21 April 2015

Yeah, you can't really blame them, can you?

I and many conservative bloggers spend a lot of time laying into the Butthurt Brigade.  But, in this masterwork, we are faced with the sobering reminder that WE created these Special Little Snowflakes.  Not just their parents, but all of America needs to share in the blame.

I call these young people out for valuing illusory and subjective safety over liberty. I accuse them of accepting that speech is "harmful" without logic or proof. I mock them for not grasping that universities are supposed to be places of open inquiry. I condemn them for not being critical about the difference between nasty speech and nasty actions, and for thinking they have a right not to be offended. I belittle them for abandoning fundamental American values.

But recently a question occurred to me: where, exactly, do I think these young people should have learned the values that I expect them to uphold?

Today's college students came of age in the years after 9/11. What did we teach them about the balance between liberty and safety in that time?
The answer?  Nothing good, and definitely nothing they needed to know.  RTWT, but be prepared to own some uncomfortable truths.

(HT Tam)

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