06 November 2012

Final Post: Stick a fork in America.

If Romney had won decisively, I might have held out just a little bit of hope for America.  Not because I think Mittens is any great savior, but because we would have seen an absolute repudiation of the Oppressive worldview.

Ann's right, and she's been right for months.  THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC IS DEAD.  More people want free stuff than care where it comes from, or who has to pay for it.  More people would rather be told what to think, than think for themselves.  More people care more about the cult of personality than the rule of law.

We're screwed.  We've passed the point of no return.  Sorry, Lord--we had our chance and we pissed it away.  I humbly beg of You that we may learn from this failure and get it right the next time, whenever--or if ever--that may be.

Prepare and pray, y'all.  The shit is officially on.

Wraith...over and out.


  1. Yeah, the dumbshits have no idea what just happened.

  2. Israel needs your continued support. I urge you not to quit. Yes, it's going to get bad. We knew that. Which gives us a leg up. But our fate rests with the God of Israel. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

  3. Still hope to hear from you now and again. Hope you are well.


  4. I agree. For the first time after an election, I was very scared for my financial future and our country. I am still worried.

  5. PS. Hope you start up again. There is always a good voice needed out in the internetland.


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