17 March 2012

Rand on Christianity

Not what you might think.  Observe, below the fold, this letter written by Rand to a Reverend back in 1943...

It was on eBay recently for an asking price of $5K(and it appears to have sold).  Just sharing a newly found perspective on Ayn Rand that I'm sure at least one person will find of interest...


  1. Yes, that was indeed very fascinating. Thanks for sharing it. Makes me wonder a little, what the minister's letter said in entirety. The whole "mass-minded" b/c of science and machines quote has me curious.


  2. I saw this on Bayou Renaissance Man, and thank you. I love Atlas Shrugged. It is sitting on my desk, as I was trying to find something. This book, if you read it from cover to cover, is amazing, in that it points out the flaws of today's liberal/Dems' all-encompassing craziness. If she had lived, she would be appalled at what is happening here.
    And, it is very obvious that Alan Greenspan did not understand her philosophy at all. If he had, he would NEVER, have lowered interest rates at the Fed for soooo long. He just didn't get it.
    I have a friend who calls AR an atheist, but never addresses this particular issue, which is the total underpinning of everything she wrote. Thank you.


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