15 September 2010

An Open Letter to Karl Rove

It took me a little while to put this together.  Mainly because I'm trying to clean up my language, and I wanted to calm down enough that I wouldn't be dropping F-bombs every other word.

Let's get it clear what I'm talking about.  Here is Mr. Rove on Hannity, regarding the recent selection of Christine O'Donnell as the Delaware Republican candidate over "Megatron Mike" Castle:

I am a latecomer to the Republican side of the aisle, and people like this are the reason why.  When the Left wants to demonize Republicans as evil, they'll usually point at Karl Rove...for, apparently, good reason.

Mr. Rove:

You, sir, are a vile, nasty little troll of a man.  You disgrace not only Republicans, but Americans in general and, quite frankly, all of humanity.

I understand that you considered Mike Castle the best choice for the Delaware Republican candidate.  God only knows why, since he's about as Republican as Che Guevera, but that's beside the point.  Mike Castle lost.  The people have spoken, the die has been cast...Christine O'Donnell is, for better or worse, the Republican candidate for Senate in the state of Delaware.

Now, if you gave one thin damn about the future of this country, you'd have gotten behind Ms. O'Donnell.  Even if you had reservations about supporting her, you could have just said her win was 'unexpected' and then shut your pie hole.  That, I could have understood.  But you let your mask slip last night, and revealed yourself as just another Quisling, fake-Republican, Cocktail Party bitch.

What I saw on that Hannity interview was the most obviously nasty, underhanded, passive-aggressive act of sabotage I've encountered in decades.  Your DeceptiCon boyfriend got beat fair and square, and instead of showing some class and party loyalty, you deliberately and transparently dragged Ms. O'Donnell through the mud out of nothing more than pure spite.   This is everything that's wrong with the Cocktail Party.  Power over principle.  Ego over America.  Childish, backhanded attacks from behind the equivalent of Momma's skirts.

You, Mr. Rove, make me ill.  Do us all a favor and get the hell off my side, kthxbi.

With all due respect(ie; none),
--The Wraith

Hey, I managed to keep it PG-rated.  Success!


  1. Rove didn't make a lick of sense. The best theory I heard from anyone was from Dennis Miller, who guessed that Rove had been a behind the scenes advisor to Castle. That would explain just how personally offended he seemed to be. It sucks to be the expert only to have the people tell you that you're wrong. Like Miller said, it seemed like Rove had some flesh in the game.

    Good job on the PG. When I watched the news my language would have rated a solid R. :)

  2. Kevin Baker, Larry Correia...man, all the 2A-Listers are showing up! (fanboy)SQUEEEEE!!!(/fanboy) ;D


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