12 December 2020

Our patience is at an end.

We've tried to be civilized.  We've tried to be patient, understanding and merciful.  They continue to perceive these qualities as weakness.

So be it.  Let them find out different, the hard way.

F*ck these people. All of them. They thirst for death, and at this rate, they'll get it. And they'll deserve it. Stop taking their sh*t. Stop being nice. The proper response to these evil bastards is the report of a rifle. They were warned and warned and warned and warned and warned and they walked up to our line - a line we drew with pleading eyes - and pissed on it.

Everything that happens from this point forward is on them.


Yep, it's just like that.  Jesus told us to love our neighbor.  He never said we wouldn't have to kill them anyway.


  1. They censored the soap box, they rigged the ballot box, the cartridge box is the only box left.

  2. That, and the cardboard box to bury them in.

    1. Fuck the cardboard box. Let the vultures feast!


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