30 January 2011

Countdown to...?

Hottie With An Evil Pink Rifle analyzes the current wave of Jihadism sweeping the Middle East.  Reprinted in full below...

Understanding the Muslim Riots
As with anything that has to do with muslims, the situation is complex and extremely ugly. A week ago today, if you had asked anyone with any knowledge of the muslim world what the two most stable countries were, you would get the same answers across the board: Jordan and Egypt. Today, Egypt has been overthrown and the rioters are massing in Jordan. Simply amazing.  
The Obama regime is going to try to paint the now deposed Hosni Mubarak as the bad guy dictator, and the rioters as freedom-loving students. Mubarak has been a dictator in Egypt, mainly concerned with his own wealth and power. He is NOT a muslim theocrat. He has been relatively pro-western, has maintained stability, has not gone on TV twice per week promising to wipe Israel off the map, and has kept the Suez Canal wide open. When dealing with muslims, there is never a "good choice". There is only a "least bad" choice. Mubarak has been the "least bad" choice for 30 years in Egypt.
The "students" who are rioting are NOT the same as the students who protested in Iran in June of 2009. The young people of Iran are some of the most sophistocated, least islamic, pro-western, forward thinking people in the muslim world. They were genuinely trying to get rid of the insane, pedophile Ayatollahs and their nutcase puppet, I'mADinnerJacket. The young Iranians truly wanted freedom and democracy. And if you recall, Obama said NOT A WORD while they were being slaughtered in the streets. The "students" in Egypt are completely different. They are similar to the "students" in Iran 32 years ago who deposed the Shah (who like Mubarak was the "least bad" choice) and installed the muslim totalitarian Ayatollahs. That's what the "students" in Egypt are trying to do. They are deposing Mubarak and will "vote" into power the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the huge parent organization of Al Qaeda, Hizbullah, Hamas, AQAP and all the rest. And we now find out that the Obama regime has been supporting this behind the scenes. The MB is also VERY active here in North America. CAIR is a front for the MB, as is the Muslim Students Association and the Holy Land Foundation.
The Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of allying with Marxist organizations. Read the Wikipedia article on the Muslim Brotherhood, and you will see that they worked VERY closely with Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s and early 40s. I'm telling you, Marxism and islam are cut from the same cloth.
I see this as a possible beginning of a new muslim caliphate. This all has the potential to engulf the entire muslim world and dissolve and coalesce these nations into one entity. This is what muslims and the MB have been preaching all along. Their goal has always been a unified caliphate, marching in unison against Israel, The U.S., and Europe. Their goal is to impose Sharia Law everywhere, and submit the whole world to islamic rule. Well, except for China, of course. Because they know that China would kick their @$$es if they tried it. So . . . China, not so much. But Israel? The Americas? Europe? Oh, yes. We will be easy pickings.
The key area to watch next week will be Jordan. If the Jordanian government falls it will be a HUGE psychological victory for the MB. It will embolden and encourage them to go ahead and make a move on the crown jewel: Saudi Arabia. The MB HATES the Saudi royal family with a fiery passion. They always have. The Saudi royal family are a bunch of inbred hypocrites. While the Saudis impose strict islamic law on the people of Saudi Arabia, they themselves live in nauseating western decadence, totally exempt from any compliance to islamic law. Within the compounds of the Saudi royal family, beautiful women dress in mini-skirted business suits with high heels, exposed hair and full make-up. The men in the Saudi royal family globe trot, living in casinos, strip clubs and gay bars. Just a few months ago a Saudi "prince" killed his male sex slave (who he presented as his valet) in London. This hypocrisy is not lost on the people of the mid-east. The Saudi royals know this, and have managed to stave off overthrow by throwing billions upon billions of dollars at the muslim hard-liners. The Saudi royal family has built most of the super-strict wahabbist schools in the world today, and is also the money behind almost every mosque in Europe and North America. The MB hates them, but so long as the money has kept flowing, they have tolerated them.
What the MB now sees is that the situation will never be more favorable for them to make their move. The U.S. is caught - LITERALLY - without a President. Not only that, but the Marxist usurper Obama is actually SYMPATHETIC to them and will not interfere. The world sees the weakness and paralysis of the Obama regime, and I also suspect sees that they have only a two-year window left to capitalize on the situation. Don't think that these people aren't watching the birth certificate situation too. Don't think that they aren't watching the bills being introduced in the state legislatures of Arizona and Georgia. They know that an Obama re-election can not be assumed. They have to move now.
IF this spreads to Saudi Arabia, the world will change forever. I'm not sure if you remember this from a few months ago, but Obama snuck through a "recess announcement" of the largest arms sale in the history of the world - to Saudi Arabia. He did this right as Congress was leaving to go home for the final month of campaigning before the election so as to bypass congressional oversight and approval of the deal. What he did was essentially set Saudi Arabia up with a fully-functional, state-of-the-art, turn-key Air Force. Fighter jets. Attack helos. Satellite guided missiles. I think the package deal was over $60 billion. If Saudi Arabia falls, that Air Force will fall into the hands of the MB, which is Al Qaeda, which is the new muslim caliphate. They will be fully armed with our own technology.
Israel will not stand a chance. Yes, Israel has nukes, but the muslims have said openly for years that they would be willing to sacrifice tens of millions in order to exterminate the 6 million Jews in Israel. Because they are so heavily outnumbered, and because the muslims have no respect for life and even crave death, any action Israel took with its nuclear arsenal would be - and this is hard to write - merely a symbolic delaying action. And if there is ANYTHING we can be sure of regarding the Obama regime it is that they will never, ever come to the aid of Israel. That is the one thing they have made CRYSTAL clear.
If Israel falls, a fully armed, unified, extremely emboldened muslim army would almost certainly move on Europe, which we all know is completely broke and utterly demoralized and spiritually broken by self-loathing. It wouldn't take much. Those people wouldn't even put up a fight.
I find myself wondering if Obama and Michelle have ambitions for themselves should a new caliphate arise. In all seriousness, I could totally see them installing themselves as figureheads in the mid-east or the Horn of Africa somewhere, with Obama "returning to his muslim heritage", living in the lap of luxury as tin-pot dictators while the people around them starve and die. Oh yeah. I can TOTALLY see that.
In conclusion, I want to put this on record. There is ONE reason why all of this is happening. There is ONE event that has triggered a chain of events that may plunge the entire world into war and destabilization that could go on for years, if not decades, if not centuries. That ONE event is the election of the Marxist-islamist usurper, Barack Barry Soetoro Obama. The election of 2008 will be known and discussed as a seminal event in human history thousands of years from now. Little Barry needed to be the big man. Little Barry needed fame. Well, you got it, you son of a bitch.

Discussion thread at HoneyTrail linked here.  If she's even halfway right in her analysis, we're heading for a whole new dimension of "Interesting Times."


  1. "Discussion thread at HoneyTrail linked here. If she's even halfway right in her analysis, we're heading for a whole new dimension of "Interesting Times.""

    Interesting times is an understatement! Whoa! :)

    Great post!

  2. I think you are dead on...

    (Blue sent me here - and I thank him)


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