31 March 2010


"Who is this person, what's the purpose of this blog, where did he get his name, and why do I care?"

(The five questions of journalism, back when the field was respectable, were: "Who, What, When, Where and Why/How." I've left off the 'When' because if you can't read the date and time on a post, you probably can't operate a computer anyway.)

Who: Just some guy. I am, first and foremost, an American. I'm thankful to be one. If you need to label me as anything other than an American, ask yourself why it matters so much to you.

What: I realize how precious a gift to humanity America was. For the first time in history, a country was established with the rights of the individual elevated above all. Even the government. Especially the government. While we've had our growing pains, and haven't always done the right thing, we're a better alternative than anything seen before or since. And we're currently in deep trouble. I hope my small voice in the wilderness might be able to help change that.

Where: A cheesy '80s movie starring Charlie Sheen, called The Wraith. The lead character has just laid waste to the bad guys' hideout, and the dialog between the survivors reads thus:

"Skank!! Who was that guy?"
"I dunno...but whoever he is, he's weird and pissed off."

And the last four words pretty much sum me up.

Why: Because the greatest nation on Earth is in mortal danger of being destroyed. Call them "socialists," "statists," "communists," or just "dickheads," those who have seized the reins of power in this country are anti-liberty. They have no regard for the Constitution, the rule of law, the will of the people or freedom in general. They want ultimate power and ultimate control, and they don't care what they have to do to get it.

This must not stand, or liberty may well perish from the face of the Earth, and humanity will pay a hideous price. So, until the powers that be abridge my freedom of speech, I'll be using it here.

Now you have an outline of what this blog will be about. Further posts as inspiration strikes.

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  1. Hey there! You started your blog around the same time I started mine. Thanks for commenting on my Restoring Honor post. I had a peek around your little corner of the internet, and I like it. I'll be coming 'round for more. Cheers!


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