows….he still has the power and leverage to do exactly what he’s doing. And I don’t see anybody doing anything specifically targeted to STOPPING HIM.

I’m truly not just expressing frustration and anger here: I don’t get it. We cannot just be happy for his exposure and more evidence. That’s like watching somebody repeatedly setting fire to people’s houses and we keep following him around taking pictures, making notes, filing reports, building a case, more and more people know who’s setting the fires…..but the police, who have the authority to stop him, arrest him, incarcerate him, file charges against…..don’t stop him.

If Congress doesn’t turn off the faucet, all of our glee over bigger and better mops doesn’t mean a thing. Somebody has got to stop him.

Our Constitution surely is not so flimsy that’s there’s not provision for taking someone down who is out to destroy us.

And the Republicans are using their energy trying to figure how to talk nice about the potential for a government shutdown. Sorry. I don’t see anyone seriously trying to stop him.

I no longer take any comfort at all in the fact that there are millions of us front and center who know what he’s doing, detail by detail, day by day, episode by episode. It’s doesn’t matter that we know, because it is the Currently Elected Authorities (that would be Congress) who need to take action under the Constitution to stop him or remove him. If they don’t, we are fooling ourselves if we sit around feeling good because we know stuff.

I count you all my dear friends, and trust you will sift out and set aside anything that is truly offensive to you in the way I express this…we all need to vent (which I suppose is what this is on my part). I guess I want to challenge us not to take comfort in all the conservative talk that’s going on. Don’t take comfort in the exposure of the left that is being achieved, because none of it matters unless he is stopped.

Hitler’s plans were an absolutely open book long before he pushed President Hindenburg out. Nobody stopped him. None of them were surprised when he did the things he did later. Some of them were appalled. But none of them claimed to be surprised.

We know what's happening...but what, exactly, is anyone doing about it?  I covered this a while ago:  this regime will not stop until they are clapped in handcuffs and perp-walked the hell out of office.  They have nothing but contempt for the rule of law.  They spit on the principles that are supposed to govern this country.  And the most revolting part is that no one really seems to care.

God help us.

We are all suspects now.

Better scrape that Gadsden Flag sticker off your pickup truck, along with all those other seditious signs showing allegiance to Freedom, Liberty, Jesus, the Constitution and other pagan gods other than the State.

By way of Sipsey Street, we find one cop's disturbing take on how LEO training is being perverted into something very sinister indeed...

During the past several years, I have witnessed a dramatic shift in the focus of law enforcement training.  Law enforcement courses have moved away from a local community focus to a federally dominated model of complete social control.

No matter what topic the training session concerns, every DHS sponsored course I have attended over the past few years never fails to branch off into warnings about potential domestic terrorists in the community.  While this may sound like a valid officer and community safety issue, you may be disturbed to learn how our Federal government describes a typical domestic terrorist.

Methods of developing evidence of terrorist activity from virtually any search have also been discussed.  Various common materials which may be associated with homemade explosives are listed, such as lengths of pipe, gunpowder, matches, flammable liquids and fireworks.  Officers are told when these items are found, they can be listed as “bomb making materials”.  The training even goes so far as to instruct officers that the items are cleverly disguised as legitimate, such as gasoline stored near a lawn mower, pipes stored in a shop building or gunpowder stored with reloading materials.

One trainer made the statement that “these people actually believe the Second Amendment gives them the personal right to own a gun.”  Of course, the trainer failed to mention that our Founding Fathers, as well as recent Supreme Court rulings, verify this view as being completely accurate.  The obvious attempt here was to suggest to officers that the Second Amendment does not apply to individual gun ownership and to be suspicious of anyone who holds such a view.  It was also stressed to be cautious of anyone who quotes the Constitution and even worse, actually possesses a copy of this radical document.  Incredibly, in the United States of America today belief in our founding legal principles is now grounds for being labeled a domestic terrorist.

Emphases mine.  These are excerpts.  Go RTWT immediately, and ask yourself what sort of government fears its citizens' knowledge and advocacy of the rule of law.

29 March 2011

You know the world's gone nuts when...

