22 September 2010

Told ya.

Well, I didn't actually tell you, my three loyal readers, but I threw down in a most spirited manner with a bunch of liberals some months ago.

It was right when the press release was issued claiming that Government Motors had "paid back their bailout loan."  I knew that had to be crap.  Just a month or so previously, they'd posted a $4.something-billion loss.  How could they have repaid that bailout if they were losing money?

I did a bit of research, and discovered that they had, in fact, "paid off" that loan with...another government loan.  Essentially, the Feds dropped money from one hand to the other.  And this was spread far and wide on the Wilkow Majority and other Talk Radio shows.  But, predictably, the Libtard Brigade simply refused to believe it.  "Nuh-uh, Wraith, they paid it back!  They said!"

Current Mood:  Vindicated!

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