20 April 2015

How's that "War On Drugs" going?

This is absolutely nauseating.

She has been charged with no crime, yet she still must go into court to prove that she should still have custody of her child. You can feel that pot, even for medicinal use, should remain illegal, and realize how wrong this is.

There is no proof that this child was being given an illegal substance. The boy simply understands the issues surrounding the use of medicinal pot. That isn't a crime. That isn't child abuse.

The State of Kansas has done nothing to "protect" this child, they have done quite the opposite. This child has been harmed by the very agency that is supposed to help him in cases of abuse and neglect. When we have a government that is so large that it can walk into a classroom of a child, question him without parental permission, then use those statements of a child to get a warrant to get into the home of the parent, we have a government that is too powerful. 

Emphases mine.  If you can't understand that this is SO wrong on SO MANY wrong levels, you're part of the problem.  Please head on down to the nearest fire station and ask to borrow the Jaws of Life to remove your head from your ass.

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