03 October 2012

Point to consider

I don't know if Ann is correct here...but would it really surprise you if she were? (Reposted in full)
Truly Scary
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - October 3, AD 2012 9:21 PM MST

I didn't watch the debate. I went over to a Friend's house and talked, read some Aquinas, and then talked some more. Then I went to Chick-Fil-A.

I find myself with an intense feeling of dread after reading the wrap-up comments.

Obama got his ass kicked, or to be more precise, kicked his own ass. From what people are saying, it seems clear that Obama did not prepare in any way, shape or form. More on point, Valerie Jarrett, Michelle Obama and David Axelrod did not force Obama to prepare. At all.
This implies two things. First, the "less-bad" implication:

No preparation was done because they know that the elections will be fixed and none of them care, least of all Barry who is a drug-addled imbecile and doesn't care about much beyond his next gram of coke and male fellation.

What really, really is bothering me and has me genuinely scared (yes, I do feel fear) is the fact that it can now no longer be denied that Barack Obama is worth more to his neo-Stalinist handlers dead than alive.

Someone has to say it. It might as well be me.

There has been buzz of a false-flag assassination attempt contingency plan among the Valerie Jarrett gang, but after this, I am genuinely scared that the false-flag assassination may no longer be a mere attempt, but a full-on JFK scenario.

Obama the man is now a liability to the putsch. These people are evil on a scale that most people cannot fathom, and Barry has only ever been a puppet and a tool to them.

Join me in praying for the safety of Barack Obama or whatever the hell his name is. He needs to be removed, arrested, tried and convicted for what he has done in the calmest, most orderly way possible. If his own handlers false-flag assassinate him, the entire world will fall into tyranny almost overnight, and my fear is that is exactly what they want, and they may be audacious and desperate enough to do it - especially after tonight.

Stay frosty. Pray hard.

I, for one, wouldn't put it past 'em. Getting up close and personal with evil is a horrible, life-changing, soul-scarring experience, but it prepares you to meet the tactics of the worst of mankind. And the worst of mankind is what we're up against.

Expect the worst. Then expect worse than that.

God help us.

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  1. I really do like Ann, but sometimes I wonder if she is a bit off her rocker. She is one of those people who on the one hand says things that make perfect sense, like she sees truth that others miss, then there are other rants that seem to be WAY out there. On this, I do agree with her. The dems are corrupt, and the ones that Obama has surrounded himself with are truly evil people, so nothing they would do would shock me. I have thought for a long time that the dems would manufacture some crisis in able to declare martial law. I hope that I am just being paranoid myself. I hope nothing like that happens. Even if Obama does lose the election. The corrupt media will work up the Obama base into a lather and we may have race riots on our hands. Either way, be prepared, hope and pray for the best. Expect the worst.


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