25 September 2010

Pointing out the obvious

Back in the long-long-ago, people of my generation watched in amazement as the Evil Empire, the mighty Soviet Union...simply collapsed overnight.  How could such a huge military and ideological machine fall apart so quickly?

I'll explain.  Pay attention, because this applies to our world these days.

When you have a totalitarian state, or are attempting to establish one, one of the best ways to ensure your continued power is by a concerted campaign of isolation and manipulation.  You simultaneously make people afraid to speak their mind and convince them that everyone else is perfectly happy with the current state of affairs--that they are only one of a handful of lunatics, whackos and conspiracy theorists.  This can work for quite a while, aided by the innate human capacity for denial of unpleasant realities.

But, one day, someone finally goes off.  Not in a violent manner, as that can be easily discredited as being simply a 'lone madman' who 'snapped for no reason.'  No, what eventually happens is that someone jumps up in the town square and screams out the simple truth.



...? rabblerabblerabble...

"Hey...yeah!  This does suck!"

"Damn right, it sucks!"

"What?  I thought you were cool with this!"

"Hell, no!  I thought it sucked from the start!"

"Hangonhangonwaitaminnit...does everybody here think this sucks?"


"Then what the hell are we doing???"

And this, my fellow Americans, is how tyrants fall.  Thank whatever God you worship for the internet, because now the town square is accessible to everyone, and the truth can come boiling to the surface faster than it ever has before.  Case in point:  Rick Santelli's rant that became our generation's "Shot Heard 'Round The World."  In the old days, the LSM could have buried this.  Today, it became viral and heralded the birth of the Tea Party.

Socialism is an abject failure.  History has proven this repeatedly.  It's time to stop being irrational and start implementing policies that we know are effective.  Policies like fiscal responsibility, limited government and personal freedom.  You know--Americanism.

Let's get busy.  Because, frankly, the current state of affairs sucks.


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