15 September 2013

As the LameStream Media remained deaf...

...a column of motorcycles 55 miles long and four lanes wide left LA to join the Memorial Ride in Washington on 9/11.

Fifty-five miles long.  Four abreast.  That's just the bikers from the LA area.

And nary a word from the Fourth Estate.  Wonder why?

The Fifth Column Treasonous Media desperately hopes that the sentiment that drove millions of American’s to take a couple days off from work and ride into Mordor on the Potomac to protest Muslims demonstrating on what amounts to a sacred holy day in America, will both go unnoticed and not catch on. The truth is more to the effect that this Biker led protest represents a kind of barometric reading of the mood of America.

Traditionally, the average American is very slow and reluctant to protest. We are a gentle, peace loving and pragmatic people by nature. By the time our collective dander is up enough for us to start protesting, we are mighty pissed off. Yes, there are special interest group driven Americans who will protest pretty much anything at the drop of a hat, but they do not even remotely represent the average American.

Food for thought...


  1. If only the average person in America would get mad enough to actually go to the polls and vote instead of just going to the local cafe and complaining loudly and profusely and then insisting it does no good to vote because they are all crooks. Well, if we could get better voters maybe we would get better candidates! Then we could vote our way out of this mess instead of the alternative.


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