05 November 2012

Votaz Wit Attitudez

Obummer is...well, we all know.  And if you don't, you must have found this blog about five seconds ago, not to mention being clinically insane.  So I'll vote for him when Satan wears a parka.  But I don't trust Mittens as far as I can comfortably shot-put a Kenworth. 

So I voted Libertarian.  Therefore, my vote translates to--in the immortal words of Ice Cube--

(WARNING:  Profanity)

"Fuck all y'all!!"

It matters little, since I'm pretty confident AZ's electoral college votes will continue to be stubbornly 'R.'  I'm under no illusions that Johnson will win.  (I'm also under no illusions that Johnson's a pure Libertarian, but I'll take what I can get at this point.)  I predict Romney in a landslide, for all the good it'll do us(if you live in an urban Democrat stronghold, now would be a good time to triple your property insurance and GTFO).  But if enough people are fed up enough to vote for a third party or NOTA, even with the specter of Obama II:  Revenge Of The Simps looming over us...well, perhaps it'll get someone's attention.

Every damn four years it's the same crap.  "Look, we gotta get this guy out of office keep the other guy out of office Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.  Then we'll get on with finding some real candidates, but this particular election is just too important lesser of two evils the other guy is the Antichrist blah blah blah."

No more.  Ain't falling for it.  Give us some real candidates, GOP, or we'll find someone who will.

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