...the President of the United States has less balls than the President of France.

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France recognized the dire effect multiculturalism has had on his nation when he stated recently, “If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community. And if you do not accept that, you cannot be welcome in France.”
Read the whole op-ed by the Motor City Madman by way of Questioning With Boldness.  Now, when the hell are we going to follow suit?

What media bias?

After running just about everyone's opinion of the Wisconsin debacle, the New York Times declines to run Gov. Walker's op-ed.

Wonder why?

(HT Legal Insurrection)

At least we have a couple of champions of justice in DC...

If you folks haven't been keeping up on the Project Gunwalker scandal, Sipsey Street is the place for up-to-the-minute intel.  Get the feed.  This issue is important.

Looks like Darrell Issa (R-CA(Kalifornia??  Really?)) has officially thrown down the gauntlet and demanded answers from SoS Clinton.  Your move, Hillary...!

A special shout-out to Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, as well as Rep. Issa, for not letting go of this.  As long as men like these are in DC, we still have a shot at returning America to the rule of law.  Also, let us never forget David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, the 21st Century's answer to Woodward and Bernstein

Let's keep turning on the lights until we find every last cockroach.

27 March 2011

More on moving

During this move, I worked in the driving rain and 40-degree temperatures and got sick as a dog.  But I live in a place and time where I have decent nutrition and the knowledge of how to take care of myself, so a simple cold won't kill me.

I threw my back out from lifting so much heavy stuff.  But it beats having nothing, like I used to have and like so many in this world still do.

I had a molar go into abcess.  But I went to a dentist instead of smashing out my tooth with a rock.

It took forever to get the internet together, and it's dial-up.  But I have internet; on my home computer, my laptop and Mrs. Wraith's cell phone.

My wife had to take a temp job 60 miles away.  But we have a reliable car to get her there, and she has a job.

So, thank You, Dear Lord.  Thank You for the blessings You have bestowed upon us, and help me to never take them for granted.

20 March 2011

More technical difficulties

Posting will be nonexistent except on weekends for the forseeable future.

I'm away from home during the week, and rely on my laptop and broadband card.  We thought that we'd actually get internet at the house this week, but alas, Qwest's internet department is populated by a bunch of bucketheads who don't seem to be able to do their damn job.  So I have to leave the computer and broadband card at home until we find a competent internet provider.

We're doing what we can.

18 March 2011

Epic heroism

Three days ago, I posted these words regarding the Japan Crisis:

Apparently, the tragedy currently affecting Japan needed to happen, though we don't quite understand why.  Perhaps it's because events like this bring out the absolute best of Your children...
And.  Freaking.  How.

By way of Daddy Bear, we are introduced to Hideaki Akaiwa, who embodies some of the best qualities of the human race.  NSFW due to language, but I urge you to look beyond that and truly comprehend the courage, determination and spirit displayed by Hideaki-san.

Badass of the Week, indeed.

The Facebook equivalent of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick

Will someone please give the NYT some first aid?

1. It could not be created under a cloud of political corruption and self-dealing like the former Alaska administration and legislature’s PPT oil valuation structure. That’s a critical fact that is now frequently overlooked years later. Remember the legislators and oil industry players who went to jail because of bribes leading to votes in favor of the former administration’s PPT, which was unfairly tilted in favor of the resource producers against the resource owners (i.e., the people of Alaska)? Have we conveniently forgotten the fact that a corrupt process brought forth PPT, and I and others set out to change it by cleaning up the corruption?

2. It had to align the interests of Alaskans and the oil producers through exploration and production credits in partnership so that they benefit proportionally from commercialization of Alaska’s sovereign resources. This is very different from a government overtaxing personal or corporate income in which the government has no ownership stake in whatever it is that is being taxed.

3. It had to use a progressivity system that protects the producers from commercial strain when oil prices are low, otherwise the producers would seek development opportunities elsewhere. ACES does incentivize industry, but beware that Big Oil will always do what it does best for its shareholders: it will look out for its bottom line and always claim that it needs even more tax breaks. More power to them for trying, but resource owners deserve A CLEAR and EQUITABLE SHARE (ACES) of the value of their commonly-owned oil and gas.

