24 March 2014

Dare we hope?

Have we finally reached the point where the real America is simply fed up with these arrogant punks who think themselves our Lords and Masters?  Have the spirits of our Founders come howling back from the grave, screaming "We've had enough of this shit!!!"?

Is America becoming America again??

I dunno, but this ever-updated post at DethGuild is worth a look.

FedGovCo smells what’s brewing. They are overconfident enough to imagine they can intimidate and kill enough folks to put down what might start – or possibly they are mindbogglingly incompetent enough not to understand the gravity of the situation. Or perhaps even both. Stunningly arrogant and impossibly stupid are not mutually exclusive mental states. Whichever is irrelevant. When they start giving NOLA and the Department of Education paramilitary units, the government is sending a crystal clear message as to their intentions. 

They mean to oppress by violence or threat of violence. They are also fools – dangerous, heavily armed cretins with no right notion of the bedlam they are about to provoke. This is precisely the worst mindset to couple with a riled up nation – folks watching their standard of living collapse while being strangled under an unbearable avalanche of state and federal legislation. 

There is going to be a fight. It’s going to be horrific – and what happens afterwards is going to be worse. We can’t say us Americans and our worthless shitpile of a government don’t deserve every ounce of suffering and ruin hurtling towards us. We’ve had decades piled on decades to put a definitive stop to the chicanery, and instead we’ve kicked the can to our descendants.

Keep reading.  And then consider this comment at DC Clothesline, which I repost in its entirety for reasons that should be clear to any of my readers:

“If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who will prepare himself for battle.” 

With this in mind, I’m not going to make any of the equivocations or apologies to the delicate sensibilities of the atheists who read this. There isn’t time. This must be clear.

Please be advised: if you continue the way your are going, you will lose in CT and many Americans will die. 

The problem is not the righteousness of your cause, the integrity of your leaders or the ability of your citizens. 

The problem is that you are not praying.  

If you will pray than not I but the Author of the Scriptures will guarantee you victory. Because your cause is righteous, you are on His side. Please note: it is _not_ that you have Him on _your_ side. Both Christians and Jews know that God is Sovereign. He is in charge; we win only because we are following Him. 

Please everyone read this:  http://pattonhq.com/prayer.html 

I was going to pull out quotes and make everything look nice. But really – read it.

Pray together, whether Protestants or Catholics or Jews. Pray together and pray for each other. At this time in history, God _does not care_ which of you has the niftiest and truest theology. He cares whether you as a Jew will pray the blessings of Ha’Shem upon your Christian neighbors. Whether you as a Protestant will pray for the protection and success of your neighbors in the local Catholic parish. You can argue about theology some other time, after this is over. 

But for now, you will pray, you will pray for each other. You will pray for the atheists who side with you – NOT for them to be “saved”, but for them to be successful in doing their part of restoring our Constitutional republic. You will seek God’s hand of protection and you will seek His face. 

Because you want to win. 

Whenever I think of praying I think about 2nd Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14.  

“If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 

Our nation is sick. As mentioned previously, it is comatose. It is mired in practices that hurt American citizens, and we as a nation need forgiveness for those practices. Don’t argue about whether you did any of the sins of our society. You _will_ repent before God for our nation’s wrongdoing, and you _will_ ask God to heal our land. 

Because He will, if we ask. He will restore our Constitutional republic, if we ask. 

okay that’s it.

That's the long and the short of it, folks.

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