03 February 2011

You still don't know what you're dealing with.

The Vast Right Wing Blogosphere is all atwitter about the recent court decision declaring Obamacare unConstitutional.  While it's nice that we've finally found a Federal Justice with some sort of comprehension of that founding document, it means not one damn thing when you're dealing with the mentality of this administration.  Pass all the laws, render all the decisions, submit all the complaints you want--they don't care.


They.  Don't.  Care.

This administration literally has the collective mentality of the street thug:  They're going to do whatever they want, regardless of legality or morality, until they are physically stopped.  No, I'm not suggesting anyone do anything violent.  I'm saying that until Obama and his associates are clapped in handcuffs and marched off to jail, they will simply ignore any and all rulings, orders, laws, protests, etc. as regards their actions.  They think they're above the law.  The will of the American people and the limits of the Constitution are irrelevant in their eyes.

That's the mentality we're dealing with, and I honestly think that the only peaceful way to return us to the rule of law will be some serious impeachment proceedings.  Not a slap on the wrist, but real charges.  We threw Nixon out on his ass for far, far less than what these people are doing to us.  Why are we permitting this blatant contempt to continue?

We either stand up to this administration's attempted coup and return to the rule of law, or just admit that America is dead.  When the President can de facto declare himself a king, without resistance, then liberty is no more. 

What say you?


  1. I'll tell you what say me: pray for the conservative-minded members of the federal court system during this time of Obama's reign.

    Especially Scalia!

    Because I don't think that the Obama or any of the other lefties will be stopped by anything but the next election.

    The "oh this won't stop us" line doesn't scare me. Cuz it will stop them.

    Unless the makeup of the Supreme Court changes in the next two years.



  2. Unless real conservatives grow the gonads to speak up and educate their friends, families and neighbors to go to the polls in 2012 and hand a landslide defeat to the leftists, we are heading for a meltdown.

    It has to be a major landslide. Not just to send a signal to the leftist rank and file of the country, but to make the RINOs; the Boehners the McCains and their ilk know that we will accept nothing less than a complete reversal of this kind of crap.

    If the true conservative heartland doesn't start scaring the hell out of the politicians soon, we may be left with no other options than the ones the founders had.


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