Yep, there she goes again with all that fluff and drivel.  When is Sarah going to become a commentator we can take seriously...like, say, Meghan McCain?  *snerk*

17 March 2011

It's not going away, folks.

John "Dr. Zero" Hayward is now on to GunGate.  You're not burying this one, suckers.

Now, what do we know about BribeGate...?

Rock & Blogroll!!

Dear Mr. President:
During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive shiny gold tooth, whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, who wore a very expensive brand of tennis shoes and who chatted on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular R&B ringtone.  While glancing over her patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer status was listed as "Medicaid"! During my examination of her, the patient informed me that she smokes more than one costly pack of cigarettes every day and somehow still has money to buy pretzels and beer.

And, you and our Congress expect me to pay for this woman's health care? I contend that our nation's "health care crisis" is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a "crisis of culture", a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one's self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance. 

It is a culture based in the irresponsible credo that "I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me".

Once you fix this "culture crisis" that rewards irresponsibility and dependency, you'll be amazed at how quickly our nation's health care difficulties will disappear.


RTWTWhat We Think And Why strikes gold here.

16 March 2011

Ponder these words.

TL In Exile calls out the rest of America--you know, the 'normal' people as opposed to Right-Wing Extremists like ourselves.

I wrote some other time about the general public's distance and disengagement from the troubles of our nation, of not understanding that they are the key to success or failure, but that they think all they have to do is respond to pollsters and everything will be set straight.  Well, here's their chance.

The recalls in Wisconsin can prove to the leftist unions that they are indeed a small, insignificant minority and that the people of Wisconsin reject their vision of the future and deny their claims on their salaries as right and proper. Or, they can cave and let the thieves into the vault and let mob rule their state. There can be no other result.

RTWT. America, it's time for a gut check.

15 March 2011

A prayer...

...for 50 people who likely have a free pass to Heaven.

Dear Lord,

Sometimes Your ways are confusing, even frustrating to Your children.  We don't see the big picture, and probably won't be capable of understanding it until we are reunited with You.

Apparently, the tragedy currently affecting Japan needed to happen, though we don't quite understand why.  Perhaps it's because events like this bring out the absolute best of Your children, as evidenced by the actions of these brave and selfless workers, braving frightening conditions and certain horrific consequences that they may save untold lives.

Chances are that these people are not Christians--likely Shinto and/or Buddhist.  But I believe, in Your infinite mercy, that You can overlook that.  You have told us that 'no greater love hath a man that he lay down his life for his brother.'  That is what these courageous people are doing now.  Please be with them and keep them with You always.


Ann Barnhardt on Friendship

Since IAmDagny/HottieWithAnEvilPinkRifle/Ann is getting all famous via iOTW, I'll start using her real name to avoid confusion in the future.  Here's her commentary on the Japan crisis, which you should all read now.  Emphasis in the second paragraph is mine, which I will be returning to at the end of the post.

