13 November 2013

The Six Word Solution

OK, folks...I'm gonna solve every single problem facing America.  Nay, the world.  And all it will take is six words.  Take notes.  Ready?

Stop doing stuff that doesn't work.

Really.  That simple.

Healthcare used to be affordable for almost everybody.  Then the government got involved and carved loopholes and exemptions for the medical industry, annihilating any real competition and allowing them to become what basically amount to cartels.  Then they pushed through HMOs.  Then they pushed through ObummerCare.  And every single time, things get worse.  Stop doing that.  It doesn't work.

Prohibition was shoved up America's ass(although at least they paid enough attention to the Constitution to do it through the legal amendment process(where's the Constitutional authority for the Feds to regulate drugs?)), and it gave rise to organized crime, more drinking, binge drinking and a total lack of respect for the law.  Now we're doing it with marijuana and other substances, and the same things are happening.  Stop doing that.  It doesn't work.

The Fed is printing tons of money in a desperate attempt to solve our looming debt crisis.  Every single country that has tried this has found itself in a spiral of hyperinflation leading to total economic collapse.  Stop doing that.  It doesn't work.

We've tried regulating guns (in direct opposition to the Second Amendment) all over the country.  Every single "Gun Free" Victim Disarmament Zone has resulted in more mass shootings, drive-bys, violent crime and other gun deaths than any other part of America, despite the rest of the country having far more guns per capita.  Stop doing that.  It doesn't work.

Propaganda mills Publik Skools have been failing for decades.  We're constantly told that they need more money, more resources, more support blah blah blah,.  We keep giving them more money.  We keep giving them more authority.  Our kids keep getting more stupid, sociopathic and irresponsible.  Stop doing that.  It doesn't work.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.







Yes, it really is that simple.  How about we try it?


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