30 May 2015


Dethguild hosts Bill Quick's official Coming-Out Party(kinda):

Bill Quick’s homosexuality been highly transparent for a very long time – and to be honest, it does not appear he put any real effort to hiding the fact. He never openly advertised it, but at the same time, Bill didn’t exactly cower quivering in the closet either. Which is simply being polite. After all – mature adults don’t need to brag about “shagging the Mrs.” last night. Sex happens in relationships. It’s a given, and frankly, it’s largely unworthy of outside merit.

So, for us, the Presidential Pomeranian has been out of the bag for some time – and, our reaction was, is… and shall continue to be… nothing. Our family may be devout Christians, but who the hell are we to chuck boulders? Know this: Every damn one of us wallows in all manner of sin daily. Any self-righteous “fundie” barking otherwise needs to spend some serious time absorbing rather than “reciting” the scripture they claim to hold dear. We believe the operating phrase is “let he without sin cast the first stone” Near as we can tell, not one human strutting around on the face of this damn rock meets the sniff-test on that one.

The nuts and bolts of the matter is, nobody is going to be lock-step one-hundred percent in agreement on every ideological issue. Ever. But William T. Quick stands true on the all the ones that matter most to us. Personal liberty, guns, economic freedom and the grinding of statists into dust. He’s consistent, rational and one of the few truly open minded people left. He questions authority.

RTWT.  And that, when all is said and done, is that. 

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