A meditation on Friendship
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - March 15, AD 2011 11:53 AM MST
What is a friend? There are many, many ways to define friendship. One universally applicable definition leaps into my mind today, March 15th. A friend could be defined as someone who will help you when you are in need of help. Furthermore, a friend is someone who not only WILL help, but WANTS to help. A friend WANTS to be burdened. A friend WANTS to be inconvenienced. A friend WANTS to be bothered and put-upon. Not only that, but if a suffering person does NOT reveal their suffering to their friend, the friend will actually feel rejected and hurt for not being entrusted, nay GIFTED, with the opportunity to share in the suffering. This is where we get the word "compassion". "Com" means "with". "Passion" means "suffer". Friends want to suffer with their friends. As we go through life and we choose our friends, are we not subconsciously saying to ourselves, "Yes, THIS is a person whom I would want to share my sufferings with - and I would want to share in theirs." We make this determination based upon our perception of the moral character and interior goodness of the individual. The finer the character of the person, the deeper their goodness and the stronger their faith, the more "co-suffering" they will be able to bear with us, and thus the less likely they will be to abandon us in our times of need. And selfish though it may seem, every human being is, at the end of it all, trying desperately to avoid finding themselves abandoned.
Japan has formally asked for the help of the United States. The fact is, the request should never have needed to be made. Japan is our friend. Something horrible happened to them. We should have immediately presented ourselves and all of our tactical assets to them within a matter of minutes. "What do you need? What can we do? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. WE ARE GOING TO STAY WITH YOU AND HELP YOU THROUGH THIS - NO MATTER WHAT." Really, the most important point is not the actual, tactical assistance in and of itself - although in this case that is certainly important. The main point is just making sure that they know that we are there with them - making our real presence known to them, so to speak. Because sometimes that is the only thing of comfort that can be given - presence.
Is Japan perfect? No. 66 years ago Japan was in the grips and clutches of a truly evil spirit. They killed many of our people, and in trying to liberate them from the evil spirit that had infected them, we killed a lot of their people too. And when that mess was finally over and resolved, we picked them up, we dusted them off, showed them how to make cars and TVs, and welcomed them back in friendship. And we have both been the better for it.
Barack Obama, and apparently the people surrounding and advising him, are malignant narcissists and sociopaths. They are completely and totally self-absorbed (that's the narcissism) and also incapable of feeling any sort of empathy or compassion for other human beings (that is the sociopathy). While our friend Japan is undergoing a monumental catastrophe, Obama golfed and frolicked at a comedy dinner party. He stood by and coldly WATCHED - what they call "closely monitoring" - the situation. Nothing but the most trifling efforts were made to assist. The justification for this was that the Japanese had not ASKED for help. Now that they have asked, the regime response is one of eyerolling. Yes, we're helping, but we really don't WANT to be helping. We're just doing this because we HAVE to. Obama continues to give speeches about utter trivia, such as increasing funding to afterschool programs and anti-bullying initiatives and, even more insultingly, is giddily recording an entire ESPN special dedicated to the unveiling of his NCAA tournament bracket today. The level of emotional disconnect and black-hole proportioned self-absorption is beyond description or quantification. And one more thing: it is terrifying. This quality of total emotional disconnect and utter self-absorption has been universally observed in all of the tyrants, dictators and despots of history. They surround themselves not with friends, but with enablers, enforcers and hangers-on.
The true test of the mettle of a man, or a nation, is how he treats his friends.
God help us all.
"A faithful friend is a strong defence, and he that hath found him hath found a treasure." Ecclesiasticus 6:14
And now, my observation...
I spent the first 10 years of my life in Hawai'i, surrounded by Asian culture.  While I don't claim to be any sort of authority, I do know a little about the subtleties of How Things Are Done.
If we had a real President, s/he would have--as Ann points out--immediately offered help without waiting to be asked.  The fact that Japan had to formally ask we gaijin for assistance means an enormous loss of face for their nation and people.  It's tough to explain--kind of the equivalent of making a beggar lick your boots before giving him money.  An ugly, unneccesary humiliation that says far more about your character than his.
The actions of Barack Obama go WAY far further than most Westerners understand...and, since he grew up in an Asian/Pacific Rim environment, I can't believe he doesn't have at least a vague understanding of what he's done.
Pray for him.  He's going to need it.

Caribou Barbie Commentary

Yep, once again, Sarah Palin proves that she knows absolutely nothing about economics or energy policies.  Just look at this:

Taken altogether, it’s hard to deny that the Obama Administration is anti-drilling. The President may try to suggest that the rise in oil prices has nothing to do with him, but the American people won’t be fooled. Before we saw any protests in the Middle East, increased global demand led to a significant rise in oil prices; but the White House stood idly by watching the prices go up and allowing America to remain increasingly dependent on imports from foreign regimes in dangerously unstable parts of the world.

