01 April 2015

Hey, some guy online mentioned me!

I found this post on some Leftist forum, and man, do I remember that encounter.  NSFW Language Warning.

The weirdest thing happened to me today...

I was at the local Starbucks, wearing my "FUCK THE NRA" T-shirt, and this biker came in.  He was wearing that snake flag patch, a cross around his neck, and carrying a gun on his hip.  You know, the standard micro-dicked redneck asshole.

So he looks my way and notices my shirt, reads it, and his eyes light up like he's just found a long-lost friend.  He comes over, shakes my hand and says, "That shirt is AWESOME, brother!  Couldn't agree more!" 

So now I'm confused.  Maybe he thinks 'NRA' stands for 'Negro Rights Acceptance' or something.  I tell him, "You do know this stands for the National Rifle Association, right?"  He says, "Of course!  And I hate those bastards."

Now I'm totally dumbfounded.  As he buys his coffee, I ask him, "So you hate the NRA too?  You believe in gun control?"

He answers, "Hell no, I despise everything about gun control.  And that's why I hate the NRA.  God bless!"  And he goes out to his bike, hangs his coffee in the cupholder and rides off.

I don't get it.  Does anyone know WTF just happened?  This is bizarre even for Arizona.

Starlight Ravenwolf Moonchild
Camp Verde AZ (behind enemy lines)

(OK, this is an April Fools' post, and this encounter never actually happened...but follow the second link for the point.)

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