17 July 2015

I thought this was illegal?

Oh yeah--there is no law any more, at least when Leftist murder-for-profit is involved.

I used to be heavily pro-choice.  I've been rethinking my views for the last few years, and this just made me 100% Pro-Freakin'-Life.  And if you really don't see the problem with harvesting the organs of purposely murdered babies, you are seriously disturbed.

The fact that the organs are readily identifiable, marks these as partial-birth abortions, not just 'disposing of a clump of tissue.'   And don't start throwing exceptions at me--the vast majority of abortions are NOT to save the mother's life, nor the result of rape.  They're for convenience.  They're done so that women can let themselves be used carelessly without being 'punished' with the creation of a new human life.

The social conservatives warned us that legalizing abortion would lead to things like this.  They were right, and I was wrong. 

I got nothing else coherent--I'm just trying not to completely lose my shit over the fact that so many people really don't seem to see anything wrong with this.  God help us.

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  1. Talk to a doctor about the "necessity of abortion to save the life of the mother," one of the other canards. The reality is that it never happens. A C-section is always safe and faster.

    The entire abortion industry is based on lies.


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