This was no accident. Through a process of what candidate Obama once called “gradual adjustment,” American consumers have seen prices at the pump rise 67 percent since he took office. Let’s not forget that in September 2008, candidate Obama’s Energy Secretary in-waiting said: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” That’s one campaign promise they’re working hard to fulfill! Last week, the British Telegraph reported that the price of petrol in the UK hit £6 a gallon – which comes to about $9.70. If you think $4 a gallon is bad now, just wait till the next crisis causes oil prices to “necessarily” skyrocket. Meanwhile, the vast undeveloped reserves that could help to keep prices at the pump affordable remain locked up because of President Obama’s deliberate unwillingness to drill here and drill now.
See that?  No cited sources, substantive commentary, or in-depth analysis.  Just a bunch of fluff and drivel.  How could anyone take her seriously as Presidential material, especially now that we've witnessed the greatness of the Lightbringer?

OK, snark mode off.  RUN, SARAH, RUN!!

14 March 2011

Why Sarah?

Bob Zee at the Right Scoop says it all.  NSFW--profanity warning.

Before you open your trap about 'rights,' read this.

THIS is your ass, THIS is a hole in the ground.

Any questions?

Yeah...it's kinda like that.

This American Spectator article is going viral, and for good reason.

So how could the nation's "educated elite" possibly be played for such suckers? The answer is simple. They live in a bubble. Everybody says the same things and thinks the same things and anybody who is any different is to be marveled at as an exotic flower rather than engaged in serious conversation.

That's the delicious irony of the "Liberal Elite."  They confuse affirmation with intelligent criticism.  They actually believe that Leftist thought is prima facie evidence of higher intelligence.  They insulate themselves in their own Bizarro World, where up is down, black is white and reality is whatever some Ivy League PhD* says it is.

In a nutshell, they're too stupid to know how stupid they are.  They simply don't understand that reality exists regardless of ideology.  You can decry the law of gravity as being unfair, racist, oppressive, Islamophobic and an all-around big mean stupid-head, but at the end of the day, if you step off that building, things will go very badly for you.

I can only hope that some of them will get it someday.

*PhD:  "Piled higher and Deeper."

On Japan

What can you say?  The devastation simply won't fit into the human imagination.  Perhaps this is a sobering reminder that we exist only upon the sufferance of--call it 'Nature,' 'Fate' or 'God.'  Maybe this type of thing is meant to show us what's really important.

The Japanese people are tough, resilient and adaptable.  They will rebuild, make no mistake.  But prayers will likely not go amiss in this, their time of crisis.

Sometimes, eloquence fails me.  This is one of those times.  May God be with the sons and daughters of the Rising Sun.

Via TLR, I present six and a half minutes of hell:

UPDATE:  The inimitable Brigid gives us a unique take on the vibe of Nippon.

Dude, roll me a blog!

From the comments (wow, people actually give a crap about this blog--I'm stunned!) come a couple of fine bloggers that I missed somewhere along the line.

First, please welcome 3 Boxes of BS, who has earned his spot for blazing supernovas of common sense, like this:

Frankly, I’m tired of the “it is only property” argument from the anti-rights cultists.

It isn’t.

It is an invasion of our homes.
It is a disruption of our lives.
It is an assault on the fiber of our society.

It is time we stop saying “it is only property”.

It is time we sent a message to thugs like this who think they can prey on others — Stop.
Truer words are rarely posted.  Well done, Bob.

Also in the common sense vein, we bid 'Welcome Aboard' to Low Dog on the Totem Pole(story of my life).  Everything from philosophy to recipes...an eclectic treasure trove of stuff sure to warm the hearts of the liberty-minded.

Every time I'm away for a while, I seem to discover a whole new flock of cool bloggers.  I hope not to make a habit of excessive absenteeism, though...

13 March 2011

He's baaaack!

No, I said "back," not "Barack."  You haven't been beamed into a bizarre parallel dimension.

In the midst of the recent move, we signed up for the usual cable/net/etc package at the house.  They installed the cable, then decided that it was going to take two more weeks for the rest.  Why, I don't know.

Of course, Murphy being the rat bastard that he is, this was also the week my broadband card went tits-up.  So I've been incommunicado in cyberworld for a while.  But now I have a new VZW portable internet toy and the house net should be in on Tuesday.  Woe betide the Leftists of the world, for I have returned to smite thee most mightily!!  (In a metaphorical sense, of course...!)

