19 December 2011

This is what "democracy" looks like.

Welcome to the new Egypt, where a new era of peace and understanding ruthless government oppression has taken root.  Follow the link to the story at TLR, but be warned:  These are images of graphic violence.  I bear no responsibility for your blood pressure levels or stomach condition.

This is what RADICAL LEFTISM looks like.

I notice that these cowardly bastards are mostly beating women.  I thought that kind of stuff was supposed to be all bad and patriarchal or something.  Oh, well, don't worry about it.  The LSM hasn't covered it, so it's obviously not important that people are being assaulted, protest is being stifled and Coptic Christians are now heading the Endangered Species list in Egypt.  No, it's far more important that your student loans be forgiven because your $100K degree in Bitter Womynz Studies turned out to be useless in getting you a job.

May God save the people of Egypt...and America too, while He's at it.

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