15 October 2012

She's right, ya know.

Momma Fargo's been under some major stress of late, but her latest post drives home the point yet again(emphasis mine):

The reentry program here is a joke. It always has been and has been very corrupt. Inmates doing and making drugs at the facility, escapees, no accountability, no safety, lax monitoring. Joke, joke, joke. All the cops will say the same thing. All of this is shielded from the public. Why is it still here? Because it generates money. Money, money, money. Joke.

As I was getting ready for work and inching out of my driveway...this escapee was pulling a gun on my fellow officer...and another officer as I approached the station. They were a block away.

You can imagine my dismay when I was told there was a police shooting. It hit the public so fast, I think I had calls before I got into briefing. Want to know what is so great about this incident? In a matter of a week...this asshole felon murderer was able to get his hands on a firearm. That is another reason why people need to carry. Firearms are great and we need outnumber the felons with them. If more responsible citizens would carry...blam. Snuff out the competition. I digress.

Once you've RTWT, prayers and support for one of our favorite Peace Officers would be a Good Thing.

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