09 March 2015

Let's do a thought experiment!

We've secretly replaced this article's Communism bent with references to National Socialism.  Let's see what happens!  :)

Worried that you are beginning to hate one of your friends or family members because they have told you that they are a National Socialist?

1 Understand that you don't have to agree with your friend. Many people are pro-Israel, pro-Gay and non-Aryan-Supremacist and that's fine.

2  Show respect to any Nazis you know. Don't constantly criticize their beliefs. They have the same rights of opinions as you do. Ignore their beliefs and treat them based on the respect you feel they deserve.

3  Don't take it personally. Your friend doesn't hold fascist beliefs just to anger you. If you start feeling angry during a conversation with your friend, ask yourself where the anger is coming from. It might not actually have its source in your friend's beliefs. It's okay to be vulnerable.

4  Learn about Nazism instead of making judgments based off of popular conceptions or propaganda. Try reading Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler or Goebbels on the Power of Propaganda by Goebbels.

5  Remember that a real National Socialist does not support a dictatorship of inferior races over the population. Nazis do support what is called a dictatorship but all this means is that the Master Race have control over political power and the state and use this power to defend Nazism from attacks by their inferiors.

6  Consider researching the core beliefs of Nazism, but if you don't you should probably show respect for their beliefs nevertheless. But remember that you don't have to sacrifice your own principles for them.

7  Focus on the better things in your friendship. Don't just argue about fascism vs. capitalism all the time. Life is too short for that. Flowers, for example. They are pretty good-smelling, aren't they?

8  Support your friend if other people pick on them. Nazis have to hear quite a bit of insults about their beliefs, and that is not very fair.

I can hear the squalling now.  "That's not a fair comparison!!"  Considering that the 3rd Reich only murdered around 13-16 million people, and Communism has slaughtered over one hundred million in the last hundred years, that comparison really isn't fair...

...to the Nazis.

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