17 December 2011

Goodbye, Ron.

Via The Last Refuge, the smoking gun of the Ron Paul Newsletters.  Yep, he said it.

Even with his disatrous foreign policy outlook, I wasn't ready to completely disavow any support for the guy...until now.  RTWT and judge for yourself, but remember...

Saying NU-UH, doesn’t make the facts above go away.

Shouting, “LIAR!” – doesn’t make the facts above go away.

Giving a link to a Ron Paul denial doesn’t make the facts go away.

Shouting neocon, shill, warmonger, hit piece, or any other word in your vocabulary, doesn’t make the above facts go away.

Saying this is old news, doesn’t make the above truth go away. If a candidate for president built wealth for two decades off of being racist, voters deserve to know.

Saying this was debunked years ago, doesn’t make the truth above go away. The above facts debunk any supposed debunking from Ron Paul.

Sitting there and spouting off any other rhetoric while you ignore the evidence, does not make the evidence go away.

Calling this a joke or an act of desperation does not make the above facts go away.

Spewing a quote about how racism is about collectivism doesn’t make the above facts untrue.

Calling the evidence bogus doesn’t make the newsletters go away. Plus if you say these are all bogus, then you’re calling Ron Paul’s denial bogus too! How could he blame a ghost writer for writing something that never happened?

Saying the first person language and the presence of Ron Paul’s name doesn’t prove a thing, shows you’re clearly biased. Ron Paul defended his newsletters in 1996. Showing that he was involved and did know about them. Combine that with his actual name and first person language in them, pretty much shows he did write them. Making the presence of his name and first person references inconsequential, is laughable at the least.
Sorry, Dr. Paul--you're a nonstarter.  And frankly, I'm disappointed and disgusted.  More so by your obvious lies than the commentary in these newsletters.  Is anyone with principles and honesty left in American politics?

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