14 December 2011

The Great Depression: At least seven years longer than necessary.

OK, most of you Oppressives out there don't want to be bothered with all that reading stuff...I mean, it's like sooo 20th Century, isn't it?  Fear not, for I have found video of some stuff you need to know, via TLR.

It's narrated by a lovely young lady, so all you Oppressive guys can pretend you respect her for her mind, and all you Oppressive chicks can scream and whine about 'patriarchal exploitation' or whatever.  Masturbatory material for both sides--don't ever say we're not all about the equal opportunity here at W&PO!

Anyway, take five minutes and learn something.

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  1. @4:22 - "Fortunately, as you can see political gridlock saved America." Tack on "From Obama" and you have a future quote by a future conservative lecturer. And another endorsement of the wisdom behind "He who governs least, governs best."

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"


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