Oh, yeah...and Mrs. Wraith, as of Friday, is now legally Mrs. Wraith.  I managed to get us hitched before common sense overtook her and she ran for her life.  Too late now, Love!

05 March 2011


I have never hurt this bad in all my born days...but we've finally finished moving.  (Well, moving out of the last house; we've got a pickup and trailer to unload tomorrow.)

Never.  Again.

02 March 2011

AAAARRRGHHH!!!! %&)##&)@)(%*!!!!

OK, apparently I'm an idiot and deleted my entire blogroll.  How I managed to do that, I couldn't tell you.  Actually, I could--I'm sick as a dog and I don't recommend anyone post while on NyQuil.

Now I have to rebuild the whole damn thing.  Sorry, y'all.  This is going to take a while... (bangs head against wall)

01 March 2011

There is no such thing as Left-wing violence.

Really.  None of this ever happened.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  And the Tea Party is violent and racist and stuff.

You need to know this.

HWAEPR educates us on the concepts of Taqiyya and Kithman.  Three posts condensed to one.
Taqiyya & Kithman
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - March 1, AD 2011 3:29 PM MST
Now that we all know what “dhimmitude” means, it is time to move on to our next lesson. I think that the concepts we are going to cover in this post are ultimately of greater importance than the concept of dhimmitude, because taqiyya and kithman are islamic COMBAT TACTICS, whereas dhimmitude is the post-jihad paradigm. And as long as I still draw breath, we are NOT post-jihad and the United States remains a Judeo-Christian nation. You hear me, Barack?
The first thing we must all do is fully and completely acknowledge the fact that we are at war with islam. Only a relative few in our culture have done this. For some this is a function of pure cowardice. For others it is an attempt at self-serving political correctness. For those who have declared that they “will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift”, this denial of the reality of war is a COMBAT TACTIC, and that combat tactic is called “kithman”. Kithman is the islamic command to deliberately hide one’s belief in islam in order to protect one’s self and to advance the cause of jihad.
Now let’s look at what the Obama regime has done over the last few months, particularly since the massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas. All references to islam, militant islam and jihad have been completely scrubbed from the department of homeland security and the United States military. No mention or reference can be made by the government to any of these concepts – even in the context of Ft. Hood, the Christmas day bomber or the war theaters in Iraq and Afghanistan. If this isn’t an attempt at deliberate concealment, then I’m Obi Wan Kenobi.
Now a quick theological point for my Christian readers. Let’s compare muslim writings (I refuse to refer to it as scripture – scripture is holy. This crap is satanic.) to Christian scripture:
“You belong to a religion that whoever conceals it, allah will honor him and whoever reveals it, allah will disgrace him.” -Jafar Sadiq, the 6th imam
“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on a stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” -Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:14-16)
There you go. Islam is evil and therefore the only way it can spread is if it is kept hidden and in the dark. Despite the Fall, all people are still inherently attracted to good and to beauty. The only way that satan can get people converted to this ugly, evil totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion is through shadowy coercion, concealment, lies and ultimately, violence.
When I was baptized, after a year of instruction (the spreading of the light), I, and every other catechumen, was individually asked, “Is it your will to be baptized into the faith of the Church, which we have just professed?” If the answer from the person was anything other than “yes”, the baptism COULD NOT GO FORWARD. Are we seeing a difference here?

This brings us to the Islamic combat tactic of taqiyya (pronounced tuh-KEE-uh). LEARN THIS WORD. The future of western civilization hangs on it. Taqiyya is the islamic command to LIE TO INFIDELS. This command is especially pronounced for muslims engaged in jihad or for muslims who are living in a country wherein muslims are a minority population. Let’s see . . . jihad? Check. Muslim minority? Check. Taqiyya is like The Matrix. It is all around us.
Let’s break out our korans (snorf) and look at verse 3:28: “The believers never ally themselves with the disbelievers, instead of the believers. Whoever does this is exiled from god. Exempted are those who are forced to do this to avoid persecution. god alerts you that you shall reverence him alone. To god is the ultimate destiny.” ("God" in this context is allah/satan, hence the insulting lack of capitalization. -Ann)
Now here is the exegesis of that passage from one of the most famous scholars in islam, Al-Tabari:
"If you [muslims] are under their [infidels'] authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them, with your tongue, while harboring inner animosity for them. … Allah has forbidden believers from being friendly or on intimate terms with the infidels in place of believers — except when infidels are above them [in authority]. In such a scenario, let them act friendly towards them."
2011 update and expansion:

