03 June 2012

The Communist Manifesto

(or, Other People Have More Stuff Than Me And I Want It!  WAAAH!)

Joe Huffman describes his reactions to reading this piece of garbage.  Go read now, and don't neglect the comments.

Over the weekend I read The Communist Manifesto for the first time. I expected some sort of almost magical power to draw me into embracing the evil. I was surprised, disappointed, and finally I had a sinking feeling of emptiness as I thought about it more.

The book was like a synopsis of a poorly written alternate history novel. Assumptions critical to the reasoning which followed were unsupported and, at least to my present day perspective, either blatantly wrong or highly suspect. Even conceding the authors their assumptions without contest the conclusions reached with such confidence were as unstable as any house of cards.

And this is the book that convinced millions of people to murder hundreds of millions of others? Is this all that it takes to remove the thin veneer off of civilized behavior and enable the most evil empires human history as ever known? Self described intellectuals accept this book as a valid political philosophy? These "intellectuals" regard themselves as my betters? Wow!

If you describe yourself as a Marxist or Communist, you have just revealed to the civilized world that you are a brainless twit, consumed with envy and jealousy of your betters, and that you are about as historically literate as a potted plant.  May God have mercy on your twisted soul.

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