19 January 2017

Of fisticuffs, honor and politics

I beg your forgiveness for using 'honor' in the same sentence as 'politics.'  Mea culpa and all that.

There are two types of fights outside of straight-up warfare.  One is a fight; a contest between honorable, civilized men, where a difference in opinion has become physical.  In this contest, there are commonly understood rules of engagement.  The other is a streetfight, where the only rule is that the winner is the one who lives to walk away.

Let's say Bob and Doug are fixin' to fight.  Bob said Doug was one of those, and Doug said Bob's mother was too, or however it started.  Both Bob and Doug, being civilized and honorable men, are entering the contest with the supposition that this is a fight, not a streetfight.  Fists start flying, and Doug ends up getting the worst of it.  Doug finally hollers out, "OK!  I give up!!"

Since this is a fight between civilized and honorable men, Bob immediately stops hitting Doug, probably helps him up, and if Doug fought a good fight and Bob's really righteous, Bob will buy Doug a beer.  Honorable, civilized men know that you don't keep beating on another honorable and civilized man who has surrendered.  This is a core concept of honor and civilization.

Now, let's posit that Doug says "I give up!" and then, when Bob turns away, Doug starts swinging again.  This changes the game.  Doug has proven himself to be a liar, untrustworthy--a dishonorable man.  Bob can no longer trust Doug's pleas of surrender, and therefore, this is no longer a fight.  It is now a streetfight, and Bob will continue the beating until he decides the fight is over, because that's how a streetfight works.  Doug decided to turn a fight into a streetfight, and Bob agreed to the terms Doug set.

If you're insufficiently conversant with the concept, go watch a bunch of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies until it sinks in.  This is how men used to interact.  It worked.

Now, let us observe the current dynamic of Left/Globalist, Right/Nationalist interaction.  Now that the God-Emperor Trump has won the White House, and the Left has been repudiated at every level of government across the nation outside of the elitist coastal enclaves, we're hearing a whole lot of bleating from the defeated.  Talk of 'bipartisanship,' 'cooperation,' 'reaching across the aisle,' 'compromise' and all sorts of hippy-dippy, patchouli-soaked, kumbayah platitudes.

Those of you with a memory span longer than that of a fruit fly might remember these same folks back in '09-'10, when the Left had a supermajority in Congress, and held the White House.  As soon as they held the reins of power, it was all "We won, you lost, F.U."  All that peace and love stuff went right out the window.  It's what they've always done, and what they'll do again if they're ever given the chance.  This is the political equivalent of Doug saying "I give up!" and then swinging a brick at our heads the moment we turn our backs.  Anyone who, at this point, doesn't understand that this is--and always was--a streetfight, simply needs to sit down and shut up.

No, Leftists, we're not falling for it again.  We expected you to act with honor, and you proved yourselves honorless.  Now, the beating will continue until WE decide it's over.  We will not 'compromise' or 'cooperate.'  We will crush you, see you driven before us, and hear the lamentations of your women.  We wanted a straight fight.  You made it into a streetfight.  It was your call...now you can just deal with the consequences.


  1. Perfect way to describe what's been going-on with the Leftist/Feminist-Cult and all of their followers, for the last few decades, and more-so the past 8-years.

  2. Before Trump gets done with his first 100 days, every liberal on the planet is going to be in therapy.

    Where they belong.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this, it is of course, ALL TRUE.
    I guess for me, in my personal opinion, the FIGHT won't actually be over until ALL who were doing everything in the book (illegally speaking) to put obama in the White House 8 years ago and then clinton this go around all have their own cells for LIFE at GITMO.


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