26 November 2020

"The Walls Are Closing In!"

Remember how the Mushroom Media repeated that line constantly regarding President Trump?  Every day, the Big Reveal about Russian Collusion was just about to happen.  How'd that work out for them?

Well, now the walls are, indeed, closing in.  On our enemies.

It's now blindingly obvious why the Trump campaign disassociated from Powell a few days ago: they wanted this lawsuit to be officially unrelated to the campaign and its finances. Trump and his campaign are not parties she's representing here, she's representing electors in GA. Far from throwing her under the bus, they deliberately made her a completely free radical, unencumbered by campaign rules and regulations and Swamp oversight. Like with Roger Stone, she's outside the system. 

This suit is a big reason why General Flynn was pardoned this week. Now, the corrupt Flynn trial judge can't waste time or resources by demanding Powell file extra briefs or come to court and distract her from this. That great Dem delay tactic has been neutralized; Powell is all in on this.

Let the idiot left bluster, lie and continue in their blind arrogance.  They're in for a rude and ugly shock soon enough, courtesy of Sidney Pitbull.*

*No, this is not about her looks, it's about her attitude.  This woman simply does not give up until justice is served!

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