{koran 3:54} They plotted and schemed, but so did allah, and allah is the best schemer.
{koran 7:99} Are they then secure from allah's scheme? None deemeth himself secure from allah's scheme save folk that perish.
The koran explicitly states that allah himself is a liar, and is the best liar. This is obvious proof that allah is in fact satan. Satan is "the liar" and the "prince of lies". The Triune Godhead is perfect in goodness, charity and TRUTH. Christ Himself says, "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life." Lying and scheming, violating the Eighth Commandment can not be an attribute of God, and obviously is an attribute of satan.
Finally, mohammed himself said "All war is deceit." This comes from Bukhari book 52 volume 4 verse 268. Bukhari is one of the "sacred canonical" hadiths, or collections of sayings and anecdotes about mohammed scribed or collected from witnesses. It is held on par with the suras, which mohammed is said to have "transcribed" directly from the piehole of allah/satan.
Do you remember the terrorist Najibullah Zazi who was arrested here in Denver last year for plotting to set off a bunch of bombs in the New York City subway system? He actually lived in apartments that are just a stone’s throw east of my house. I drive by that apartment complex regularly. Zazi was working as an airport shuttle driver. Can you imagine how many people got into his shuttle and visited with him on their ride to or from the airport? I usually try to visit with cab and shuttle drivers when I am traveling. I’m always interested to hear where they are from and how their day is going. I’m sure Zazi carried on many of these types of conversations, and accepted tips from his fares, with a big grin on his face, while plotting how to kill people exactly like the people he was shuttling around in his van. That’s taqiyya.
Now you might be thinking that this command to lie to infidels is limited to war situations or when one’s life was at risk. Even if this was the case, please remember the countless number of Christians who went to horrific torture and death rather than renounce Christ or offer even the most minor acts of worship to Caesar or other idols. Please also remember that eleven of the twelve apostles died as martyrs – executed. Only John lived to old age and died a natural death.
No, friends. Mohammed taught that it was perfectly acceptable to lie in order to gain or protect WEALTH. Check out this little jewel of an anecdote from islamic teaching:
“After the conquest of the city of Khaybar by the muslims, the prophet was approached by Hajaj Ibn `Aalat and told: "O prophet of allah: I have in Mecca some excess wealth and some relatives, and I would like to have them back; am I excused if I bad-mouth you to escape persecution?" The prophet excused him and said: "Say whatever you have to say." "
What a guy. You would think that mohammed was reading Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, namely the chapter on how “the ends justify the means”. Isn’t it funny how all of these things circle back on themselves? It's almost enough to make a person think that it is all connected on a deep, dark level somehow. Hmmm.

Oh, but we aren’t done yet. Here’s a gem of a quote from the famous imam Al-Ghazali, who is the muslim equivalent of Thomas Aquinas. Ghazali is totally down with any lying that results in attaining a goal - ANY goal.

