31 December 2011

Riffing on a meme

The "What's in your iPod" question is making the rounds, and I am unable to answer.  I don't own an iPod or anything like it.  I'm still in awe that a 6-CD car stereo is now considered 'Old School,' but that's how I roll, yo.

So, I'm going to modify the question a bit, by listing the albums and my favorite track from each:

George Thorogood -- Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock.  Favorite track:  Gearjammer.  I actually bought the album just for this.

Songs of Anarchy.  Favorite track:  Gimme Shelter.  This is, without question, the best cover of that song I've ever heard.

Evanescence -- Fallen.  Favorite track:  Bring Me To Life.  Amy Lee's phenomenal voice never fails to give me shivers.

Suzanne Vega -- 99.9 * F.  Favorite Track:  Bad Wisdom.  Reminds me a lot of my younger days.

Sisters of Mercy -- A Slight Case of Overbombing.  Favorite track:  Temple of Love.  I just have to watch my foot-to-floor distance when I crank this in my pickup.  Tickets suck when you're a truck driver.

Kate Bush -- The Red Shoes.  Favorite track:  Rubberband Girl.  Kate's an acquired taste, but highly varied and interesting.  She appeals to those of us with slightly skewed thought processes.
So, that's what's in my stereo.  If anyone wants to continue along this branch of internet weirdness, just post it in a comment here, or provide a link to wherever you did.

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