14 August 2014

Law vs. justice

Justice appears to be getting its ass kicked.

Whenever some well-meaning (or, perhaps, NOT so well-meaning) people clamor for a law to be passed, borderline anarchists such as myself will attempt to point out the ways said law could backfire and be used to mistreat good, decent people.  Invariably, we are told that that would NEVER EVER happen, that using the law in that way would fly in the face of common sense.

Well, common sense has never been a strong suit of tyrants or liberals(but I repeat myself):

Allen is a Philadelphia resident who was driving through New Jersey when she was pulled over for a routine traffic violation. Having recently completed a firearms training course, she followed correct procedure and informed the officer that she had a handgun stored in the trunk of her car. Because Allen’s gun permit was from Pennsylvania and not from New Jersey, she was arrested and charged with felony gun possession.

It is true that Allen broke the law by having an out-of-state gun in the trunk of her car. Yet she did so unknowingly and she told the police voluntarily. She has no prior criminal record and she poses zero threat to society. If there ever were a case for leniency, this is it.

Yet instead of being reasonable, the Judge and District Attorney are doing everything they can to ruin Allen’s life. In addition to refusing to dismiss her case, the judge last week upheld a decision by the District Attorney to exclude Allen from a diversionary program for first time offenders that would keep her out of prison. They have not provided an explanation as to why she is being excluded from the program.

A completely unConstitutional  "law" is being used to bludgeon a good woman who simply wanted to protect herself through the exercise of her God-given human right.  This goes past insanity and straight into flat-out EVIL.  You can't tell me anything about this is 'well-meaning.'  Not at this point.

Every single person involved in the persecution of Shaneen Allen needs to face charges of depriving a person of their rights under color of law. 

Or have an encounter with a tall lamppost and a short rope.  Whichever.

(Julie, thanks for the heads-up!)

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