29 October 2012

Enough already, Sandra.

This chick really needs to just STFU and go away.

Let me explain something to you, dear:  not buying you stuff is not the same as 'denying you access to it.'  I'm not being 'denied access' to a new Dyna Glide just because no one wants to buy it for me; I just can't afford it.  So if I want one, I either save my pennies or go into more debt.  Otherwise, I ride the bike I already have.

Lest you blow me off as another uptight prude, let me explain that I used to be such a slut that they wouldn't let me visit the Virgin Islands.  I've been around the block...a lot.  My list of partners is in the triple-digit range(whether yours is longer or shorter, I don't know, nor do I want to).

Yet, I'm childless and disease-free.  Why?  Because I used birth control.  Which I paid for, with my own money, because--unlike yourself--I was enough of an adult to realize that having sex was my choice, and it was my responsibility to pay for the consequences of making that choice.  I could either pay for medical treatment and/or child support, or I could take reasonable measures to keep that from becoming a necessity.  Otherwise, I could have kept it in my pants(which, in retrospect, was probably a better idea all around, but what's done is done).

There are things we have to do to survive.  We have to eat and drink water.  We have to sleep, we have to breathe, we have to go to the bathroom.  These things are requirements.  If we don't do them, we die.

Sex is not a requirement.

Contrary to the insistence of countless teenage boys, you're not going to die if you don't have sex.  You choose whether or not to have sex(and if someone's trying to force the issue, tell me who it is and I'll make 'em stop). 

Now, even as a recently-converted Christian, I figure whatever you get up to is between you and the Lord, and anyone who wasn't there shouldn't have a say in it.  However often and with however many consenting adults you choose to share your bed /couch/ bearskin rug/ backseat of a Volkswagen/ hot tub, and in whatever combinations and permutations you desire, are absolutely none of my business, or anyone else's. 

So stop making it my business, and get your hands out of my wallet.

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