“Speaking is a means to achieve objectives. If a praiseworthy aim is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish through lying because there is no need for it. When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible. Know this that lying is not sin by itself, but if it brings harm to you it could be ugly. However, you can lie if that will keep you from evil or if it will result in prosperity.”
Here is the crux of this whole essay. In a Judeo-Christian culture, people look for the good in other people. We begin any interaction or relationship under the assumption that the person we are speaking to is telling us the truth. Think about it. This is why liars, manipulators and sociopaths cause as much hurt and pain as they do. We all presume that others are honest until they PROVE otherwise – and even then we STILL try to give people the benefit of the doubt. How many women have fallen for the line, “Oh, baby, I swear I’ll never do it again.” Right? This is an intrinsically GOOD cultural norm that transcends every race, creed and nationality EXCEPT islam. The Christian confirmation of this is in both the Golden Rule which says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” AND the call to forgiveness – “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Yes, we get burned by this sometimes and yes, we get taken advantage of, but we must not allow that to harden our hearts.
ON THE OTHER HAND, we aren’t expected to commit suicide by constantly accepting the word of a sworn enemy who we know is commanded to lie to us. Islam knows perfectly well that we are prone to look for the good in others and to forgive – and they are using that goodness against us. They are counting on the fact that we will mistake weakness and naiveté for the virtue of MEEKNESS. Meekness is the selfless aspect of love, BUT IT CAN ONLY BE MANIFESTED FROM A STRENGTH OF CHARACTER. Never, ever forget that. Jesus is the epitome of meekness, but He is neither weak nor naïve.
Last point. Barack Obama is NOT a muslim. Barack Obama is an atheist. Athiesm is a hallmark of Marxism. Marx himself said, "Religion is the opiate of the masses." Obama worships only himself. BUT, he shrewdly sees that islam is an ideological ally with very similar goals, tactics and motives. Marxism engages in both taqiyya and kithman – not because Marxism subscribes to islam in any way, but just as mere intersections in their respective playbooks, which are both evil and have satan as their source and inspiration. This is why he and all of the other post-modern Marxists ingratiate themselves to muslims – they are forming and maintaining an alliance. Bill Ayers, Obama’s mentor and the guy who actually wrote Obama's "memoir", named his sons “Malik” and “Zayd”. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor, bestows awards and lavishes praise on Louis Farrakhan. And then there is the issue of Obama’s bootlicking of the entire muslim world. See picture below. I don't know what they call that in Kenya or Indonesia, but where I'm from in Kansas, we call that a "curtsey" - straight up, yo.
I think that the Obama regime sees islam as their “army” after he makes his move to establish a dictatorship. I suspect that the Obama regime ultimately wants to establish a Marxist-Sharia system in the U.S. and then expand it to the rest of the world. Marxism will be the political system. Sharia will be the means of enforcement and control. If you think that is crazy talk, I would kindly direct your attention to Europe. This is EXACTLY what is happening to Europe already. Marxism and islam. Two peas in a pod in satan’s nasty, sulfuric garden of evil.

I have had several people ask me, “How do you KNOW all of this stuff, Ann?” Well, I’ll tell you. The morning eight years ago that I had to sit and watch my fellow Americans and human beings decide between burning to death in a jet fuel inferno or jumping and falling a quarter mile to their death from the 100th floor of a sky scraper in New York, it became my solemn duty and obligation to “know about this stuff”. And it is your duty to know about it too.
Please send this viral the same way you did with the “Dhimmitude” post. Feel free to clip out bits to suit your respective audiences and to cut the word count down. We’re at war folks. But God in His mercy has graced us with the ability to fight this war through peaceful communication for the time being. If we all pitch in and do our part now, maybe, God willing, we can be spared the horror of a hot war here in North America.
"Please send this viral the same way you did with the “Dhimmitude” post."  Done, ma'am.

Of socialism, society and the law

Officer Steve Pomper has penned this insightful missive (PDF warning) that ought to be spread far and wide.

Social justice is a socialist scheme that judges people not as individuals, but by their race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Again, please research it yourself. The groups touting social justice all tend toward the political left, including socialist and communist groups.

Remember when communism and socialism used to be considered bad in America? You know, for little things like slaughtering a hundred million people during the 20th Century? Even in its least aggressive forms, socialism is responsible for wrecking economies, restricting liberty, and stifling human innovation and achievement worldwide.

I'm not conflating Seattle's quaint socialist cabal with the brutal tyrants of the last century. However, any student of history knows totalitarianism begins with small bites.  In 21st Century America, political repression comes in the form of what Europeans call Fabian or Democratic Socialism, which we Americans know as progressivism.
(HT Sipsey Street)