11 December 2020

They Keep Using That Word...

 Folks, if you want to know when the Mushroom Media are lying(well, besides the fact that their lips are moving), listen for these obvious tells:

"Conspiracy Theory."

"Without Evidence."

And above all, "Debunked."  I kid not at all, whenever a 'journalist' or a Leftist (but I repeat myself) says something has been 'debunked,' you may rest assured that it most certainly has not, and can never be, because it's true.

No one's explained why a USPS truck driver was trucking 20-30 pallet-sized cartons of already-completed PA ballots into PA from NYFS.

No one's explained why all poll watchers and press were lied out of the Atlanta counting room.

No one's explained why after that happened, multiple cartons of ballots were pulled out of hiding and counted, God alone knows how many times.

Because there is no explanation, except to acknowledge that election fraud and stealing, not on an Industrial Age scale, but on an Information Age scale, took place in plain sight on Election Night, and for days afterwards, cheered on and abetted by an anti-Trump and pro-communist media, exactly as described by the president, and just as anyone with two brain cells has seen with their own lying eyes.

People were willing to shoot federal agents over one old thieving geezer's range land grazing fee thefts in Nevada. They were one wonky trigger spring from opening the ball, and that was years ago.

Everybody that thinks 70M people now - who know in their bones they've been cheated of a landslide election victory - are going to roll over for wholesale presidential election theft, and do nothing, signify that by standing on your head.


But remember, it's all been "debunked."  And if you believe that, I've got a sweet deal on some beachfront property in Nebraska.

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